Winter's Lioness (A Heather Story)

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He walked out of the club, nodding to the bundled up security at the door, wished them a good weekend, and strode into the cold night. There were more shadows than lights and the crunchy crusting of snow and ice on the sidewalk contrasted with the black slickness of the pavement. His steady gait toward the canal bridge gave no indication that he cared about the footing or the weather. Confidence and purpose guided him over the broken concrete sidewalk, past the boarded up shop fronts and retracted awnings, to the water's edge.

Her breath puffed out in a cloud of ice crystals in front of her fur hood as she watched him marching to her. Maybe it was silly, meeting him like this, but he wasn't in town very often and she wanted to... Heather made herself stop thinking about what she might want from him. He didn't know her - not really - and their online flirting was only barely enough for her to form an opinion. Besides, she was still working hard to make her burgeoning relationship work.

But there was something more here, beyond just their skeptical perusal of each other; the way he stalked her and she fed him scraps to keep him encouraged. It was right in front of her eyes. She stood with the lights from the market behind her, intentionally cloaked by the shadows, fading into them, but he came to her with unerring certainty, as if drawn to her presence, whether he saw her or not. Heather realized she was a little smug about that... Leading him to her. Drawing him out. Hunting. Again.

They were both predators, but Heather was in her element. She could feel the slow pulse of the city as the canal trickled through the locks. This was the hunting ground she chose for now - though she was far from the place she called home - but he was just passing through, always on the move, and never settled in. Heather watched with hidden eyes as he paused for a moment, right by the canal, and then crossed the glinting blacktop and came to her. His leather jacket was hanging open in the front and the street lamps at the end of the bridge bathed him in soft light; a cloud of steam was rising from his shoulders and head, and when he nodded to Heather her eyes saw the illusory shape around him nod as well. He was solid and rugged but the ambient extension of self that always surrounded him was swift and amorphous. Both forms approached her, and she prepared for him with her hands shoved deep in her pockets to keep them warm.

He called her a 'lovely lioness,' but he referred to himself as a monster. She adored his optimism.

Pleasantries... Greetings after months apart... The reality of Heather's lips and face after so long with her hair hidden under the hood. He was surprised that she had put out the cigarette as soon as she saw him leaving the club; that glowing ember would have been a tiny red beacon to guide him. But now that he was here, it was clear that her hands had been freezing. Standing on the stone path next to the canal, with the closed up patio of the coffee shop behind him, Erik looked at her bundled up and formless shape, and he laughed.

"Oh," she whispered, "you're lovely."

He laughed harder, the sound of it echoing down the passageway and skipping over the black water. The sound of him filled the empty spaces and the cold night. It brought the stars into him, and he felt his connection to everything filling him with cold power. He didn't need to hide his hands or his face from winter's icy claws. The heavy weight of constantly being hunted was briefly lifted from his shoulders. He took Heather by the shoulders, her heavy coat smooth and artificial under his fingers, running his hands down to her forearms while leaning in close, and kissed her cold cheeks with his warm lips. "Ah, the lioness. So far from her native Africa." He kissed her nose tenderly, skipping any formality, and added, "I've missed getting in trouble with you."

Heather was a very pragmatic woman. She didn't take her hands from her pockets, nor expose herself to the cold, but she didn't fight his warm breath on her face and his questionable intentions either. "Somewhere warm, you said. Nearby?" She clearly wasn't looking forward to another chilling night bus ride, and it was true: he had a room, walking distance from the night club, and it would be warm inside. Even her feet were chilled from waiting for him to finish dancing, notice her text message, and to come to her side.

"Of course," Erik replied. "Holiday Inn. Right along the canal and then a jog to the left to get to the entrance." He nodded toward the cobblestone bridge that angled across the canal a short way ahead of them. "In the morning we can slip-and-slide our way over that stone legacy and get some hot breakfast."

He hooked his hand through the crook of her elbow, her coat hissing as his leather sleeve rubbed the poly-fabric, and they walked together over the glazing of snow and ice. Erik never shook nor shivered, and Heather never protested nor complained. They were the only souls out in the frozen night, or so it seemed, and Camden Town was sleeping all around them.


The lobby was brightly lit, with a fake holiday tree and the usual hotel lounge accessories. For a moment, Heather glanced in the direction of the bar with a subconscious lick of her lips, but it was shut. Erik led them to the elevator, and it wasn't until they were ensconced that steel coffin and steadily ascending that Heather took her hands from her pockets. He waited and was rewarded when she pushed back her fur-lined hood, grinning at him while she shook her short hair free of the fabric's grasping tendrils.

The lift stopped and the doors opened, but he blocked her way. "A kiss," he murmured, and she acquiesced. They shared moist heat while his cold goatee and mustache roughly abraded her lips and chin as their tongues met. He backed away slowly, guiding her out of the elevator without breaking their te

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Written by Cherish Desire
Hochgeladen October 29, 2020
Notes Erik travels to London for a sexy hook up with his lioness while running from the bears that hunt him. Their intense sex leaves him hungry for more!

Themes: MF, Vaginal & Oral & Anal Sex, Fingering, Vaginal & Anal Penetration, Female Masturbation, Needle Play, Rough Sex, Blood Play
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