10 Years After

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By Dalton
I paced around the house waiting and looking at my watch. It had been 10 years since I’d laid eyes on Sharon and the idea of seeing her again was strange, scary and exciting all at the same time. I’d only found her again a month ago. I’d been thinking of her more and more and how much I missed her and wanted to talk to her again. We’d been inseparable through high school and madly in love. Maybe I should say in lust too as we spent as much time in bed as out having lost our virginity together during my senior year.
It was a classic high school romance that made it through the first year of college and then died due to distance, new relationships and hurt feelings. As my marriage had begun to fall apart a year ago and was now over except for the paperwork (she’d taken a temporary transfer at work and had found someone else), I had begun to think more and more about Sharon. Finally, after mustering the courage, I called her parents, who still lived in the same place, and managed to get her number from them. The only reason I’d done that was I’d heard that she actually lived near me. A mutual high school friend had mentioned it in passing and it sent my mind back and my cock skyward.
You never do forget the first one and that was sure true about Sharon and me. When I finally got it together to call her, she was thrilled to hear from me. We quickly caught up on the past 10 years and within a week, we were chatting on the phone almost every evening after my I got home from work. Turns out, her marriage wasn’t doing too well either (he’d left her from someone else and they were separated now), and we spent a lot of time trying to cheer each other up. Finally after a week of increasingly intense conversations, Sharon suggested we get together.
I said I’d meet her anywhere she wanted and she said she’d like to come by my place and just hang out and talk. I gave her directions and now here I was pacing the house waiting and watching. Would she look the same? What would she say when she saw me? The clean-cut guy from high school was now a bearded, bicycle-racing machine and bike store-owner with a ponytail and contact lenses instead of glasses. She said on the phone that she’d cut her long blond hair and had added a few pounds but I also knew how sensitive she was about her weight. In other words, her idea of a few pounds might only be a few ounces to the rest of us.
Finally, after what seemed like hours, I heard a car pull up in the driveway and a soft knock at the back door. I opened it and stared up at her. It was like I was back in high school. My heart pounded and she looked even more beautiful and sexy now. She smiled down at me (she was 8 inches taller) and walked in. I closed the door and we stood in the kitchen just taking one another in. She was dressed in a loose green t-shirt that still couldn’t hide her large breasts and shorts that showed off her smooth, long legs. Her blonde hair was cut short and it made her soft, round face and ice blue eyes look even sexier.
I was wearing running shorts and a t-shirt and I hoped my erection didn’t show too clearly through my shorts. Of course, her hard nipples popping up through her shirt gave me a hint I wasn’t the only one with a good memory. “You look so good,” I said, reaching up and touching her cheek softly. She turned her head and I felt her soft lips kiss my hand.
“You look even better,” she said, her beautiful voice even sexier than I remembered. Then she moved into my arms, her warm body flowed against me and she bent low and kissed me. I felt heat rush through me and my cock ached in my thin shorts as she pressed herself against me. Her arms came around my back and held me tight as the kiss went on and on. My hands moved around her back, then down to her large, soft ass cheeks and I squeezed. Her tongue slid between my lips and tickled mine, a sure sign from the old days that she was highly aroused. She ground herself against me, making my cock press deep into her soft flesh and then broke the kiss and sank to her knees.
I looked down as she slid my shorts off and helped me step out of them. Her soft, loving hands closed around my eight inch steel rod and she kissed the tip, licking away my precum. “Mmmm, I missed you so much,” she whispered. Me, or my cock; I wondered as she took me into her warm mouth. Her skills had improved since high school when she had great enthusiasm but little experience. Her lips glided up and down while her hands stroked my shaft and massaged my heavy, full balls. She sucked and slurped and moaned and I felt myself rushing towards climax at breakneck speed. She had gotten incredible, not just good, and I put my hand on her shoulder.
“I’m going to come really soon,” I gasped. She looked up at me and smiled around her mouthful and went even faster. I braced myself against the cabinet behind me and cried out as I felt my cock begin to quiver and my balls cut loose. The tickle became a rush that filled my body and I arched my back and exploded into her waiting mouth. I shook as wave after wave of bliss rushed through me while her expert lips and hands milked and coaxed every drop from me until I pulled back, unable to take anymore. I sagged to floor and she pulled me into her arms. “That was the best ever,” I groaned as I worked to catch my breath.
“You have no idea how many nights I pictured doing this,” she said, leaning back so she could look at me. Then she amazed me. She stood gracefully and slipped her shirt off over her head and then bent and stepped out of her shorts. She wore only a heavy cotton bra underneath to support her large, soft C-cup breasts and no panties. She reached behind and deftly unhooked the bra, allowing her gorgeous mounds to tumble free before my hungry eyes. Her breasts were not at all firm, but soft and pillowy, hanging down her chest. They were topped with large, light brown areolas that crinkled to half their size and her nipples were large and even

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Written by daltonwriter
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Notes A couple gets back together ten years after high school and things are even hotter and sexier than they first were.
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