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It was a big farm. He was a jack of all trades. Almost seven feet tall and nearly as broad, the mind of a five-year-old and hard-working. He got nicknamed Frankenstein for he had those scars on his forehead due to a difficult birth.
His boss was a woman who managed the farm with great skill. She kept the men at arm’s length and led them with cold professional accuracy.

One day she walked in the quiet stable to check on the horses after working hours, everybody gone. As she approached one stall, she heard grunts. She thought someone might be hurt and walked to where the sounds came from. She peered over the door. Frankenstein was there, his jeans mid-thigh, his horse-like prick hard as a rock and red as cherry. He was masturbating; eyes closed, one hand caressing his balls, the other working his staff with urgent, quick movements. His tongue popped out to the side of his gross lips and his rude features contorted with pleasure. She eyed the scene mesmerized with his attributes, her cunt moistened instantly.

Frankenstein worked his gigantic penis ever faster. It seemed to become harder as his huge hands tunneled the impressive member, it surfaced and disappeared in rapid succession. He grunted louder, tensed more and more. With a coarse yell, he spilled his abundant cum on the hay. The endless flow subsided and his oversized body propped against the wall, breathless. Distractedly, his hand caressed the limp sticky member.
That night, she couldn’t stop thinking of it and the heat between her thighs went so unbearable that she had to use her fingers to appease her body.

Next day she kept an eye on Frankenstein and saw when he went to the stable after everyone had left. She tiptoed to the same stall as the previous day and found him sitting on his heels on the floor with a naked women’s magazine in his hands. The man had a lot of spunk to get rid of! He leafed through it, biting his tongue at the corner of his mouth; the bulk of his fantastic erection evident through his jeans. After a while, he unzipped his jeans, brought out his hard fat dick and then his remarkable balls. Shiny, it pointed up, triumphant, leaking already. He threw the magazine aside with urgency. The balls rested on his fly as he grabbed the rocky red staff and started working it as if his life depended on that. The enormous member fucked his tight fingers and she begun to imagine it in her. Her hands found her breasts and pinched them at the rhythm his hand worked the engorged glans. In no time he spurted repeatedly his cum far with a savage groan.

The same night, her fingers worked again, but an empty vagina was no fun. She’d be damned if she came anywhere near the monster-pricked man!

The third day she decided that she’d put an end to it, weather it happened again or not. It did, of course. The man’s prick seemed insatiable.

As she arrived at the stable, she heard the grunts and her body responded eagerly. She neared the stall and saw he’d forgotten it open. He stood inside with his hand opening his bulky jeans. His immense member popped out accompanied by the immensurable balls, when he lowered those pants.

He lifted his head and spotted her. Before she could say anything, he pulled her, closed the door, making her kneel in front of a pole, where he made her lean. She was so wet and hot, that she couldn’t scream. He knelt behind her in one heavy movement.
“Need fuck now!” His hoarse voice emitted.

And he yanked her jeans and damp panties down, separated her labia and thrust unceremoniously. His monstrous member surged through her wet cunt ripping it all the way in until he had impaled her to his hilt. The pleasure was so overwhelming that she arched her back and moaned, holding the pole tight.

He grunted, pulled the unnatural rock-hard prick out and lunged it all in again. He was so big and stony that it made her clit pop out engorged and eager. She opened more for him as her finger found her button ready for him. He panted, took his war-head out again and stuffed it even deeper. She breathed unevenly as pleasure coursed through her, enhanced by her finger manipulating her clit.

He increased his pace and he stuffed her, thrusting so hard and fast that she thought he’d split her in two. His rigid staff went in and came out stiff and humid. Now he lunged half in and half out driving her crazy.

“Humph, humph, humph.” She heard him. Quick, quicker.

Her finger circled her clit swifter, finally making her orgasm in such an earthquake explosion, she almost feinted, she gasped and held the pole with all her might.
He went mad with her squeezing his thick shaft, lunged in once more and screamed at the same time his deluge washed inside her, and he thrust until he emptied his warhead. She felt his undulations when he pumped in her mercilessly. She came again from that, moaning shamelessly.

Exhausted, his floppy member exited her and he fell on the hay. Her vagina was still quivering at the same time as his cum sipped out of her and fell on the hay. She doubted she’d be able to walk home.

She remained there to recuperate. Behind her, Frankenstein restarted working his enormous flesh and it went as hard as always.

“Fuck again!”

Oh, my god! The man had no limits.

He put her on her fours and curved behind her, stuffing his horse-like erection in her dripping cunt, as if she were a mare. He thrust deep, to the point of banging her womb. Her clit engorged again and she started moaning.

“Cunt squeeze my bone!” He sped, diving in her even farther, if that was possible. He grunted, his staff so hard, it resembled steel.

Bang, bang, bang! As she touched herself, going crazy. ”Cunt hot. I like.” Bang, bang, bang.

He took it out, the head of him dripping. He came in again, banging faster. And he was harder, for fuck’s sake! She came so completely, she screamed.

Bang, bang, bang. His hand holding her waist. “Urrrgghhhhh!!!!” H

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Notes Frankenstein got his nickname for the fact he's six feet five inches; and six inches in, well, you know. Even if his brain isn't all that impressive, his other parts more than compensate for it. He works in a farm belonging to a woman farmer. As a past-time, he jerks off in the barn after his workday is finished. But then the owner catches him at it...
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