Blade's Fertile Virgin Chapter One --Excerpt

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Chapter One

Today, I turned eighteen. The days of being jailbait were behind me. Adulthood was officially mine. Today, I was taking control, total control, of my future.
I opened the blinds at my window and could see straight into Mr. Davis’s bedroom. I gazed across the divide into his house through the clear glass separating us, hoping to catch a glimpse of him naked. The man was an early riser. Me? Not so much. Wishing for love, babies and marriage from the man who starred in all of my fantasies had led me to this desperate place. Wearing down his defenses in order for him to take a much younger woman—me—into his bedroom seemed daunting, but today was a momentous occasion, and I didn’t give up easily.
I stood with my top off. My tits looked extra good today. I got a bit too much sun yesterday laying out next to the pool in my teeny tiny black bikini, and the triangle tan lines over my nipples were bright against my golden tanned flesh.
He halted at the window and ran his hand through his wavy brown hair.
I want to run my fingers through your hair and pull you to my tits and between my legs.
He caught me looking at him.
I waved.
He waved back, sending a thrill through my belly. He had started waving back regularly this month. The morning routine I began two months ago seemed to be working.
The first day I started my super plan to get him interested in me as more than a nanny for his son, I woke up and took off my top. I opened the blinds and looked into his bedroom. I pinched my nipples and waved when he walked by. He stopped, already dressed in a suit and tie, and looked straight at me, then turned around and walked out of my view, acting like he hadn’t seen me. But he walked by again not too long after, halted, and met my gaze.
I’ll never forget how his eyes burrowed into me that day. I had waved again and gave him a big, innocent smile. He waved in what seemed like a little bit of shock.
I turned around and shimmied out of my thong panties in front of my windows that spanned a foot from the floor all the way up to a foot from the ceiling. Four huge windows linked together took up most of the wall, mirroring his own bedroom design. I stayed bent over with my ass in the air facing the windows and pulled my pussy lips apart, hoping he would see how badly I wanted him. I placed my hands on the floor and did a walk-over, splicing my legs and showing off my flexibility and strength.
I had heard him tell someone on the phone six months prior that the last woman he dated had been a cheerleader in college. With the new information, I talked my parents into having a trainer help me learn some basic moves. Blade would see me practicing and know without a doubt that I could learn anything I wanted. I would be an asset to his life as the mother of his children and, hopefully, his wife.
Every day, I had danced naked around the room, making sure I was always in his view. I usually put on a bikini under my T-shirt and shorts as he watched, and then bounced out of my room and over to his house to babysit Colin while he went to work.
Today was different. Today, I could have sex with whomever I wanted. Alone in the house, my plans to seduce him held substance. One of the obstacles to my plan was eliminated by fate.
My parents assumed I’d already be in my college dorm in Paris by now, so they had booked a cruise to celebrate my college debut, completely forgetting about my birthday. When they found out my dorm opened several weeks later than the local college’s dorms did, they stuck to their plans and actually left early to “process” the change.
Truth be told, my parents were flakes. Always had been. Whenever anything happened that they didn’t want to deal with, they would leave on a vacation, just the two of them. When I was twelve, I got my period for the first time. They had to de-stress from the drama of my body changing, so they took off for a week-long spa relaxation therapy session, leaving me with a nanny and a chef. When I got a “C” in chemistry in eighth grade, they took the next plane to Italy and stayed for a month. When I graduated high school, off they went to Australia for two weeks as a celebration of their fabulous parenting.
Honestly, I couldn’t wait for them to leave. Since I had started my period, their absence in my life had instigated my desire to be different. I studied books on parenting, took courses on babies, and got CPR certified which launched my babysitting career. Loving the kids was easy. Seeing the families I’d come to love divorce, move away, or stop needing me had proven to be much harder. But then, my life changed when the newly constructed home next door was built, and my mom, a realtor, sold the house to sexy Mr. Blade Davis. He needed a babysitter for his newborn son, and I got the job. Soon, my only desire was to care for one child—the most perfect child in the world, the one I loved as if he were my own, my little munchkin Colin Davis.
I’d been Colin’s full-time summer nanny and his part-time babysitter during the school year for almost three full years. Colin was so sweet; he nicknamed me “mama,” always calling me that at home or in public when I took him to the park or dropped him off at his father’s company’s daycare. With both of us having platinum blond hair and big blue eyes, nobody seemed to question my relationship with him. One time, Colin got sick and I drove him to the doctor’s office because Mr. Davis was in a traffic jam. They called me Mrs. Davis and I didn’t correct them. I liked it.
The problem was, I wasn’t Mrs. Davis and I wanted to be. I wanted to be Colin’s mom. I wanted sexy Mr. Blade Davis to look at me like a woman, not a little girl who babysits his son. Well, today, I’m no longer a little girl, and I planned to show Mr. Davis just how grown up I am.
With today being my eighteenth birthday and m

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Written by Anna Lores
Hochgeladen October 27, 2020
Notes In celebration of her eighteenth birthday, Emma Horn plans a bold seduction that would make an experienced older man surrender to his primal desires...
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