Nude Nutting Neighbors: Part 1

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I remember the first time he stuck his dick out of his bedroom window. He's never said two words to me, but there he was, one warm summer night, hanging his penis out of his window because he knew I could see.
He stared at me for a moment while it dangled so beautifully between his golden brown legs. Initially, I was shocked, but for some reason, the gesture turned me on. I didn't return the favor at first, but after a few more times of him teasing me with his long man snake, I finally appeared in my window wearing nothing but my birthday suit.
His eyes got big from me pressing my perky DDs against the cool window glass. He licked his lips at the thought of my nipples being rubbed across them. He grabbed his veiny shaft and stroked it. I followed suit and stroked my nipples. He nodded his head downward, motioning for me to pet my kitty as well. I sat on my window sill and touched all over myself so that he could see. That was the first time that we came together. Thankfully, that wouldn't be our last.
Every Saturday night, him and I had a date at the window. We would slowly undress in front of each other and then have what I liked to call "visual sex". We found out how to read each other's facial expressions to tell when we were about to cum. That's how we were always able to orgasm together. That made the situation that much more enjoyable. My neighbor and I became lovers and we never even officially met.
One day, I decided I had enough. I got up enough courage to go over to his house and knock on the door. A woman that I've never seen before answered, throwing me off completely. I glanced at the wedding ring on her finger and my stomach dropped. Is my window lover a married man?
I made up a dumb excuse to why I came over and ran back home quickly. For some reason, my feelings were hurt. My heart ached for a man who's name I didn't even know.
Three Saturdays went by without me interacting with him. I caught him looking for me out the corner of my eye and closed my curtains every time. That tactic continued to work until he finally had enough. He made a bold move one night that I'll never forget.
My room became chilly with a breeze that I didn't let in. That's when I realized that my window was opened and he had climbed in! I jumped up from the bed, staring at my visual lover for the first time without layers of glass between us. He reached for my hand, but I snatched away quickly. I don't fuck with married men.
"What happened to us?" He asked sexily. The sound of his deep voice made my pussy drool. Up until that point, I've only been able to daydream about what his voice sounded like. I took a deep breath and stared into his eyes.
"Your wife happened." He made a confused face as if he had no idea what I was talking about. I decided to give a little more detail, "I knocked at your door a month ago and a woman wearing a ring answered." He chuckled at my statement before shaking his head.
"That was my sister. She needed some time away from her husband, so I told her that she could stay with me for a couple of days." I smacked my lips at his response. He doubled down on his explanation, "Seriously. Think about it. Have you ever saw her before that moment? What about after?" I thought about his questions and realized that he was right. I turned red with embarrassment. He smiled and me and grabbed me physically for the first time around my waist. My body instantly became covered with chill bumps. His touch was more powerful than I thought. He definitely needed to be in my bed tonight...
[To Be Continued]

Written by rubywright
Hochgeladen November 9, 2020
Notes Being neighborly is always appreciated, but how friendly is too friendly?
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