Balls deep on a first date

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Lying here trying to sleep but my mind is running with everything I have going on lately. So I decided to try and think of something that relaxes me.. and then you come to mind. My body goes from tense and tight to relaxed and limber. I start to think about us meeting for the first time....

"I'll have a jack n coke please" I order my drink while I'm waiting for you to arrive. My heart feels like its in my throat and my stomach is in knots. I don't remember being this nervous to meet anyone in my life! In my head I'm going thru a checklist... deodorant...check, lip gloss... check, stilettos... check, cleavage... double check, Leather skirt...ohhh check, favorite lucky panties... a smirk slowly appears on my face. I check my phone for the fifth time since I've arrived 3 mins ago. I take a deep breath and as I open my eyes.. there you are! Our eyes lock and my heart stops for a split second.

You walk over and as you get closer your smile grows bigger as does mine. Our eyes haven't drifted since we locked. I stand up to greet you, mentally demanding my body to stop shaking. We hug and as we close our arms around each other I'm relaxed by your scent... its a manly scent, but not overwhelming, just enough to stimulate my senses.
Then your voice... as it enters my ears I am hearing what you're saying, but my eyes are locked on your lips... watching how they move and curiosity builds of what they feel like. "STOP THAT!!"- my subconscious scolds me!

The bartender hands you your beer,"Let's play some pool!" You say. I nod my head in agreement knowing that I'm going to try not to beat you (hahaha). You motion for me to walk first. Terrified that I'm going to fall I stand, but then my inner lioness kicks in and I am strutting like no ones business and I can feel your eyes locked on my ass as it sways with every step I take.

The place is empty... there are a few regulars downstairs at the bar talking about how great the Yankees are and what's in store for this season. We make our way to the pool table in the back and the whole room surrounding it is dark. The only light is the one above the table, a green Guinness light. There is a smell of beer and cigars in the air but its almost comforting in that atmosphere.

I walk over to set my drink at the table and glance over to see you racking the balls. Its like your in slow motion as not to rush the time. You look up and smile "So what are the rules?" You ask. I smile back, look at the ceiling as if I'm thinking and say "anything goes" and wink at you.

I walk over to select my weapon of choice as it is very important that I win this game. I choose the shortest stick as they are easier to work with when you're only 4'10". You come over and your arm grazes mine as you choose a stick, your touch sends tingles to my desert area. I start to imagine..."Ladies first" you say and I'm quickly brought back to reality.

I go to the head of the table, line up my shot and drive the stick as hard as I can. "Stripes it is" I say with a smile as I have already sank two of my balls. Mmm speaking of sinking balls..."BEHAVE" beams in my subconscious again. I go to shoot again and I'm bent over the table I feel your body press against my behind "Excuse me Mr... I'm trying to shoot" you respond quickly "Oh I know, I'm holding you steady". I don't even have to see your face to know you're smiling. Trying to hide the sheer enjoyment... I shake my hips from side to side and push back. I can feel the size of your "stick" digging into my ass as I press harder against you. I take my shot and its a miss... surprise!

You walk the table, focused on your next move. I step back in the dark...planing my payback. I push my breasts up, lower my shirt and make my way towards you. Your holding your beer and I offer "Can I hold that for you?" You smirk and hand me the beer. Its sweating, cold beads dripping down the side. I walk to the opposite corner of the table, sit by the pocket and lean into the light. I take the tip of your beer bottle and rub it against my lips, you can't ignore the thought of it being something else against my lips. My My tongue slides thru my lips and travels down the entire length of the bottle.

You try to collect yourself and take the shot.... "Dam it!" I yell, you made the shot.

I decide that maybe I'm playing it too safe, so as you're lining up your next shot I take the tip of your beer bottle and drag it down the side of my jaw, down my neck and in between my breasts... then I use it to uncover part of my bra. You can't take your eyes off of it... you shoot and miss! "Haaa!" I celebrate with a little dance as I walk your beer back to you.

I have 3 really good shots lined up so I take my stick and walk to the corner of the table. Its a little further than I though so I lean over and as I line up my shot I feel your hand. It starts at my inner thigh and is slowly working its way up. I thought for sure my skirt would stop you but it didn't. My pussy is throbbing and anticipating your touch. You get to the beginning of my ass and take one finger and drag it to the top following my thong. You know I want it, so you hook your finger in my thong and tighten your grip... but let go. You chuckle and walk away. "jackass!" I reply with a smile. I take my shot and miss it. Ughh!

"Your turn" I groan. You smile and lean over to contemplate your shot. I walk behind you and take my hands and place them on your shoulders. I dig my nails in a little and drag them slowly down your back to your hips and move my hands into the pockets of your jeans. I reach to the center and feel the tip of your cock! I rub it with my finger and feel it grow towards my hand. You moan, I follow. I lean forward and bite your earlobe. Its beyond the game now.

You drop your stick on the table and turn around. You take a fist full of my hair and pull back exposing my neck. You lean in as if your going to kiss me but you go straight for my neck and bite followed by a

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Notes When you meet the one.. every part of your body knows. You can't keep your hands off of eachother and you are always willing to satisfy.
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