Ray's massage leads to more, much more pleasure for Suzi

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Since my marriage ended I’ve been on a get fit binge which has resulted in my health and sexual well-being improved dramatically. I tell you the gym is the place to find hot guys – yeah guys, that shocked you admit it, you were expecting this to be a story from some steroid pumping jock. Well, if that was what you’re after, I’m sorry to disappoint you. I’m a late thirties mousey blonde legal secretary. My name’s Suzanna, and like I said I’m now single after 10 years of marriage, a marriage that was very much on his terms. He dominated me, messing my life up. But now I’m the one in control and I love it!

It was, Carly, one of the other secretaries who told me about the gym. It’s a low-key place, thankfully there aren’t too many guys, and girls, pumping iron insanely in an attempt to look, well god knows what they are hoping to end up like, I can tell you it definitely doesn’t work for me. That said, there are plenty of guys working out who look pretty fit to me. And I have to admit, as the old song says, “I must admit I’ve taken some pleasure there”.

I vividly remember the first I met Ray, he was a painter and decorator. He used to come to the gym to help him wind down at the end of the day, he used to spend a lot of time stretching out, and working with small weights. He wasn’t into muscle loading. Luckily he was into me though.

After I kicked the rotten husband out, I found it really difficult to sleep and the gym, which was open 24 hours a day, was my go to place. I could do a full work out, run, cycle, do some weights and try and get in to a state which allowed me to go home and crash out. Late at night the gym is usually pretty deserted, I plug in my music and concentrate on my programme.

This one night I was on one of the running machines and this chap appeared on the machine to my right. I nodded a hello and continued. I’d run about a kilometer when I felt a tap on my arm. It was the chap beside me, I pulled that earbud out to hear what he was saying. “What’s that song”, he asked, “I can’t place it, it’s very familiar though”. “It’s the Foo-fighters", I replied, “Learning to Fly. It’s got a great beat to run to.” “Dammit, so it is”, he shook his head, his dark curly locks covering and then uncovering his bronzed face. “I should really have got that. Thank you! I must be going senile – early onset dementia.” He laughed again. “I’m Ray.” He added, offering his hand, I shook it, he had a firm dry handshake and he didn’t try to crush my hand. His large hand held it just right and for exactly the right amount of time before letting it go. “I’m Suzanne, Suzi”, my cheeks suddenly felt very hot, I thought I might be blushing, but hoped the energy I had been exerting might make them look that way anyway.

“I haven’t seen you here before”, Ray said and then quickly he apologised. “Sorry, I’m being extremely rude, you were clearly in the middle of something. Please, ignore me, go back to your workout, it’s just that you don’t normally find women here at this time of the night.”

“That’s ok”, I was intrigued by him, he had the face and hands of someone who undertook manual work yet his manners were those of an extremely well-educated person. “I’m nearly finished, anyway”.

“Well, then”, Ray looked at me carefully, his brown eyes seemed to bore right into my soul, “maybe I could buy you a juice when you’ve finished”. “Maybe you could”, I offered him a smile and putting the earbud back into my ear I continued on with my run, trying to block out of my mind the man running hard beside me. 15 minutes later I was done, the sweat was running off me, I could feel it between my breasts, dribbling down to my bellybutton, my legs felt heavy and my pants were sticking to me, I was looking forward to peeling them off. The damp patch on the front of my training top was the worst I could remember. As I warmed down I was conscious of Ray doing the same. At the end he stopped too and started to wipe his arms and face with his gym towel.

“What you need right now is a massage, a sports massage, to release the tension in your legs, back and arms. And, if you’re game, it’s your lucky day, I’m a fully qualified masseuse too.” “You’re what?” I looked at him quizzically, “Is there no end to your talents?” “That’s about it, I promise”, Ray was looking a bit embarrassed as if he’d bigged himself up too much. I felt a bit guilty, after all he’d be very kind to offer something that I knew I’d benefit from. “OK”, I said, “You’re on!”

“Excellent!” He jumped off the machine and lightly taking my arm he guided me to the treatment room where I knew, from my induction tour, there was a full set of kit, including a proper massage table. “One problem though.” “What’s that?” I couldn’t hide the disappointment from my voice. “It’s ok”, he said, “but it’s your clothes, those leggings and that top will need to go. There are some towels in the ladies changing room, keep whatever you’re wearing underneath on and then drape the towel around you.“

“Of course!” I felt a bit stupid having given my feelings away so innocently but padded off dutifully to the changing rooms. I took the opportunity to wipe the worst of the sweat away after peeling my top and leggings off. Thank goodness for the sports bra I always wore, but less so for my choice of underwear, a black thong – well avoiding chaffing was always a must!

I gulped down a large cup of water, wrapped the towel around my body and went back to the treatment room. Thankfully its location meant I didn’t have to go through the main gym areas, not that there were many people there but I felt a bit exposed. Ray was leaning against the massage table waiting, he had changed and was now wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of dark blue shorts. “I thought you might have ducked out.” He sounded pleased that I hadn’t. Now that I was back, I felt the same.

“OK,” he got me to jump up onto the t

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Notes Working out at the gym, the Foo-fighters "Learning to Fly" leads to Suzi meeting Ray and his post exercise massage leads to passionate sex.
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