Ben & Kate 2, the sequel!

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Ben & Kate 2.

After the events of what Kate had begun to call "Tied Up Day" Kate and Ben's life had resumed, a little quieter than before and though their love making was still satisfying there was definitely an atmosphere of slight carefulness that wasn't there before.  Ben was especially attentive and keen to look after Kate's every wish.  This in itself was making Kate wonder what really had happened that day.  Ben swore that it was him that had returned to the room after leaving Kate tied to the headboard, blindfolded and helpless on their bed.  Kate remembered things a bit differently in that the man who came into the room and fucked her had a slightly bigger cock, was circumcised and seemed to wear a different aftershave.  Ben, in his turn, claimed it was the blindfold that had altered her sense of perspective and that the angle her head was due to where her arms had been tied to the headboard made things seem different.  Kate, however, was not convinced.  She was turning over in her mind which friend of Ben's it could have been.  Her favourite candidate was Luke, an ex army officer who was tall, fit and very good company and she decided that at the first opportunity she'd question him.

That opportunity came sooner than she'd expected.  About a month later Ben had told her he was going to see a football match with Luke and that Luke would pick him up at their flat.  On the day Ben had popped out for some beers and phoned Kate to say he would be a bit late as traffic was really jammed up.  Kate was to let Luke in and entertain him till Ben got back.  Of course Kate's mind ran in circles about this and she almost trembled in anticipation as the time approached for Luke to arrive. Luke was due in a few minutes and Ben had rung again to say he was still stuck but would be there in half an hour.  Kate had a short time to question Luke about what had happened on “Tied Up Day" then the bell rang and Kate went to open the door.  She opened it to see Luke standing there, taller than she remembered, well built and quite good looking. Kate smiled brightly at Luke and she knew she was looking good in a tight "T" with slim fit jeans.  She could see Luke run his eyes and and down her slender figure pausing only at her boobs.  Her nipples automatically tightened and she quickly put her arm across her chest but she could see Luke had picked up on that too.
"Come in" Kate smiled
"Thank you" Luke replied
She opened the door wider to allow Luke past and admired his tight ass in his jeans as he removed his jacket.
"Ben is running late Luke" Kate said and was a bit pleased when she saw the momentary look of alarm in his eyes.
"Don't worry Luke, Ben will be here in about 15 minutes" Kate laughed "I'm not going to eat you".  This time Luke blushed quite deeply and Kate began to be convinced it WAS Luke that day.
"Would you like a drink Luke?  Tea?  Coffee?  Something stronger?"  Kate asked
"Just a water please Kate" Luke replied.
"Take a seat on the sofa" Kate said I'll be right back".
Kate poured sparkling water into a tall glass, added ice cubes and a slice of lime and returned to the lounge where Luke was sitting rather nervously on the edge of the sofa but smiling nicely at her.  Kate gave him the glass and sat next to him on the sofa.  Luke shifted up a bit but Kate then also moved keeping close to Luke.  Luke grinned once again but more nervously this time.  Kate leaned more to look and put her hand on his leg.
"We've been more than friends haven't we Luke" Kate whispered
"I'm not sure what you mean Kate" Luke replied
"You know Luke, you were here before"
Luke's answer was to blush even more deeply than before and Kate was delighted but was also feeling a touch of excitement and a definite ripple of movement within her fanny as well as a spreading warmth.  To move things faster especially as Ben was due back soon, Kate turned to Luke and swung her thigh over Luke's legs to straddle his thighs and look into his face.  Her tits were level with his eyes and she lifted her arms to run her fingers through her hair lifting them still further.  Luke was transfixed and couldn't keep her eyes of her lovely breasts.
"It was you wasn't it Luke?" She asked quietly, looking into eyes.  She thought he couldn't have blushed anymore but he turned an even deeper shade of red confirming what she thought.  Kate shifted her hips up Luke's thighs towards his groin and pressed her fanny against his obvious erection.  Luke groaned and moved against her..  Kate drew back a bit.
"Just say yes Luke, I enjoyed it" Kate whispered
"Yes it was me Kate, I really didn't want to at first but Ben was persuasive, then when I saw you on the bed I just couldn't help myself.  I just had to have you then and there"
"I loved it Luke but I'm cross with Ben"
"Don't be Kate, he thought he'd expand your love life but knows he may have gone a bit far".
Kate moved off Luke's legs, stood up and then sat down on a chair opposite Luke then just looked at him.  She smiled and was about to say more when the door went and Ben walked in.
"Sorry sorry Luke" Ben gushed "I got hold up at the office, anyway we've got plenty of lagers for the match".
"No worries Ben" Luke replied "Lets get a move on as the match starts soon"
Both got up to go when Kate grabbed both of their arms.
"Why don't you come back and have some drinks after the match and then you can tell me all about it" she asked innocently.
Luke was about to say no when Ben interrupted.
"That's a great idea Kate"  Ben interjected "Lets do that Luke"
Luke looked like he was about to refuse when Kate looked directly at him
"Please do Luke" she asked quietly "just for me".
Luke nodded and both boys then left.  Left to herself Kate thought what to do, she was all flustered herself and with a definite damp patch in her jeans.
Two hours later the boys returned noisily with Ben chanting and being partially supported by Luke.  Ben flung his arms around Kate.
"We won

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