Beauty's Spanking

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Beauty returned to her bedroom in the luxurious castle. This was the sixth day since she agreed to free her father and remain with the creature she knew as Beast. She expected him to be unrefined, a brute, but over shared meals they discussed her favorite books and listened to refined music. She had no wants, no needs unsatisfied.
Except two. The identity of the handsome man who visited her in her dreams. The first night he watched her from afar, each night moving closer, each night offering her a single white rose. Last night, he kissed her, his fingers touching her in scandalous ways. That was her other source of dissatisfaction and the reason she agreed to move to the castle. She hoped the Beast might satisfy her dark desires for cruelty and passion.

She dressed in a silk nightdress and slipped into the matching sheets on the softest bed. Settling into her pillow she waited for sleep to take her while she imagined him.
It took a long time but eventually her body slumbered, and her mind moved to the dream. She was in a new room, one that filled her senses. The floor was soft carpet, and odd furniture was placed around the room. It was the large bed in the middle that made her heart pound, the head and footboard had large rings and chains. Would someone be restrained and tortured here? Her?

She turned from the bed and gasped. Hooks in the wall held riding crops she had seen used on horses, and thin flat pieces of wood, and other things she couldn’t name. Items she knew were to be used on the body for pain, and damn if it didn’t excite her.
A door opened at the far end and she saw the handsome man enter. He held something in his hand. As he got closer, she saw it was another white rose. He bowed deeply and held it out to her. “For you, Miss.”

She curtseyed and took the rose, brushing her fingertips over his. “Thank you. This isn’t where we usually meet.” She pressed her nose into the petals of the flower and inhaled its scent.

“I wanted to take you deeper.” He picked up a piece of black fabric from a table beside the bed and came around to her. “You will not come to more harm than you wish.” He took the rose from her and set it aside.

She gasped, stepping away from him. He couldn’t know her deep desires. “We can’t.”

“Kneel.” The command thundered through her body.

She dropped to her knees without thought, not wanting to find out what may occur if she disobeyed. She found solace in obedience, to her father, then as a serving girl, and finally, here in this room with this mysterious man.

The cloth covered her eyes and he secured it with a tie at the back of her head. Her hands touched it, needing to reassure herself this was real.

“Hands down,” he ordered and she dropped them. “I wasn’t sure you’d submit so readily. So beautifully. You saw all the toys in my room. Some of them will bring you pain, but I promise you will find even the pain enjoyable.”

Beauty swallowed and licked her lips. “Okay.” The way he touched her the previous night brought her more satisfaction than her wandering fingers ever had, she wanted more and if she had to endure pain to get it, she would do so. In fact when he informed her what was to come, she wanted the hurt.

He grasped the bottom of her nightgown and pulled it up. “Lift your arms,” he whispered and when she raised them he pulled the thin fabric from her, baring her body. She was glad for the blindfold, hiding her fluster at being nude before him for the first time.

Instead she focused on listening for his movements, trying to figure out what he would do.

“Did your father ever punish you with spanking when you were a child?” he asked. His deep voice was laced with sinful curiosity, he wasn’t interested in her upbringing.

“No, never me. My brothers but I never misbehaved. I enjoy following orders, being good.”

He gripped her elbow. “Stand, my good girl. You will lie over my lap and endure your first spanking.”

His proclamation drew a shadowy desire from deep within her. She would lie across his body, nude, while he slapped her soft skin until she wept. Beauty couldn’t wait, but she held her excitement as she got to her feet. He helped her shuffle forward, halting with his gentle pressure, then he pulled her over his knee. “Put your hands on the floor to balance your weight,” he instructed. Once she relaxed, he gripped her ass and massaged the skin. “You are so beautiful.”

The male part of him jumped between them and she fought the urge to grind against him. She touched him there last night while he fumbled under her night dress, but they hadn’t bared themselves. Perhaps tonight she would be so lucky.

His hand came down against her cheek, not enough to hurt and she let out the breath she was holding. “I want to ease you into this. Too much, too fast and you will not enjoy yourself.”

The light slaps continued, on the edge of painful. Then he stopped and caressed her skin. “I love the blush of your skin under my hand. Now this will hurt. If it’s too much, say Beast.”

She shifted, uneasy with his word choice, but his hand slapped against her making me jolt and whimper. A second followed quickly, then three and four. Then he stopped and she stretched. “More,” she whispered. “Please don’t stop yet.”

His body jumped between them again but he said nothing, just hit her again. Right cheek, left cheek, until she was indeed weeping, between her thighs ran tears of pleasure and she pressed her legs together, intensifying the feelings.
His hand came down harder. “Part your thighs,” he said, one blow for each word.

With great effort, she opened her legs. “Sorry,” she whispered.

He slapped her a few more times, hard enough to make her cry out. Then he stopped, his hand was gentle on her tender bottom, his fingers trailed down to her thighs then pressed between to the part that wept for his attention. She fought her urge to press her thighs together and rub against him. Instead, she focused matching h

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Written by Asrai Devin
Hochgeladen November 8, 2020
Notes Beauty is trapped at the mercy of the Beast. But in her dreams, he's a handsome prince come to fullfill all her dark fantasies of pain and pleasure.
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