That Magical Summer Afternoon at Camp

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By Dalton
You know when you really want something and then you finally get it? Well, I’ve been wanting something real bad for the past three weeks and yesterday I finally got it. I wanted John and Alex naked and boy, did I ever get them. It all started at the beginning of camp this year. The three of us are counselors at this very exclusive co-ed camp up in the mountains. I run the kayaking program and John and Alex are both in charge of rock climbing. With a couple hundred kids and other counselors always around, it’s hard to get together for a hot fuck, but yesterday we finally got our chance when the first session ended. The campers took off for home and most of the staff went into town to get supplies and celebrate.
The three of us had hit it off the very first day, but since then, the best we could manage was a few very quick and quiet late night sex sessions. It was getting so bad that every time I walked by John and Alex my pussy would start soaking right through my bathing suit. But yesterday it was all good. I finished cleaning up my area by the dock and then went back to my cabin, had a quick shower, carefully shaved my tight little pussy and slipped into a t-shirt and jeans. Not that I expected to be dressed for very long.
When I got to our pre-arranged meeting spot near the old stone house by the lake, it couldn’t have been more perfect. The guys and I found our clothes quickly sliding to the ground until I was just in my very sexy bra and panties while Alex and John were totally bare. Mmmmm, their cocks were so luscious I couldn’t wait to suck them.
As Alex and John began to get into a serious lip lock, I slipped to my knees and began to suck and lick at Alex’s thick heavy shaft. He tasted of sweat and salt and feeling that warm, soft skin in my hands and then in my mouth was just what I’d been looking for. My small, firm tits kept sliding out of my bra and every so often one of the guys would reach out and tickle one of my nipples, which only got me hotter and made me suck harder. Alex’s hot young cock was soon rock hard and every so often I’d get a yummy taste of his salty pre-cum. But guys can be so grabby sometimes.
John, the oldest of the three of us, saw Alex’s hefty tool and just had to get some for himself. He slipped from Alex’s hot embrace to his knees and pulled Alex’s cock from my mouth. He began to suck Alex’s hard-on with great energy so I stood and was rewarded as Alex slipped his tongue into my mouth and then moved down and began to kiss and nibble at my little titties, sending some very hot waves of pleasure straight to my freshly shaved puss. I should explain that Alex and I are seniors in college and we’re both almost 21 while John is an aged 25 and has a great job as a freelance journalist so he does the camp thing in the summer and bounces around the globe the rest of the year.
Alex is a great kisser and I loved what he was doing to my boobs, but I was just as hungry for more hard cock. I dropped to my knees and John took the hint, standing up so I could pleasure his tool. I was soon in the spot most girls only dream of: trapped between two cocks. John was a little longer and thicker than Alex and he had shaved himself smooth. Alex was all-natural, which I loved, but feeling all that smooth skin as I lapped and sucked at John was just as exciting. I just kept turning from one hard cock to the other, sucking and stroking, getting wetter and hotter by the minute.
I must have been doing it right because I could hear the guys moaning between hot French kisses while I just sucked, licked, and rubbed. I soon felt Alex move down and he took over sucking at John’s massive cock, getting so much in his mouth I thought he might choke. I mean I’m good, but a girl does have her limits.
John and Alex switched again and John was soon on his knees, sucking at Alex, getting him nice and firm. With all the sucking, by poor pussy was getting damn lonely, but I didn’t have to wait long. As I stood kissing Alex, while John sucked his hot meat, I felt John’s hands on my hips and he soon eased my panties down and I stepped free of them.
Finally, my bare pussy lips felt the soft breeze and the warm kiss of the sunlight. John slipped a finger between my legs and began to rub and stroke my folds, spreading my hot juices around until I thought I’d die from pleasure. Alex was giving me wonderful deep tongue kisses and John was finger fucking me steadily while Alex played with my tits. Just when I thought I might come, John stood and eased me onto my hands and knees on the stone bench near the building. I stayed still, my heart pounding in anticipation. I was so wet my pussy was aching to be filled. Alex and John were behind me, and I could feel their eyes on my nude body. There I was, still in my bra, my soaked pussy open wide and desperate for a touch.
Then I felt it. A warm heavy object pressed at my pussy. “Oh yes!” I groaned as John slid his incredible cock slowly into my pussy. Alex stroked my back softly as John began a slow, steady fucking, his thick pole pleasuring every inch of my pussy until I exploded a moment later, gripping the bench hard as a huge orgasm tore through my heaving body.
I stifled a scream as Alex reached underneath and stroked my engorged clit with sure, knowing fingers while John picked up his pace and began to pound my petite body.
I was in heaven, coming and moaning as John pounded me and Alex rubbed and stroked me everywhere, while I listened to the two of them kiss passionately. I thought I would pass out from the pleasure when John suddenly pulled free and moved me off the bench. He sprawled back on the bench, his huge cock standing up and he pulled me back and moved me until I was squatting on the bench , my soaked, aching lips an inch from his massive cock. Alex held it up and guided his cock to me and I slid downward, taking every inch inside until I though it would explode out my mouth.
Alex was so sweet, steadyin

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Written by daltonwriter
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Notes There's nothing like the thrill of a young, lusty woman and her two bisexual male friends mixing it up one hot summer afternoon out by the lake. Not a hole goes unfilled.
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