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Nikki was enjoying what was happening, even before it unfolded. Let's set the scene. She has just taken her tank top off, revealing her gorgeous 38DD breasts for everyone in the place to see that was close to the stage. They were a perfect size for her on a 5'6", 140 lb., body. Large, without being huge, a slight sag but still quite supple and firm, dark pink areolas covering the top of the white cups capped with large raisin size nipples that begged to be, sucked.
She held them up for display to the small crowd of boys and men who had formed a line waiting to titty-fuck and cum on her breasts, what she had agreed to with the management after having had a drink or two or three. The exhibitionist in her personality had certainly, risen to the top as she got turned on showing off her body.
The first man in line dropped his shorts followed by his greeting the crowd with a well above size cock 8” sporting a thick cockhead, already somewhat excited by and the treatment she was offering him. Not sure of what he could or couldn't do even though Jack, the manager/emcee had already explained, Mike walked over.
"Our first contestant Mike who has a rather large oversize, member, will test the skills of our soon to be seen in her very first film with one of these fine young, studs."
Mike walked the few steps, cock sticking out ready for action, replaced her hands with his cup holders squeezing her large pleasure cones squishing them into her chest, his fingers busy at work feeling the firm flesh surrounding him. He could feel her nipples responding to the attention growing and hardening rock hard on his palms. She sighed as he kneaded her breasts lovingly, watching him lean over now, cupping them again, and his mouth was now on the nipple, sucking on it, sending signals to her clit.
Mike's cock began to grow even more with the nipple sucking, and her magic fingers, twisting and massaging his huge cock still amazed by the length and girth. There was no penetration sex allowed on the stage, but at some point, she knew she wanted that cock in her pussy.
"What are you going to do to me, Mike?'" she said.
“You know what I’m going to do.”
“Tell me again,” she said
“I’m going to titty-fuck those big breasts and when my cock gets so hard that I can’t stand it anymore. I’m going to shoot my load all over your tits.”
“Are you going to spray me with all that hot sticky cum?”
"I'm going to soak you with it, and I'll bet that everyone else in line will do the same thing. Would you do me a favor?"
“Let’s put some oil on your breasts so my cock will slide nice and smooth.”
"I just happen to have a bottle," Jack said, overhearing the conversation, leaving quickly to get it.
“In the meantime why don’t we get on the couch and get comfortable,” Mike suggested.
“Good idea,” she said
Jack came back and handed Mike the bottle, which he promptly opened and poured on the top of her bare titties. He watched it as it dripped down to her nipples and onto her thighs. His hands smothered her chest as he rubbed the slick lotion into her flesh, making them smooth and shiny, ready for a nice cock to go between them, paying attention to rubbing it into her nipples.
He lay down on the couch and got between her legs breasts inches from his cock, giving the camera a good view she slid his cock in her cleavage, stroking the rod with her hands. As it popped out of her cleavage, she sucked on the sensitive head with her hands now pushing her titties together to make the cleavage, tighter for Mike.
Mike watched as he pressed her slick breasts together and rubbed them back and forth on his throbbing cock. It was hot to see all of this unfold before him. It was almost as exciting as the act itself.
Mike watched her shimmy her big boobs back and forth, creating more friction, and as a result, a bigger harder cock would produce more cum from the blue balls Mike had. Nikki was playing to the camera, hoping to make a good impression, good enough to get the role in the titty fuck movie, the prize in all of this. She knew she was going to get cum on her from feet to hair, being willing to take it, including mouth exchanges willingly. It was a definite turn-on for her
Mike being the first of many with the big blue balls, slid his big cock back and forth in her cleavage, getting more friction as the pace quickened. His cock found its way into her mouth, where she slurped it like a Popsicle getting it wet with excess saliva as it slid in and out, his cock getting bigger and bigger. His dreamsicle was fast ending as he pulled it out at the last minute and shoved it into her breast flesh for the final thrusts before cock explosion.
"CUM on my tits for me, baby, paint me with your white goo. Please."
Mike took his cock out and rubbed it back and forth on her hard erect nipples, which gave him even more pleasure. They were so large and firm that coupled with his sensitive cock he was going to shoot his big load of cum on her nipples. He backed up a few inches and switched between both nipples, soaking them with his white cream over and over.
"Paint those nipples, baby," Nikki cried out. "That warm CUM feels so good on my titties. Look at it as it drips down to the floor. Oh, baby, that is so hot."
Her dark tan nipples were milky white from all of the cum. She made an even hotter show for the camera as she began sucking and licking her lips covered with Mike’s CUM.
“I’m ready for more glazing,” she cried out as she turned to the camera. “I want more cum. Lot’s more, guys.”
Jack came back to the stage with the microphone and motioned the next guy to come over.
"Who are you, young man?" he asked.
“I’m John."
“I can see you’re ready to go,” he said, looking at another huge erect cock, this one even bigger than Mike’s.
"That lady has some nice tits."
“What don’t you just fuck them real good?”
Tall and slender John walked over to Nikki, who was holding her tits again with cum covered nipples, sliding it onto

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Notes Nikki tries out for a titty fucking contest with the chance of getting a role in a movie against the wishes of her husband. A cum covering on her 38DD cum catchers is the result.
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