Did You Miss Me?

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The earnest musical calls to worship rented the humid coastal air and the fan blowing around the room roused him from sleep before even the birds got chirpy. He woke up with a semi and didn’t bother to wonder for too long if she still had it in her to get him all bothered so early in the day like that. He brought her in with a warm gentle embrace and she smiled in her sleep. Wait. Was she even asleep? Ha!

She had nothing on under her dera and he knew too damn well what would happen if she adjusted herself onto him. Before his train of thought got to the station, she ran her left hand over his chest brushing his nipple ever so gently and her right ear on his chest. He lowkey wondered if she could tell his heart beat had gone up a bit.

See, this is the very woman he would act a fool for and not mind it for a damn minute and right now he had every sense not to engage this gear if it meant running of a cliff because there’d be no brakes with all those curves. He thought it through. How he’d tear up her cheeks, run up a tongue on her little fleshy crack and listen to her beg for it.

This threw him back to when it was all good between them. When the spark was not only the embers they are trying to ignite now but something that would start a wildfire. When nothing else mattered in the world as long as they were together. When they could not get their hands off each other and would kiss with no excuse at all but the love that burnt between them without caring who was around.

The nostalgia rushed in like a fever and left him with a shiver. She peacefully slept there with little care in the world and her peace, was his peace. He’d have easily watched her till dawn broke. Then, and now even more. Could it be possible that love never really dies? Just like energy, it evolves and we either adapt and grow with it or we miss it altogether.

He lay there questioning whether staying as friends would be the best course of action or just risk it all and ask to date her again. This time maybe, not let her kiss his nervous ass first like what seemed not so long ago when she first said yes. When her eyes were his wormhole. When their love was a rabbit hole to Wonderland. When the passion was like a raw wound. It hurt sometimes but that is how you knew you were alive.

One touch from her aroused so much desire. He just wanted to consume her whole. Have her cakes and eat them. Feel that first time his head parted her soft lips and her gasp for air as if the dick pushed on her diaphragm. Her tongue on the frenulum breve just below his glans. How he sunk his head in the pillows when she played with his manhood like that so that the neighbors wouldn’t know her name.

There is something about being on top and giving up all the power. She would sit on the dick and lean in for a kiss and it was the jackhammering that got her palms off his chest and onto the wall. She would get off the kiss too and it was as if that CPR would give him some kind of kick. He spread his cheeks and went all the way in and switched up on the tempo after every stroke.

Her clit met his pubes in glee and it was a happy goodbye and reunion when they’d meet in another swift landing and the cycle repeated. It was more like how they always had endless goodbyes and warm reunions. Her tenacious kegels sucked his meat right off his boner and he always knew to think of dead puppies because that I-love-you pussy is what made him give 5 power pumps sometimes and he never regretted it. She loved it when he’d groan out a ‘fuck’ under his breath and she knew this is the day she’d make him a minute man with her hot box.

He also knew one swirl of his tongue is all it took to have her cookie crumble. One flick of his finger and tongue combo would bring the walls down. To some level they were even but each somehow lowkey knew that while they were each other’s weakness, that was their strength. Goddamnit love can be so bittersweet that you would sometimes wish it would bitch-slap the taste right out of your mouth. Is it so bad to want it though? From a person that feels like home much less. From a person that doesn’t have to do much to make you smile. They just exist and you find yourself telling them how you love how they breathe.

Their pinky finger crosses with yours almost instinctively. You always want to spend time with them even when it means there is no sex involved. One hour with them feels like 10 minutes and you live the whole 10 minutes looking forward to the next and hoping it will feel like 20 when it comes. It ends in premium orgasms more often than it ends in premium tears. Call it a premium package.

Their breaths now matched and the fan hummed his thoughts and sent them out with the breeze. His dick had not gone down yet and it was not getting left behind. He wanted it to peck before the first cock crowed so bad but… He had one massive bout of overthinking that sent him over the edge. What ifs and what if nots that would probably end in chest pains.

The alarm came on and she casually woke up to turn the nuisance off. She got more snuggly and warmer. Her soft body curving itself around his chiseled one in a sweet cuddle. Their toes touched and did a dance. A tango and if they’d lock like fingers do, they would light up that morning brighter than that first ray that was already trying to sneak in in the quiet of the morning.

His hand went down her shoulder and felt a bit of side boob. They were still as soft as he’d remember them. The squats were paying off. It was all soft bends and curves and his fingers were running around them in an endless marathon. The circuit always ended somewhere on the small of her back or at the bottom of her bum with a lift so that her lips would catch some of the morning breeze.

She moaned a little and squirmed where she lay. Her breathing got heavier and it all started coming back to her. The floodgates were opening and there was no stopping it. All the spillways were overwhelm

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Notes Her clit met his pubes in glee and it was a happy goodbye and reunion when they’d meet in another swift landing and the cycle repeated. It was more like how they always had endless goodbyes and warm reunions.
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