My Ideal Fantasy

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"Lights out," she whispered.

Shutting the door, an unexplainable surge of heat galloped through the course of my veins. Her face can't be seen clearly, but what was under the belt mattered most. She was not thin, not fat, but enough. Her thighs were as sweet as buffers, and her breasts resembled bolsters. Looking back after locking the door, she was already in two-piece clothing. Easy access.

Striding closer, her grin was plainly in view. That alone made my cock battle against my lingerie, desperate to see what was amusing it. The whole thing was huge, definitely a fit for her rigid throat. With no clothes on except for my skivvies, she stepped closer and made to kneel. Her nails ran thru what was my cock's head, sending a pulsing wave of pleasure.

"Fuck." I said.

"Not yet, I'm not finished with this."

Quickly, she took off my shorts, leaving my black boxer. She kept focusing on the bulge which was my cock. Looking down at her, I could start feeling pleasure, much more when our eyes would stare, hers filled with pure lust. Drilled to the ground, all I could do was to play with her blonde hair. It was nothing, but it made her take my underwear off. My cock sprang free from the tightness, seeing her face ready to feast.

"Make me c---"

She put a finger to my lips. Her tongue kept caressing my dickhead. All the while, I wanted her to suck it. Suddenly, she took it in full. Her motion was steady and fast, yet enough. It was amazing, all I could do was to look up and find someplace to rest after a lovely blowjob. A bed was close by, and that was where my turn goes. I kept cursing, it felt fucking good.

"Fuck, shit, oh shit. Ohhh yess right there."

Faster and faster she went, and I could feel the climax coming. But she stopped. She stood up, signaled for me to follow her into bed. She laid on her back, legs spread. Her underwear was also black, hiding my Holy Grail. Pulling a part of it to the side, I could finally see the puffy lips. Without wasting time, I dug in. It was warm and wet. All I could say. Her moans filled the whole room, and I wanted more.

Faster and rapidly I went, and it was getting wetter and wetter. I was a machine. I was a fast machine with my motor clean. Her nails sifted into my scalp, clearly nearing her climax. She was so loud, and I loved it. She has an amazing pussy. More and more and she was weak. Her grip lessened, and a drip of familiar white juice dripped out.

"Ohhh fuckk. It was so good. Noooo ughhh please stop.."

I was not done. I took my underwear off, teased her pussy lips with my dickhead, and immediately penetrated. Every inch of my cock was hugged by some rough yet soft wall. Her pussy wanted me, and it made me thrust more and more. Adding more pleasure and joy to my cock, I kept going faster. She was moaning more and more, and her pussy was getting wet.

I was about to cum, so I focused on cumming inside. Only inside. She sounded as if she was holding something in. I kept going, and the same buildup occurred. I couldn't hold it in until I felt complete. I cummed, and she cummed. She's weaker than before, and I was starting to get drowsy. Suddenly she stood up and made as if to swallow my cock. She sucked it faster now, and a few minutes passed until I could feel my next climax. She kept going until I sprayed my load on her.

She laid on her side, still naked. I penetrated my dick, only to let it stay there while we sleep. Her low moans made my day, and I was to fuck her tomorrow.

Written by liamaddison
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Notes Who loves fantasies? I'm sure you do---you dream of it every night. Dig in, get naked, and follow along with my first erotic...
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