Training Days (A Marie Story)

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"I'm sorry - I'm not sure you would be interested in what I like very much." Ronin smiled at her and let out a sigh. "As truly gorgeous as you are, we probably shouldn't try to cross that bridge."

The fiery redhead shrugged and flashed a brilliant smile. She was a bit taller than his five foot seven while wearing her heeled boots, and her breasts were prominently on display in a flattering latex outfit that shaped her exaggerated curves and tucked in her abdomen with a waist cincher. She sipped her lemonade and touched Ronin's hand with soft fingers. "How about a smoke then?" She wasn't entirely sure that the angry American was straight, but he'd caught her eye as soon as she'd made it to the edge of the dancefloor. The intensity that bristled underneath his tight fitting latex t-shirt and the snap of his pleated kilt had been worthy of an adventure.

Ronin laughed, sensing her doubt and reluctant to reject any woman with enough courage to properly approach him and strike up a conversation. Unfortunately, he was all fight and no fuck after a hard hop into London. "Yeah, sure. I could use some fresh air." What he meant was that he would rather be alone with her than alone in a crowd, and she seemed to understand. The two got up from where they were leaning against the performance stage and made their way down the winding staircase to an outside smoking area. It was damp and cold, and he stood with his back to the wind while she sheltered in front of him. There were only a handful of others standing nearby under a couple of tarp canopies erected to keep everyone safe from inclement weather. Ronin declined her offer of a cigarette with a shake of his head, and they chattered comfortably until late in the night.

When Ronin finally went back inside, his limbs were icy and stiff. She stayed long enough to give him a kiss, and then drifted off to seek more intimate company. The DJ cut short a repetitive trance loop, and suddenly the speakers roared with a hard beat with heavy bass that drummed against the collected pools and messy piles of fetish attired creatures. He found what he wanted along the edge of the floor, a running start to cast himself into oblivion, and his night rolled on as Ronin made war in the midst of the drunks and euphorics seemingly all coloured in shades of latex, rubber, leather, and stockings.

The redhead never returned, but a petite blonde in carefully layered lace and lingerie watched from the balcony as Ronin expanded his physical reach to cover a quarter of the dancefloor. He saw her, felt her eyes moving with his body, and let it be. The crowd would surge, driving him back and sweeping over the floor like a tidal wave. He would cut into it, creating pockets and gaps within the united front, and then apply pressure to channel the herd into smaller and smaller gatherings until he had reclaimed his territory. It wasn't just the blonde who watched, but she was the only one who made an impression. He beckoned to her, inviting her to come to join him, and she held back while other women on the balcony laughed and called out to mock the presumptuous man trying to lure them to his side. He roared without a sound, broad shoulders and proud chest hurtling through the shadows that lingered and were left sprawling at his feet, and she remained.

He approached her. Weak and limping, dragging himself up the staircase to the bar level, he tucked his left arm to his chest while trying to ease the shooting pain from his shoulder. The air around him was hazy with heat venting from his exposed skin, and he was shiny with perspiration. "I need," he spoke slowly to be heard over the looping beat, "to dry off and wash up a bit. Will you still be here?" He didn't want to leave, but to go further required a commitment to breaking through to reserves which would tempt him into fury and dark passions.

She nodded, taking in his height and wondering how he could seem so much larger than life from a distance and be so compact up close. When he slowly pressed through the crowd gathered at the bar and blocking the door to the stairs, she slipped in behind him like a shadow moving in his wake. He didn't seem to notice until they were in the open space on the bathroom level, and then he didn't say anything. A single nod, a half smile and a wave, and he entered the men's room obviously in pain and struggling to coordinate his hips and feet.

When Ronin returned, she was gone. He waited, puzzling over her presence, and then heard a soft coughing from the stairs. He let curiosity guide him, and she was waiting and ready to leave. "Do you have something you need from the coat room?" He nodded. "Do you fancy some breakfast?" He smirked and Ronin's eyes sparkled behind his glasses. "And..." she was thinking it through and ran her tongue over her thin lips, "definitely orange juice, I think."

"My name is Ronin," he offered his hand while stepping down to her side, "and orange juice would be amazing."

That's what led to the next afternoon when Ronin was stretched out beside the petite blonde minus her strategically placed lace and very pretty lingerie. Her head was cradled against his chest, and she was telling him about her art and painting. They had gone back to her place after the night of dancing, had some tea and orange juice, and he scooped her up and held her close with kisses and caresses while she listed off all the ways that she could cook his eggs. She was wonderful and could talk for hours about so many things, but, for a time, Ronin made her quiet, warm, and comfortable in his arms and then in her bed. Nothing overtly sexual happened. The slow dance of unveiling her pale skin and tender curves; the delicate kisses of vulnerability hoping for acceptance; and his powerful body inviting her close until she was relaxed enough to lift his hand and guide it to those intimate places where she wanted to be touched. Ronin was content

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Written by Cherish Desire
Hochgeladen October 29, 2020
Notes Marie is the surprise super woman that Ronin has been looking for! She embraces his hunger for women that will pursue intense desires with gold star eagerness!

Themes: MF, Phone Sex, Female Masturbation, Vaginal Penetration, Implied Anal Penetration, Dildo Play & Wearing, Stretching, Implied Fisting, Implied Piercing, Implied Speculum Play
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