Susie Gets Introduced To The Lifestyle

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Susie and I had been dating for 6-months at this point we were looking for a place together. We had great sex and Susie was my little horny freak she was more than happy to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I had told Susie that I didn’t want her to wear a bra or panties when we went out and she happily obliged. She told me that she wanted to continue to push the limits of our sexual lives.

The next weekend after a full day of house hunting we decided to get cleaned up and go to a winery. Our plans were to hit a few wineries and then hit a bar or two. We packed a bag just in case we didnt make it back to her parents house. At our 1st winery we grabbed a bottle and stated talking about our life. Susie said that she enjoyed being my LHF (Little Horny Freak). After our second bottle of wine she opened up said that she really wanted to see me fuck another female. In her cute little voice and her amazing eyes she asked “Would You Do That For Your Little Horny Freak?” I said YES. Then I asked her would she get naked, spread her legs and let another guy or a few guys fuck her. Susie responded YES as long as you want me to. I asked her where does she want the guy to cum she responded in the same cute voice anywhere you want. I said that it would be hot if you were comfortable with it that if the guy blew his load inside of you. She gave me a deep kiss and said I want it and I want you. We decided to buy a few bottles of wine and then head to another winery. On the way over Susie gave me an awesome blow job and said that she cant want to see this is another girls pussy.

At the next winery we made the decision not to drive anymore. The place was packed! We grabbed a bottle and grabbed 2 seats at the end of the community table. The group of 6 couples immediately pulled us into their conversation. We both had fun interacting with everyone and drinking. Jim and Marsha had a limo bus and they invited all of us back to their house..Susie and I agreed. At Jim and Marsha’s Susie cozied up to Cody. I cozied up to Rachel. Cody’s wife Mandy whispered in my ear I think that my husband wants to fuck your wife is that ok. I gave Mandy a kiss and said yes. Rachel and I started getting cozier making out a little and feeling each other up. Just then Susie came up with Cody behind her and told me that she was going to fuck Cody. I gave her a deep kiss and unbuttoned her shirt and gave her a deep kiss. while kissing her I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down past her ass (since she wasn’t wearing any panties he had perfect access to start playing with her cute pussy) . Just then she turned around and continued to make out with Cody as he pushed her jeans down to her ankles and played with her boobs. Cody lead Susie to one of the bedrooms room and they continued to make out. Susie got on her knees, unzipped his pants and started to give him a killer blow job. Susie was horny and ready to fuck. Cody slowly entered Susie and he slowly went in and out of her. It appeared as if Susie enjoyed every thrust. Cody and Susie switched positions multiple times and then he whispered in her ear where do you want me to cum? She whispered back I want you to cum in me? Can you do that? Just then Cody unleashed his sperm inside of Susie. They laid on the bed for a second only to find Mandy (Cody’s wife) and Jim (one of the owners of the house) watching.
Mandy proceeded to eat Susie out and clean all of her husbands sperm out of her and in the process make her cum. Jim was close enough to Susie that she unbuttoned his jeans and started to give him a blow job. She mentioned him to go between her legs and start to fuck her. Jim pushed Susies legs apart and pushed her legs so that her ankles were close to her ears and started to fuck her. Jim whispered that he should probably stop and get a condom. Susie said please dont stop..she actually screamed it. She asked Jim to blow it on her stomach, chest or face…she was fine with it anywhere. Jim thrusted a few times and blew his load all over Susie’s boobs.

Once Jim was done I came over and asked Susie if she was having fun. She said YES :-) I helped her up and helped her get partially dressed. I buttoned 2 of the buttons on her shirt (this barely covered her boobs) and pulled her jeans up but did not zip or button them (most of the hair on her vagina was visible). My LHF (Little Horny Freak) was ok with that. We took an Uber back to Susie’s parents house. Since no one was home I stripped off her clothes and led her to her room where we fucked one more time. The next morning she woke me up with a blow job and we proceeded to fuck while she told me how much fun she had last night. We didn’t think that anyone was home so we didn’t try to muffle our voices.

Once we finally composed ourselves we went into the kitchen where her dad was drinking a cup of coffee. He said “What help do you 2 need in finding your own place” I know that you are adults but WOW you 2 need to get your own room.

<To Be Continued>

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Notes Susie & I head out and get invited to a lifestyle house party
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