Gia Goes Camping

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My son’s girlfriend, Gia, is a super outgoing and super friendly person. She was a pleasure to have around…unlike some of the other ones that he has introduced us to. She got along with everyone in our familyGia was from the East Coast and had very few friends/family in the area so when they weren’t in school (vacations, breaks..etc) they hung out at our house. I was very familiar and comfortable hanging out with Gia.

One long weekend everyone left town and went to different events around the country (weddings, bachelor parties, job interviews…etc) except for Gia and myself. Gia had a test on Friday and a paper due on Tuesday. I had a big work project that needed to be completed. My son & my wife actually recommended that Gia hang out at our house this weekend because I would be grilling something good.

On Friday at around noon Gia called me and told me that her car had a flat. I drove out to where she was and changed her tire.

Gia->What are your plans were for this weekend? Everyone is out of town and I dont want to hang out in my dorm room.
Me->I am probably going to go camping. Due to the crappy weather (cold and rain) it would probably be pretty empty.
Gia->Do you mind if I tag along?
Me->No. I would love it if you came with me
Gia->If I tag along you can not tell anyone! I mean anyone! It wouldn’t look too good if anyone found out.
Me->Im good Im not going to tell anyone

I gave Gia the directions to the campground.

Later that afternoon Gia showed up..she was wearing a white t-shirt, shorts and flip flops. She gave me a big hug and then went inside the RV to drop her bag. We ate dinner outside our dinner conversation gravitated around funny stuff that we had seen and done. Also over dinner we killed 2 and a half bottles of wine which meant that I had a slight buzz and she was loaded. In order to walk off the buzz a little we took a walk along the river. She reached into her pants pocket and pulled out a bowl.

Gia->Remember your promise. You wont tell anyone
Me->Of course not
Gia->We can smoke a little bit of this here and then enjoy some of your famous bourbon.

Gia lit up her bowl and we passed it back and forth until it was done. We were both just a little bit high but not out of control. Over our conversation at dinner she had mentioned that she gets super horny when she smokes pot. We walked back to the RV she crawled into the outside chair and relaxed. I went inside and got a few bottles of bourbon that I had picked up in my travels. I loved picking up bottles that 1-Had an interesting name and 2-Had an interesting/but good taste. I brought out 34dd-From Paso Ranchero, Monkey Love-From Bandana Kentucky, Purple Haze-From Covington, Louisiana )

Me->Which one do you want to try?
Gia->Super excited
Me->Just to one will find out
Gia->Hell no Im not telling
Me->Ok which one do you want to try
Me->Ok I think that you should enjoy this pour while you are topless
Gia->Ok (without hesitation she pulls off her her t-shirt and bra)

Since no one is around Gia is not shy about her boobs being out and me staring and occasionally touching.

We finish the sample of 34dd and she says that she wants to try a smaller pour of the purple haze. She does not ask for her bra or shirt back

Gia->I am feeling really good right now
Me->Ok I will give you one hit of purple haze but I think that you should take off your shorts and panties.
Gia->Ok (and she proceeds to strip in front of me)

Standing naked in front of me is my son’s 22 year old girl friend. 5’6, 34dd boobs (I think), a full puffy bush who is comfortable being naked in front of me outside.

Me->Do you know what is going to happen to you tonight?
Gia->We will probably fuck, pass out, fuck and pass out again
Me->And you are not going to tell anyone
Gia->Hell No

I lead Gia inside into the bedroom and lay her back on the bed and proceed to eat her out. Based upon her moans she came at least 3 or 4 times. I then spread her legs and then thrust my hard cock inside of her. She choked and then screamed YES. I started off slow and easy until she screamed out harder and faster. For the next hour I pounded Gia in multiple positions and made her cum multiple times. We laid there for a minute and we both agreed that this was the time to pass out. She curled up next to me and we went to sleep. I woke up a few hours later to find Gia with her legs spread open. I decided to wake her up so I started to eat her out again she woke up with a smile and we started to fuck for another hour…this time in order to make me cum she started telling me stories about how she loves 3somes and naked time with her girlfriends. Just then I exploded inside of her. I pulled out and she started to eat the cum out of her pussy like it was a liquid candy treat. She took another shower and we went to sleep.

The next morning we enjoyed breakfast and started talking about last night.
Me->Are you ok with last night?
Gia->Definitely this has to be our secret.
Me->What do you want to do today?
Gia->Study for my test, fuck, nap, write my paper, fuck, nap
Me->Ok that can be accommodated. Any chance that you can stay naked?
Gia->If you want me to I will gladly run around naked.
Gia->Also when we fuck today…go easy..last night was fun but I definetly I am not used to your size and I need to adjust

Gia and I spent the next couple of days working, fucking and napping.

The next weekend we all went camping, including Gia, and we acted as if nothing had happened. A side bar conversation with Gia while we were walking around the campground.

Me->You still ok with last weekend?
Gia->Definitely , it was fun and if the opportunity for us to do it again and not get caught I am all for it.
Me->So what you are saying is that…
Gia->Yes, as long as we are in a situation or location where we will not get busted or seen by anyone then we can fuck.

I gave her a kiss and promised her that

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Notes Gia is left alone with her boyfriends dad for the weekend.
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