Flying Solo Chapter 19: My Breastgasms

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by Dalton
The first time I ever had an orgasm my jeans were still zipped, my panties were in place and I had no idea what happened. I was a freshman in college and I was lying on my bed with a guy who I’d met a couple weeks previously in class. He was a very nice guy named Tommy and he was very much what you’d call a breast man. And, well, that being said, I was not surprised he was attracted to me. I have what you’d probably call perfect breasts. I know that sounds conceited but let me be clear here.
I started to develop around the time I turned 14 and things didn’t seem to finish fully till I was a senior in high school. My little buds slowly grew, filled out and formed until I was a perfect C cup. Without a bra, my breasts were very firm and topped with medium areolae and thick heavy nipples that always seemed quite sensitive when they got hard. I remember very clearly seeing a picture of some super model or other nude on a beach and then looking at her breasts. I realized that they looked almost like mine only mine stood up even more proudly.
The thing was, I was pretty busy in high school, so I didn’t date much and never really had sex, to speak of, besides a few stolen kisses. When I got to college, all bets were off though. I wanted to know what I’d been missing, but I figured I’d better take it slow, being that I was a virgin, totally inexperienced and sadly lacking in knowledge. The first thing I did was to start reading every article, book and magazine I could find about sex. This was way back before the Internet, so things were a little different. After starting to feel like I had a little more knowledge, I began by exploring my own body, but since everything I was reading in Cosmo was kind of orgasm centered, I focused on my vagina, stroking, rubbing, fingering and experimenting until I think I finally gave up in tears of frustration.
Where was the white-hot pleasure? Where were my screams? Sure, I got wet and things felt nice when I touched them, but where was the explosion? Well, at this point I figured that maybe I needed a helping hand. I had met a guy in class who had been looking at me a lot. We started to talk and far from being a perv, he was an art student and he said he really liked my curves. OK, so maybe it was a line, but he had nice eyes and he seemed very sweet. We began to talk more and soon started to date. First it was holding hands, then kisses and then, on that very special night, I decided to let him go as far as he wanted. I was sick of being a virgin and I wanted to feel all that pleasure.
Just to be safe, I even borrowed a condom from my roommate, who had quite the hot little thing going with her boyfriend. She and I had started to talk about sex in a sort of casual way as I was a freshman and she was a junior, so she was much more experienced. But we never got to be truly close friends even though we got on pretty well. So there we were, Tommy and I on my bed, kissing passionately. Then he started to touch me. His hand moved from my back and slowly moved up my side and over my breast. I felt the warmth of his hand through my blouse and my bra and an odd shiver went down my spine. I moaned softly into his mouth as our kiss got harder and he left his hand on my breast.
Then he broke the kiss and pulled away so he could look down at me. I was on my back and I looked into his sexy brown eyes and he smiled. “Your boob feels amazing,” he said. He moved his hand over it again and I groaned again. I made no move to stop him, so when he began to unbutton my blouse I just smiled up at him. In fact, I sat up, slipped my shirt off after he undid the last button and reach behind me to unclasp the three hooks of my heavy support bra. I tossed it on the floor on top of my blouse and breathed a sigh of relief as my breasts reveled in being free. Tommy stared at me, his eyes wide, drinking in my half nude body. I liked that. I liked how he looked at me, as if I was a work of art.
“Could I draw you sometime? Nude I mean?” he asked, his voice breathless. I nodded silently and lay back, waiting to see what he would do next. Carefully, almost reverently, he reached down and very softly traced his finger over the heavy curve of my left breast. I moaned again, as heat began to build between my legs and hot sensations began to buzz through my belly. His fingers moved, exploring every inch of my breasts and then he began to gently touch and stroke my nipples, which were hard as diamonds by this point. And that’s when it happened. As his fingers moved over my nipple, tracing around the areola of my left breast, I felt a huge rush of sensation that I’d never imagined. The heat and light blossomed and I felt my heart race and my breath come in gasps. My vagina was soaking wet by now, my panties wrecked and my whole body was shaking. And then he leaned down and kissed my nipple.
What happened next was beyond my wildest imaginings. My body exploded. I came for the first time ever. My vagina churned and my thighs trembled, my breasts were like huge points of light, crying out as his lips and tongue caressed and sucked first one nipple, then the other and I just kept coming. I cried out and finally grabbed the pillow and buried my face in it, screaming in raw pleasure until I was hoarse and he stopped his wondrous ministrations. He pulled the pillow from my face and stared into my eyes. “Are you OK?” he asked, obviously not used to that sort of response from a girl.
“I’m way past OK,” I said, still gasping. “That was amazing. I never felt anything like that before,” I said, reaching up to touch his cheek. We kissed then and I suddenly wanted more than anything to be naked with this guy. I stood from the bed unsteadily and quickly slipped off my jeans and panties as he sat watching me, a very sweet, dumbfounded look on his face. I stood before him nude, enjoying his gaze as it moved over my body from my face to my breasts and downward to the hairy triangle between my legs. W

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Written by daltonwriter
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Notes A girl in search of the ultimate pleasure finds it in a very unusual place.....
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