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So for you guys that arent aware of what this is or perhaps a different wording. Its essentially posting on an add of sorts where you would take a photo of the location you are at with a distance radius of say 100km(cant make it to easy lol) and a time frame of how long you would stay there. If someone/someones willing to put in the time and effort to find you they get to fuck you.

A quick bio of me. Ive always been into kink...submissive slut. from light bdsm to extreme. Bondage. Restraints. To exhibitionism/voyeurism. Toys to fisting. Chocking to asphyxiatipn. Degradation to humilation. One on one to gb.
Im married with kids, a career woman in law. I'm 5'8 blone blue eyes curvy... had to get boobs to match my big ass.

Photo added to help with your imagination.

So i posted my 'ad' to see if there was any interest and also engage in conversation at the very least about it. Took roughly an hour before i began to get DM's. One guy asked 'what if more than one arrives at the same time' (at that point i should have seen the alarm bells, but being horny and fun i didnt) i responded with 'well either join in watch or wait your turn'. I never got a reply back i didnt think much of it and moved onto the next DM.

Fast forward a few wines and i decided to go through with it. Updated my post with a with a rough km radius with the time of 9pm-1am. I knew of an abondoned factory an hour outside the city. Once we got there updated with a location photo and waited.

And hour past... nothing. Still excited but disappointed. Still content with my bottle of wine though feeling frisky and slutty in my strapless boob tube black mini dress with nothing underneath. I turned to my husband for a plan for his enjoyment of watching from a far but also there for safety just incase. We found a spot for him over near the factory parked the car in a different spot so he had full view but couldnt be seen.

As soon as we done that noticed a car driving slowly past. Wondering if it was someone or did we trip some sort of security alarm. I quickly got an overcoat just incase.
But my phone went off asking

'if my car was green'.

'Yes, yes it is' 

at that moment my heart was racing my pussy started to get wet omg whats he going to be like young old. Overweight thin. Short tall.
He pulled in i waited in the car drivers seat still that moment of do i stay or drive away. Am i ready for this... 'fuck fuck fuck what do i do...

He got out of the car, would of been a man of 55+ not overly fit. But could tell he was nervous. I looked over at my husband for any signal to abort... nothing, so i got out of the car and stood near the bonnet. He came over said 'hi, wasnt sure if this was real or fake ad. You are so gorgeous darl. How do we do this?'
Without any words from me just a little smile i walked to him grabbed him by the hand and put it straight onto my tits and pulled his hand downwards to expose my big fake tits for him as i reached to his groin. Wearing cotton shorts i could feel he was already hard. So i squated down lightly shimmied his pants down for his cock to be out for me. Average size man nothing special but it wasnt about that. Its about the thrill of fucking random men out in the open.
I start stroking him lightly sucking the tip of his old shaft. To licking from base to tip. I can feel his cock pulsating thinking 'is he going to cum already' so i stopped. Stood up, reversed back to the bonnet of my car turned around lifted my dress over my big hips exposing my big ass i slapped it ran my finger down past my ass to my pussy sliding a finger in then spread my legs. He grabbed my ass spread my cheeks and slowly thrusted inside me to hear him give out a big moan. I did the same. As he continued to pound me from behind not much noise was being made so i said  'harder daddy, fuck me harder' well that worked... sort of... he grabbed my shoulders and went as hard as he could for about 30 seconds before he was ready to cum. He pulled out i flipped around as quick as i could to take his load in my mouth and this isnt porn reality is he had already started to squirt his seed out before i got my mouth around it. With cum on my shoulder few drops on my tits i was able to get the majority of it down my throat. Once he stopped pulsating getting the last drops of cum out of his balls i licked him clean feeling him shutter. I stood up said thankyou gave him a kiss on the cheek pulled my dress down left my tits out and got back in my car. He said 'thankyou you're amazing' got in his car and left.

I got wipes as i was checking my phone to alot more DM and one from my husband stating 'dont clean up'... i found that hot.

Another half or so past before i seen another car. I was more confident this time so i got out my car and stood at the front. Boobs back in dress pulled down. Could feel the dry cum on my shoulder.

Again 55+ man got out 'gosh really combined over century are they all going to be older'
This man however you could tell he was a business man. BMW. Clean shaven. Hair done silver fox. Button up shirt. Very tall 6'4 at least.
He came over to me very dominaneering. He radiated confidence and sex appeal. But gentleman 'hi there sweetheart, let me just take a look at you and admire your beauty' oooh smooth talker i became a giggy school giggled like nervous teenager. I did a twirl quick peep show of my bust and booty. 'What is wrong with me im acting like a silly girl, get a grip candice your a grown woman!!'
He could tell he was in control he leaned into me pushing my butt against the bonnet kissing my neck took my hand and put it on his belt. I undid his belt pants undone his fly to no underwear (hoooot so hot) to a flaccid cock that was huge and fucking thick... no wonder this man has the confidence he has. It was a gorgeous cock i admire it for a moment before haaaapily dropping to my fucking knees like a cock crazed slut. The shear

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Notes Being found at a location....
Only a photo of a building and 50km radius with a time frame via a fetlife ad. To being fucked by 5 individual strangers as my husband watched from a far.
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