Fathers of Swimmers Around the Globe Wish to Salute the Illustrious Kim Jong-un and his Mighty Olympic Swim Team

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"Mister Hamilton," Mellissa Banks said, a slight tremor to her voice.

She took his elbow in her hand and leaned closer to be heard over the din in the crowded pool. "My mom said I should ask if I can put your cock in my mouth?" Mellissa's voice rose tentatively at the end of her sentence and her eyes stared straight ahead as she twirled a lock of wet hair in her fingers. Meeting Mark Hamilton's eyes, she gave him an embarrassed look. "My dad's pooped," she said, an apologetic smile on her lips.

"I completely understand." Mark Hamilton lowered his fly. "It's been a long day."

Mellissa stood dripping on the pool deck, twisting her swim cap in her hands. Her thighs were muscular and magnificent, the product of many a long hour in the pool. A freshman swimmer at State University, Mellissa possessed a backstroke that daunted even the most senior swimmers. Her large breasts sat flat on her chest, pressed tight against her body by her one-piece compression suit.

Mark Hamilton pulled out his cock and stroked it. He gazed at her ample cleavage, then let his eyes wander down to her crotch. Her suit had a dramatic V that started between her legs and rose high on her hips, exposing the delicate skin at the top of her thighs. Mark Hamilton could see at the very edge of her suit where she had shaved her pubic patch.

Ordinarily it was considered poor taste for a parent to ogle one of the girls and jack his cock on the side of the pool, but that was before Pyongyang. In the aftermath of the Pyongyang Olympics, swimming was a much different sport. A group of swimmers hustled past, breaking Mark Hamilton's focus. He put his arm around Mellissa's shoulders, tugged her to his chest, and stepped toward the wall. Mellissa coyly sidled to him. His hand slid from her shoulders to her slender waist, and then her firm ass cheeks.

Mellissa smiled awkwardly as Mark Hamilton groped her bottom.

"Have you met anyone at State?"

She shook her head, lowering her eyes in shame. Mark Hamilton knew she would do that. It was why he asked. Mellissa was a good girl, from a good family. Pyongyang had changed everything, but some things hadn't changed. She was still a young woman, fresh and innocent. He slipped two fingers into the warm crack between her thighs. Her mouth fell open and she sucked in her breath, pressing her big tits into his chest.

"Oh," she squeaked. She clung to him, her brows rising. She made a long, noisy exhale.

His cock stood thick and proud. "Here you go, sweetheart," he said.

Mellissa leaned back from him, lowering her eyes.

His fat cock bobbed between them.

She tucked her hair behind her ear, gazing around the pool deck. Bending at the waist, she took him in her mouth. Mark Hamilton blew out a long, satisfied sigh. Her sweet young mouth was warm and wet and wonderful.

He opened his pants and slid them down to the middle of his thighs. He gazed around the crowded pool deck, watching swimmers and referees and coaches go about their business poolside. He lowered his boxers to give her better access to his cock.

She took his balls in her hand.

He stroked the back of her wet head. He typically liked to have a few words with the swimmers he let suck his cock, but with Mellissa it was different. He already knew her story. She had been swimming since she was eight and was on the team with his own daughter. When the girls were about four, a lithe North Korean swimmer named Sin Ku had marched out onto the pool deck for the 50 freestyle at the People's Pool in Pyongyang. But instead of climbing onto the starting block as all the other swimmers had done, Ms. Sin fell to her knees and sucked off her coach. The TV cameras rolled, capturing it all. The respected leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, stood watching with his hands behind his back, an enigmatic expression on his face. The sports announcer's call during this unorthodoxy has since gone down into history. ‘He's ejaculating into her mouth, oh, the humanity!' Sin Ku stood, wiped her mouth, and then jumped up onto the blocks and won gold.

Every North Korean swimmer did exactly the same. Suck! Swallow! Swim!

All the gold medals went to North Korea that year. They also took all of the silver and most of the bronze. Kim Jong-un watched the start of each race, a cruel smile on his lips.

Mark Hamilton gazed into the stands and found Mellissa's mom in one of the upper rows. She had the same pert breasts and square chin as her daughter. Mrs. Banks put her palms together on either side of her mouth and pronounced "Thank you." Mark Hamilton grinned. He wanted to fuck her, but was content to let little Mellissa suck his cock for a few more years. State was an expensive school and scholarship money was reserved for only the fastest of swimmers. If Mellissa was going to earn her way, she would need all the help she could get.

Mr. Banks stood in the stands with his meaty arms folded across his chest. He leaned to say something to his wife but she didn't acknowledge him. His eyes rose and met Mark Hamilton's eyes. Mr. Banks straightened his back and put his fists on his hips.

Mark Hamilton smiled.

Fathers had it worst after Pyongyang. A father had to sacrifice so much more these days to raise a competitive swimmer. Mark Hamilton wound a fistful of Mellissa's wet hair into his hand and thrust his hips forward. Mellissa mewled, but kept working away. The kid had a hell of a backstroke, but her ability to suck cock outshone even her talents in the pool. One day she would make some young buck a fine wife.

Mr. Banks set his chin. He smiled without amusement and scratched his stomach.

Mellissa's coach raced toward her. "Mellissa," he said. "Final call for heat 11."

Mellissa raised her hand to acknowledge her coach, but she kept her warm mouth latched to Mark Hamilton's cock. Coach met Hamilton's eyes.

"Hey Mark," he said. "Thanks so much."

Mark Hamilton didn't respond. He was willing to give his all fo

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Notes Ambitious parents encourage their teenage daughters to kneel before the swim coach to stay sharp.
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