Skip the foreplay!

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I didn’t want the foreplay tonight
I didn’t want the build-up, the anticipation, the teasing or the sensuality
All I wanted was to feel his massive cock deep inside me
I wanted him to fill me up with his man meat, leaving no room for air
I needed to feel the full veiny length of him, rubbing against my internal walls…now
He wanted to caress me, stroke me and play with me first
But tonight,
I didn’t want that
As he began to suck gently on one of my nipples and tiptoe his fingers down my stomach towards my sopping wet pussy, I whispered; just fuck me
He paused for a minute, almost as if to process my request
Then he eased up away from me, sat back on his heels and ordered me to get up
I peeled myself off the bed immediately
“Turn around and get on all fours” he ordered
I was happy to oblige
As I bounced into position, he slapped my arse
The springiness in the mattress gave the slap more impact because I felt my knees sink into the soft material
As I took up the necessary pose, I could barely hold myself together, the excitement was plastered all over my face
Even though he couldn’t see it, I smiled from ear to ear...
All teeth bared; I was so fucking eager to receive him
He moved behind me, grabbing at both my butt cheeks with his large hands
He slapped them both and gripped at them
The sting was preparation for the pleasurable pain I was about to accept
He spread my ass apart…
His throbbing member bobbed about at the entrance of my gushing gash before diving into my sea of wetness
A ripple blew through me with his first stroke and as his hands made their way to my waist, I cocked up my arse so he could go deeper
He moved backwards and forwards deep stroking me with precision at a pace that weakened my knees
I groaned in ecstasy
My moans made him pick up the pace
I dipped my back more and leant my head back
One of his hands found my neck and as he held me around the throat, his dick went deeper still
I could feel his pelvis hit my cheeks with every stroke and the sensation of his impeccable shaft, in what felt like my tummy, was everything!
We moved like this for a while
I was so turned on
I was saturated
“You’re so wet” he said
Before I could respond, he had pulled out of me and sunk his face into my pussy from behind
He pushed me gently forward so my torso met the bed, my arms lay beneath me and my arse faced sky ward
He lowered himself too and continued to lick at me
His whole mouth engulfed my drenched snatch and the firmness of his tongue as he flicked at my rock hard clit, drove me wild
He pulled me closer, his face submerged into my ass, sucking and slurping at me
It was mind blowing.
Before switching it up again, his tongue trailed from my pussy to my asshole
He spent some time tongue fucking me, every single nerve ending in asshole, thanked him
I didn’t think I could get any wetter when he pulled me up, shuffled to the edge of the bed, and sat with his feet flat on the floor
“come and sit on me baby” he said
I crawled over, got off the bed, moved toward him and stood with my back facing him
He wasted no time as he pulled me down
I wiggled him in
“Fuck” I sighed, as I took the full length of him in the seating position
He began to gyrate his waist whilst inside me
I felt every inch of his rock solid dick as it moved around inside me
The feeling building in my stomach was intense
My cervix felt jittery and it was almost like mini fireworks started to go off in the area between my cunt and my asshole
Suddenly, he held me by the waist and stood up…still inside me
I welped at my lack of control
He leant me forward and told me to put my hands against the wall in front of me for support
I obliged without hesitation
He continued to hold me around the waist and proceeded to fuck the shit out of me again
My feet didn’t touch the floor, I was held in the air by the strength of him, with my hands offering some kind of support
It felt good
I was at his mercy
Succumbing to the fierce onslaught he was unleashing on my dripping snatch
His pace quickened still
He banged me hard
Uncontrollable amounts of pussy juice flowed out of me as he grunted his way through the delivery of penis that I so desperately needed
“Make me cum please” I begged him
He lowered my waist until my feet met the ground
He bent me over, hands still against the wall, but lower down
His hand rested on the small of my back and he began to shag the shit out of me once again
One of his hands made its way around to my clit and as he stroked at it , I could feel myself readying to blow
He could feel it too…
He rubbed my hardened button with more vigour and slowed his strokes down just enough to allow the ecstasy that had been bubbling away, to spill over
I shuddered intensely as the force of my orgasm caused him to pull out and witness the fantastical eruption of my ejaculation
He dropped to his knees and lapped up the cum from my sodden pussy
I held the position I was in, hands still against the wall…as if I were glued there
I shook like a maniac as he enjoyed the taste of my pleasure
As he perched there feasting on me, he began to jerk himself off
With his face covered in pussy juice, it wasn’t long before he erupted too.

Written by Lexi Shand
Hochgeladen November 22, 2020
Notes There are times when you don't want the foreplay.
Sometimes you just want to get straight to it.
Sometimes you just want to be fucked and licked!
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