Ken arranges a cabin trip when he finds out his wife has a fantasy about having sex with strangers.

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My name is Ken.

And right now I’m doing my most favorite thing in the whole wide world.

Eating my wife’s pussy.

We were in our marital bed and Julia had her legs clamped tight around my head. I was intoxicated with the scent of her arousal. That, coupled with her sweet, delicious moans drove me mad with lust.

But still, I want to make my wife scream in ecstasy before I indulge myself.

I ran my tongue up and down her slit, drinking in her sweet nectar.

My tongue encircled the hard little nub at the top and she mewled in response, digging her fingers into my hair. It hurt, but it was a delicious kind of pain, the kind that tells me I’m doing it so right.

“That’s so good,” she cried.

I groaned into her cunt, redoubling my efforts.

Then I use my hands. My fingers slide into her with no resistance; she was so aroused. The other hand caressed her firm abdominal tummy. Julia was a hiking instructor, so she constantly worked out this hard body of hers. I would’ve stayed there but I wanted more. My hands grabbed more than a handful of her obscenely huge tits. I tugged at a gumdrop hard nipple and she moaned in response.

“Oh fuck baby, keep doing that,” she begged.

We’ve been married for a good few years now. We’re both engaged in our careers. Hers was her hiking business and I was a business analyst. Okay, not the most glamorous job in the world, but the money is good.

My fingers twisted into a ‘come hither’ motion and rubbed against her G-spot, the way I knew would push her over. She clamped down and bucked her hips into my mouth.

“Oh god! I’m cumming!”

Her entire body tensed. She grabbed my head and pulled it into her aching pussy as her orgasm travelled through her entire body, starting from her core and right to the tips of her fingers.
Eventually her climax subsided and her body relaxed, sinking back into the bed.

I climbed up to meet her lips with a kiss.

“That was lovely, thank you,” she said, smiling at me.

I gave her a hug and my cock throbbed against her thigh.

She raised an eyebrow. “Would you like to fuck me?”

“Very much so.”

Without waiting any longer, I climbed on top of my beautiful wife. I pushed her legs open with mine and I guided my cock towards her slit. I rubbed my cockhead against her inflamed lips and disappeared into her.

“God, that’s good,” I said.

“Uhuh. Its very nice, baby.”

I rocked my hips in at a steady pace, gyrating back and forth and letting my cock enjoy the hot, warm sensation of her pussy.

That’s the thing about Julia, she loved being eaten out, but when it comes to sex, it was just nice. Being a considerate husband, I needed to find out what made her tick.

“Honey, are there anything you want to do?”

“What do you mean, baby?”

“Do you have any fantasies you haven’t… tried yet?”

She chuckled and caressed my face. “Oh Ken, that’s very sweet of you, but it’s fine. I’m happy with what we’re doing.”

“Please be honest honey, I need to know. Sex is amazing for me…” I said and pushed my cock deeper into her, feeling the walls of her pussy milking me. “…but I need it to be amazing for you too. I promise I wouldn’t freak out.”

Julia bit her lower lip. She looked up as if deep in thought. I could almost see the gears cranking in her head, weighing out what to do.

“You promise you wouldn’t freak out? That you won’t think less of me?”

I chuckled and gave her a kiss. “Never, I promise I’ll be cool no matter what.”

I said that, but something churned in the pit of my stomach. I had a feeling her confession would change things, and I just unwittingly pried open Pandora’s box.

“I…” she breathed. “I always wondered what it’d be like to fuck a man.”

“If you didn’t notice, that’s what is happening right now,” I laughed.

“I mean… Another man.”


“Sorry baby, is that too much?”

I kept on thrusting, but a cloud fogged in my head. “Yeah that’s fine,” I smiled. “So, was there any guy you had in mind?”

“No… but I always… wondered what it’d be like to try a black guy.”

“Oh god,” I blurted out. My cock pulsated at that. I never pictured Julia having sex before with another man, and I found the thought both infuriating and… arousing? Her pussy suddenly felt hotter, creamier. “You never been with a black guy before?”

I met Julia well after her college years. And I learned early on in my dating life to never ask a lady her conquests.

As if they’d tell the truth.

“So you imagine a black guy come take you out for dinner and then seduce you and then have sex?”

“Not quite,” she cooed. I noticed her hand drifted to her clit, teasing herself while I was fucking her.

“Then what?”

“I… Oh god, do you really want to know?”

“No. Yes. I don’t know.”

“Maybe we should stop.”

“No!” I blurted out. Something felt strange, more intense, more sensitive. Different. My heart was pounding so hard against my chest, I could hear it in my ears. “I’m okay. Please let’s carry on.”
“I fantasise about a big, strong black man storming in here… He doesn’t ask, baby. He takes me.”
“Oh god…” I gasped. I felt my cock twinge in her.

Like a true confessor, once she started, the words just tumbled out of her mouth. All the while, she kept playing with her clit.

“He wants to fuck me hard. And I wanted it baby. I wanted him to use me like a piece of meat.
He has a massive, hard cock and all he wants is to use my pussy to get himself off. He’d fuck me so good and he’d make me cum from it. Then he’d leave me, not even a thank you, just leave me on there like a cheap whore.”

“Julia…” A toxic pit bubbled inside me, yet I didn’t understand why it turned me on so much!

I always treated her with love and respect.

Maybe that’s why she didn’t cum when I made love to her.

She wanted it nasty. She wanted to be fucked.

“God, that’s so wrong,” I choked. “You want to be a slut?”

She moaned a loud out sensual sound. Something I haven’t heard before. “Yes.”

For som

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Written by Stasia Grey
Hochgeladen November 15, 2020
Notes Ken arranges a cabin trip when he finds out his wife has a fantasy about having sex with strangers.

He pays a handsome black man to arrange a 'forced' experience, something that made Julia tick to never before. They have a safe word, but will she use it? Or will she let herself get completely ravaged by two hot strangers?

Ken have no choice but to witness his wife act like a hot slut!
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