Werewolf Fantasy - London Has A New Breed Of Stalker

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I’ll never deny I’ve had many a hot werewolf fantasy in the past. But, because it’s close to Halloween (my absolute favorite holiday if you didn’t already know) why not revisit an old favorite? And, it was something I fantasized a lot about while I was in San Diego. It was the perfect place. So, here’s what I thought about while I walked around the bay.
I was walking alone on the shore of Mission Bay. I’d rented an apartment for a few days since it was only a little more expensive than a hotel room. I wanted to take a vacation in style especially after being sick for a while. The fresh air would do me some good. That was why I was traipsing around a sandy bay barefoot at night. I wanted to go for a walk, breath in that salty air, be alone for a bit, and indulge myself.
My chest heaved as I sighed and tilted my face up toward the full moon. Its’ silvery sheen made my skin glow faintly as I basqued in its presence. The lids of my eyes fluttered closed. I was at peace with the world and everything in it in that moment. But that was when everything took a turn and not necessarily for the worse. I suppose that would depend on who you asked.
The sound of heavy breathing intruded on my tranquility. Or, was that panting? Who let their dog off leash? It must have been a big dog because it was loud almost like a subwoofer was competing with the gentle lapping of the waves.
Someone was about to have hell to pay for interrupting my serenity. I rounded on the dog and looked for an owner trying to reign the thing in. But, there was no owner and, oddly enough, no dog. I scanned the shoreline as far as my eyes would reach but saw nothing. My heart started beating faster as I tried to contain the panic that was building inside me. I forced myself to take a deep breath trying to reign in my sudden irrational terror but that was useless.
It was getting pretty late so I should have been back hours ago. That was what I told myself to excuse my frantic heart rate. I tried to run but the wet sand slowed my pace a little bit. Stopping to catch my breath, I strained my ears. It was quiet so that was needless. There was no panting or any other noise out of place.
I sighed with relief and laughed out loud at my irrational freak-out. There was nothing out here except me and some sealife. Just because my hair stood on end and alarms went off in my head didn’t mean something was wrong. I just needed some sleep so I continued in the direction of my apartment but at a casual pace.
I’d been feeling eyes on me ever since I started coming out to the bay. It was like someone was stalking me but everyone knows I like to put on a show so that part didn’t bother me. The part that was unnerving was the feeling behind the hidden observation. I couldn’t help but wonder what their intentions were. As freaky as it sounds, the unknown was a thrill and I wanted to see how it all played out. So, there I waited with the moon as my own personal spotlight. Make your move.

So, in this werewolf fantasy, I went from being nervous and a little irrational. But, as is the nature of being human, curiosity (and a little tingle of excitement) won over. There’s something alluring about a night sky aglow with the light of a full moon. It can make one do strange things.
So, there I stood with my toes buried in the soft cold sand out in the open. I was just waiting for whatever was going to happen. My heart was still racing despite my newfound excitement. It was a blend of terror and anticipation combined into an adrenaline rush.
The panting started up again. With the breeze all around me, it was hard to pinpoint where it was coming from. There were no trees to provide cover but there were rocks to hide behind and alleyways nearby with low walls. Where was this thing? Hell, what was it?
Then, I heard a low, deep growl that I could have sworn made the ground shake. Although, that could have just been my imagination. Then, the night fell silent again and the only sounds I could hear were the lapping water, my racing heart, and my heavy breathing.
That was when the thing pounced on top of me. I felt a heavy body land atop me nearly crushing me with its’ weight. It was hairy and smelled kind of like a dog but not quite. I couldn’t really explain it. My eyes slowly came back into focus only to find bright gold eyes peering into them. They were feral, hungry, yearning eyes that were also somehow erotic. I gasped for breath while I continued to take in its’ appearance. Should I say his appearance?
His face was encircled in hair. The only thing not coated with it was the center of his face. He looked wild but not in an insane way. It was more of an animalistic way. His teeth were bared and as I looked at him, the hair started creeping inward until no scrap of skin could be seen.
My arms were outstretched and pinned to the soft bay sand with his hands. No, wait, were those claws? His hands had morphed into something more like wolf paws. My pussy pulsed to the pace to the beat of the hot wafts of air he was breathing onto my face. Speaking of which, his mouth and nose were transforming into something more like a snout.
I didn’t struggle because I couldn’t move. He was so strong and I was so helpless. Despite that, my body was incredibly turned on in a way I couldn’t understand.
My eyes wandered, taking in every inch of his body. He was completely naked and he...was he horny? His cock was thick and so hard. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t noticed it pressed against my belly sooner. Again, my pussy throbbed and an ache started to make my core tighten.
With a swipe of a pawed hand, my top was torn to shreds. Another swoosh of his clawed hand and my shorts were mostly scraps of cloth that barely covered my pussy. I was completely at the werewolf’s mercy.
What would you do? Would you fuck me and leave me there in the sand? Or, would you turn me into your beta?

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Written by phonesextemple
Hochgeladen November 1, 2020
Notes This is a supernatural fantasy I had while on a mini vacation in San Diego. Since it's Halloween, it's the perfect time to show off my werewolf transformation fetish.
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