A lonely man finds The perfect Night

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The perfect Night

I come home from work like I do every night. I take a shower and put on some comfortable clothes, and I lay down on the bed as I do every night by myself. It used to not be like this I used to have a wife and I would have something nice and cozy to cuddle up to at night, that was until the divorce. Life had been rough these last two years by myself, see I was married for 16 years and I had a wonderful little family my wife and three sons, that was until my whole world shattered around me I won't go into the details. For this story is about the perfect night when my 2 years of loneliness evaporated.

My phone vibrating I reach down and keep it up, I opened the message and read hey it's me Samantha what are you doing I'm not down the road from your house come pick me up. I'll reply yeah I would love to what are you doing tonight.. I wait for the response.... Hopefully you! she said. That was all I needed to hear. I rushed and cleaned up my man cave. And then I jump in my car and proceed to go pick this girl up. Me and her have been friends for a while and there were many times we were hanging out partying and she would be hinting around that she wanted the dick, where I was still trying to understand how to live after my divorce I never did give it to her that was until the last time I hung out with her and she told me that her pussy was the best. And for me to think about it splitting over my hard cock...after that someone showed up and ruined that chance on that night. I swore to myself that I would never make that mistake again. And now it's my chance. I pick her up and we come back to my house we party for a few hours, that's when she says that she needs me to take her...that she is a bad girl, and she has to confess. I am such a dirty slut I need some dick she says, I need you to take your hard cock and fill my tight little pussy, and that's exactly what I do.
I turn around put my hand behind her head and pull her close to me I say nothing and I just kiss her as I press her down onto the bed, I grab her pants and pull them off I then lift her up and pull her shirt off I press her back down and as I follow her breast I pulled her panties off. She gasped when she sees my hard cock sticking out of the top of my pants and her eyes feel with anticipation she didn't ask me. May I please suck that cock and I say yes girl you can as you unbutton my pants and pulled out my member, she then proceeds to swallow my dick slow it first and then faster she does amazing things with it she looks at me and says I don't fucking suck cock I deep throat that shit and she does she has me so tobbing hard, after she has my cock hard as it can possibly get and she starts begging to be penetrated I picked her up and I set her down on my feet with her hot little ass in my hands just lifting her up and down on my cock she moans and quivers on my cock as she co
she cums for the first time, and then it's my turn and I lay down on my back and she squats over me and starts fucking the shit out of my cock I can feel my ball tense in anticipation, this girl is a champion a sex goddess and I think to myself as her little ass goes up and down and her moans feel the air, oh my God why did I ever not fuck her from the very first time I had a chance. About that time that I thought that we had been fucking for a good 40 minutes when she started moaning, Daddy fill me with your cum , and she said those words her squats came faster and faster her pussy has wet as a pussy can be that's when I filled her up with a massive load, that was the first time I have had any in 2 years and the best that I have ever had needless to say that night we did not sleep at all it stayed up and I filled her up over and over again until the sun came up. That was months ago since then I've got back into shape the two years of being alone were over and me and this chick, who is not just a chick she is my best friend and we have the hottest sex possible every time we get together. And it keeps getting better to this day. So good we are going to share it with the world. Cause we are bout to upload that shit for all you on the web. This shit needs to be documented for posterity sake. Even after we are old and gone from this world they will still be people masterbating to our videos..

Written by lordrazoun
Hochgeladen October 31, 2020
Notes A lonely guy meets a firecracker. And ends up finding Happy times they killer sex with his bestie.
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