Fucked by Vampires

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Room five was a small den, lit only by clumps of chunky cream candles set on wooden pedestals. But it was warm and cozy despite the gray stone walls, the stone- paved floor and the lack of textiles.
Ryle shut the door and I heard a lock slip into place.
“Come here, Beatrice,” Aimery said with a decidedly carnal smile.
He stood next to a black leather bench. The surface was padded and at one end it had stirrups, like ones found in a hospital, to hold a person’s legs high and wide.
A tremor ran through me. It was going to be me lying on the bench. That much I knew for sure, and the thought of my legs held up and parted, my pussy exposed, was as exciting as it was nerve-wracking.
“Do not look so worried,” Aimery said, slipping off his suit jacket and hanging it on a coat hook along with his cane. “We will only make you feel good.”
“I know,” I said, my voice slightly shaky.
Ryle slipped up close behind me, twined his arms around my waist and pressed a kiss to the curve of my neck. “Good is an understatement, we’re going to take you to the extremes of pleasure.”
I tried and failed to suppress a shiver of desire. “Well, when you put it like that,” I said breathlessly.
“But first, drink this.” Aimery passed me a mug of steaming liquid.
“Yes, it will sustain you.”
“What do you put in this exactly?” I asked, staring at its shimmering surface.
“An ancient herbal remedy to keep you strong,” Ryle murmured, undoing the buttons on my blouse. “So drink up, you’ll need your stamina.”
I took a sip, enjoying the sweetness and the way it did make me feel alive and well.
“Good girl,” Aimery said. He slid off his cravat and peeled his shirt over his head, hanging both on the coat hook behind him.
He released his belt buckle and stepped out of his pants, slipping his shoes and socks off too.
As he stooped and bent I watched the way his muscles moved beneath his flesh, all taut and thick, like they were full of power just lurking around for when it was needed.
“You’re beautiful,” I said, after he’d set my half-empty mug aside.
“So are you.” He lowered his head and kissed me deeply and thoroughly. He joined in with Ryle in the removing of my outfit.
I shifted my arms as prompted and wriggled my hips, shed my clothes without once breaking our kiss.
They were both busy touching me. I wasn’t sure whose hands were whose. My breasts were squeezed, my buttocks massaged. One of them slipped a finger between my legs and rotated my clit.
I groaned and felt my body slacken. I wanted the pleasure they’d promised, now.
“On the bench,” Ryle said, his voice a little firmer than usual. “We need you lying down for this.”
Aimery tore his mouth from mine, his eyes were glinting in the candlelight. “Let me help you.”
I clutched his steely biceps as I maneuvered onto the makeshift bed. The leather was chilly but soft on my naked back and bum cheeks. Lying completely flat, I looked up at the dark ceiling.
“You are so giving,” Aimery said, scooping my breast into his palm. “We are so lucky to have found you.”
“And I you,” I said, looking up at him.
Suddenly my legs were raised simultaneously. I glanced downward.
Ryle was standing at the end of the bench, lifting my calves into the long metal supports. As the folds of my labia parted, the air was cool on my pussy and a trickle of moisture traveled between my entrance and my anus.
“So pretty,” Ryle said, touching me gently on my perineum. “And so wet for me too,” he said and stepped away, licking his finger. “Mmm, let me choose the perfect toy.”
“Toy?” I asked.
Aimery was sucking my left nipple. The sensation of his tongue tugging and pulling was affecting my ability to think straight.
“Yes, toys,” Ryle said. “Ah, here we go.”
There was a rattle and out of the corner of my eye I saw him dragging a stool and a small trolley to the end of the bench.
“Just relax and enjoy,” he said, scooting my arse to the very edge of the cushioned leather. He then sat so his face was level with my wide-open pussy. “I’m going to prepare you, Bea, for all the pleasure we have in the future.”
I dropped my head back, my heart was thumping, my breaths hard to catch. And they’d hardly touched me yet. Would I make it through extreme fucking with two men? No, not men, vampires.
I could only hope that I would. For there was no turning back now. Hell, I didn’t want to turn back.
Aimery stopped kissing my breast and raised his head. He cupped my cheeks and stared down at me, unblinking.
I opened my mouth to speak, but all that came out was a strangled gasp.
Ryle was licking my pussy, his flat, cool tongue spreading my juice and darting into every crevice and fold. His mouth on me felt heavenly, firm but soft, teasing yet enough to give me the stimulation I craved.
I gripped the sides of the bench, digging my fingertips into the leather.
Aimery moved to the top end of the table, scooped his hand under the nape of my neck and supported my head.
There was pressure in my pussy. Ryle was penetrating me, his long, hard fingers flexing at the perfect angle to rub my G-spot. Oh God, it was so damn good.
I bucked my hips for more.
He gave it and repeated his hungry laps on my clit. As a gurgle of approval lodged in my chest, Aimery rested my head back. Down and down it went, well past where I thought the the bench was.
Through my lust-fogged mind I realized he’d removed a section. My neck was hanging low, my head tipped.
Directly in front of me his cock bobbed. I inhaled deeply, caught his rich scent and the tang of arousal, his and mine. Fuck, this was intense. I was raised high at one end and dipped low at the other.
“I want you to take me down your throat,” Aimery said in a tight but calm voice. “As deep as you can. Until you can take no more.”
“Yes,” I said, licking my lips, desperate to taste him. Take him deep, yes, I could do that.
Ryle strummed my clit harder with his tongue. I squirmed and raked myself again

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Written by Lily Harlem
Hochgeladen October 18, 2020
Notes Beatrice's lust for the two horny vampires who crave her body and her blood cannot be contained. But will she survive their wild, kinky, threesome fucking in the sex dungeon? Can her body take that much penetration and pleasure? Only time will tell.
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