Gia My Son's Girlfriend (Part-2)

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After our little sexual romp while camping Gia and I have been good about not talking about that weekend. We have had quickies once every couple of weeks and we have been careful about when and where we do it so that we do not get caught.

The family plan for the 4th of July Weekend was that we were going to spend 2-3 weeks at our beach house in Duck, NC. Based upon my workload and meeting schedule I could spend the full 3-weeks there, my wife could only spend a week, my son also could only spend a week and Gia who worked as a remote receptionist could spend the full 3 weeks there.

A week before we were scheduled to leave we coordinated scheduled, packing lists and cars. It was decided that I would take the van, Gia and the bulk of the groceries. My wife and son were HAPPY. My wife could hop in her convertible after work and didnt have to worry about anything. My son was happy because he wanted to ride his new Harley (which Gia hated). Since it was a 10-hour drive I decided to get on the road at 2 am, Gia and I would split the driving. I wanted to be in the pool drinking by noon. I parked the van in the garage. At 2 am Gia met me in the garage and crawled in the passenger seat and went to sleep. She was wrapped up in a blanket. Since we had fucked a few times before and she did not have any issues with me looking at her body I opened up her blanket and saw that she was wearing a white shirt with no bra (she had nice bouncy boobs) and no pants or panties. I covered her up and went back to driving. Gia woke up a few hours later and removed the blanket. She was not wear any pants or panties and her cute little bush was glistening in the sun.

Gia said…”You look like you need a blow job” and then she un did my shorts and started to give me a killer blow job. As we were driving 70 miles an hour down interstate 95 Gia had her naked ass in the air as she was blowing me. She told me that she wanted to fuck so please find the closest rest area. After 5 miles later we pulled into a HUGE rest area I maneuvered the van to the back of the rest area. Gia crawled in back, lifted her shirt over her boobs and waited for me to slide my dick inside of her. We fucked in a few different positions for a good 20 minutes and then I released my cum in side of her. She was happy :-) She then said my time to drive. So she hopped in the driver’s seat still with no pants on and I hopped in the passengers seat with my shorts around my ankles. I slid my seat back and took a nap with Gia eating the cum out of her pussy and slowly stroking my cock.

We arrived at the beach house. The way that the house & driveway is situated none of our neighbors can see the front of the house, the driveway or our pool/hot tub. Gia hopped out of the van still with no pants on and started to unload everyones stuff. Once we got everything situated we got dressed in our swim suits and went down to the beach. When no one was around Gia kept her breasts bared and her bottoms pulled to the side just to tease me. We played around in the water a little bit and she pulled my bottoms off and stroked my cock until it was HARD and then she slipped it inside of her. Since standing in the water was not comfortable we quickly grabbed our beach stuff and headed to the house. Once we were inside of the fence surrounding the house and no one could see Gia stripped off her clothes and bent over the pool table where I proceeded to fuck her from behind. I fucked her super hard and she moaned with every thrust. When I finally came she barely could stand up so I picked her up and we walked into the pool. Where we cuddled and made out for the next hour.
We both took a shower and then I started to grill the steaks for dinner. I was wearing a pair of shorts and no shirt and Gia came downstairs with nothing on. While I was grilling, a naked Gia was behind me and next to me kissing my neck and undoing my short…I wound up naked.

We had an awesome dinner talking about sex.

After dinner Gia turned off all of the lights and put on a movie. We wrapped up on a blanket and then our hands started to explore each others naked bodies. Then we actually started to make love. For the next few hours I made her cum multiple times and she made me cum at least twice.

Since it was getting late we had to make a decision about where to sleep. We both decided to sleep in our own beds but also agreed that we needed our own weekend to hang out and have sex.

At about 4am I heard a car in the driveway and then someone come in the front door it was my wife and son. Whew I am glad that we decided to sleep in our own beds.

Throughout the week Gia and my son were a normal couple. Gia and I behaved ourselves and didnt try to hook up.

At the end of the week my wife and son were heading back it was decided that we would take the convertible they would take the full van. As soon my wife and son pulled out of the driveway Gia stripped off her bottoms and then moved her stuff into my room. She kept track of their progress back home via some iPhone app. Once they were on the highway and past the point of no return. Gia stripped off her shirt and pulled me into her and we started to make out and feel each other up. We took our little romp to the couch. After 20 minutes of fooling around gia checked her phone again and saw that they were into Virginia and definitely would not be turning around. I slowly entered Gia with my hard cock and then proceeded to slowly go in and out of her which made her cum multiple times. We continued this cadence of slow fucking until I came inside of her. She laid back on the couch and let the cum slowly booze out of her. We opted to have dinner delivered and we continued our making love and fucking sessions for the next 2 days.

As we were packing up to go home Gia hopped in the front seat wearing flip flops a sun dress and nothing else. As we drove down the road she kept her dress hiked up so that I could admire her pussy. She tol

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Notes Gia, my sons girlfriend, spends the week with us at our beach house.
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