While on a cruise, I went to find my girlfriend in the bar...but she already had company

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The Cruise
By: haz20037 ([email protected])

We booked a last minute Caribbean Cruise.

The cruise left on a Saturday and our first port of call was two days
away. Two days at sea. Fun days, but long days and by the time Monday
night hit, we were a little stir crazy. We'd done most everything the
boat had to offer. We'd gambled, drank, played Bingo, drank, watched
the shows, drank, sat by the pool and waterslides...and drank some
more. We were running out of things to do.

In our household, there's a bit of a role-reversal. Amy hosts the Super
Bowl party and I host the Oscar party. I love movies and awards season
is my time to shine. Amy rarely misses her team playing. I don't
dislike football, but I'm not as dedicated as she is.

While sitting by the pool on Monday, she noticed a nearby group of
people showing her team's colors. She said something to the effect of
"Go Steelers" and they shouted back a positive response. One of them
asked if she was watching the game later than night on Monday Night
Football. She asked if it was showing on the boat and they indicated a
sports bar was located on one of the lower decks and that the game
would most certainly be on. She looked at me and raised her eyebrows.
I had booked a surf lesson on the boat's fake surf rider, but told her
I'd catch up with her afterwards.

The day dragged on and the Mai Tai's and daquiri's kept flowing. We went
back to our room to take a nap. We woke and I started getting ready for
dinner. Amy got herself ready. I noticed her sporting a tank-top with
the Steelers logo on it...a tank that shows the perfect amount of
cleavage...and her favorite hat, her hair pulled up underneath it.

"You sure you don't care if I go watch the game?" she asked.

"Not at all," I replied. She gave me a kiss and headed out the door. I
actually had been feeling a little guilty that I booked that surf
lesson when I knew she'd just have to sit around or watch. This gave
her something to do and I could actually focus on the lesson.

The lesson ran a little long and I was starving. I swung by the buffet and grabbed some essentials and a drink. I wasn't 100% sure where the sports bar was and while I don't mind football, I wasn't looking forward to a full night of it, so I wandered the ship a bit, taking in the sea air, the stars and the alcohol. I wandered to the piano bar,
but it was a dud. I stopped and listed to guy playing an acoustic set at the front of the ship for a bit.

I decided to go find Amy in the sports bar. I walked in...it was a small place, but I didn't immediately see her. I wandered around for a minute and then thought
that maybe she had bagged the idea. Then I saw a table in the far corner, set lower than the rest, which had been temporarily blocked from view. She was sitting alone at a two-person table and I was about to approach and join her. However, I noticed two glasses. Just then, a
tall, muscular black man approached her table with a drink in each hand. He sat down across from her and handed her one of the drinks....clearly a vodka/Red Bull.

I paused and turned around, not wanting to be seen. I selfishly wantedto see what was going on. I parked myself at a table nearby that offered a view of hers, but was somewhat out of her view. Had she been
looking, she probably could have seen me...but she was absolutely not looking. Between her drink, the game and her friend, I was not on her radar at all.

The waitress came up to me and asked if I wanted a drink. I ordered and she returned quickly. I sat there, half-shielded by the menu stuck into the condiment basket on my table. Amy had clearly had a few
drinks and there was a flirtatious air about her. The game was at half-time and she and her friend were in playful conversation. Every once in a while, a wandering hand would brush a shoulder, a hand or an
arm. They were drinking and laughing. He was clearly interested in her and she was not, likely as a result of the alcohol, waving him off. Where I expected to find jealousy, resentment and anger...I instead
found myself aroused.

Normally, when we do sexual shenanigans, we both must be aware. We both have to sign off to make sure that everything is above board. A weird rule, maybe, but it works for us. This was clearly a flirty coupling that had the potential to break those rules....but I wasn't mad.

The game came back from half-time and their attention was returned tothe screens. They ordered yet another drink as the game continued. The Steelers were up, and the majority of the crowd were into it. A short time later, another touchdown and the crowd went crazy. Amy and her friend jumped up and high-fived and hugged. She started to pull away from the hug and he kept her close. She looked up at him, apprehensively. They stared at each other for what seemed to me to be an eternity...but was probably only a few seconds. He leaned in to kiss
her and she didn't pull away. Not at first. She kissed him back and I felt a stirring down below, my libido raging from watching it unfold.

She came to her senses rather quickly and pulled away and sat down. He seemed to be talking to her, apologetically, but it was difficult to tell from my distance and angle. She patted him on the shoulder and seemed to be consoling him or something. She gave him a peck on the cheek and excused herself. She walked across the bar, heading right for my table, towards the exit. I lifted menu up to block her view, but she whizzed right past. I watched her leave and turn down the hall towards
the bathroom.

Then my phone buzzed.

I looked down and there was a message...using the ship's free messaging program.

"Are you still at your lesson?" It said. I thought for a moment.

"No." I replied.

"I'm still watching the game. You should come watch with me," came herresponse.

She obviously felt a little guilty or at least

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