All The Glory

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All The Glory
By Dalton
“You have got to be kidding,” I said. “You did not do that. No way. And with Peter right there?” Across the table, my friend Melanie smiled wickedly and nodded.
“I did it. He loved it and then I did it two more times.” She blushed but looked rather satisfied with herself. I suppose I would too if I had just sucked off three men while my boyfriend urged me on and fucked me. I would never have thought Melanie capable of such things, but as she told me all the juicy details I realized I might be able to do it too. Of course, then I decided I had to try it.
The way she explained it, she and Peter had been driving by an adult bookstore when he unexpectedly turned in. He’d told her he’d heard a rumor about the place and wanted to see if it was true. When she asked for details, he just smiled and said, “Let it be a surprise.” So she said they went in and she was pretty weirded out by all the videos, magazines and sex toys plus it was pretty crowded with both couples and singles.
She was getting ready to head back to the car when Peter grabbed her hand and led her to the back of the store where there were private video viewing booths. He pulled her inside and locked the door. He then slipped some money into a slot and the video screen came on. He selected a threesome movie and then pulled her into his lap in the chair. She noticed he’d reached up and hit a switch on the wall but no lights went on or off except a little red one in the corner, so she just watched the movie.
After a couple minutes, she could feel a certain swelling underneath her and she said the movie was actually pretty good. She didn’t watch much porn, but this one showed a woman getting it on with two big guys with huge cocks. The actress seemed to be actually getting off, not acting. So now, Peter has quite the boner and he’s stroking her tits and she’s getting pretty wet when she hears a sound. She freezes and almost freaks out when a small section of the wall beside the video screen slides up and someone sticks their cock through the opening.
“No way! Someone stuck their cock in the room? Could you see the guy? What did Peter do?” I asked, now amazed and a little turned on myself.
“Peter just looks up and me and smiles. He’s got my shirt undone, my bra unhooked, a finger in my pussy, and he’s sucking my nipple. I’m hot and now there’s this strange cock four feet away. Then I realized it was a glory hole booth. I’d read about these and figured it was like a gay thing or an urban legend but it was real and now I knew what Peter had been hinting at.”
“So what did you do?” I asked, now getting actually wet picturing this in my very active imagination.
“Peter tells me I can jerk the guy off or suck him off or that he’d even heard of people fucking through the wall. Or he said I could ignore it and the guy would pull out eventually. The guy was already wearing a rubber and it was a small, sad little cock even though it was rock hard, so I figured the poor guy would appreciate a little help. I got off Peter’s lap and stepped over. I noticed now that there were handholds on either side of the hole and some steps too, so you could like, position yourself and kneel or stand or whatever. I grabbed the cock and began to give it a nice steady hand job and wouldn’t you know, the guy comes in like a minute flat.” Melanie picked up her coffee cup and I could see her hand shake a little as she sipped.
“So the guy pulls out and the door closes and I’m just standing there and before I can turn around, Peter is behind me. He slips my jeans and panties down to my knees and slides every inch right into my pussy. I grab the hand-holds and just go with it. I can’t believe I’m almost naked, bent over in this dark little booth, my boyfriend is banging me senseless and I’m doing it! So it’s going really good and I’m thinking I might just cum and then the door opens again and another cock comes though. This one is small too and hard and wearing a rubber. It’s like two inches from my face and it even smells nice, kind of like musk cologne. God, I don’t know why I noticed that.”
“So you blew him? Just like that?” I asked, still in shock, but now with thoroughly soaked panties.
Melanie smiled and nodded. “Peter told me to. So I was almost ready to cum and he was breathing pretty hard and I just opened my mouth and sucked. Like I said, the guy was small and safe, so what the fuck? Right? He comes even faster and I could even hear him moan through the wall and he pulls out of my mouth and closes the door because just then Peter lets out one of those real low animal noises and I feel him start to fill my pussy with cum. That sets me off and we’re both coming and trying not to make any noise and you know how loud we get. I was totally out of my head at that point, so when the door opens again, I just sucked. God, I have no idea what I was thinking.” Melanie shook her head, but the shit-eating grin was still plastered on her face.
She said they left a little later and then went home and had a wild night. Then she smiled at me and said it. “You and Doug should go try it. I mean it’s safe and anonymous and it was so fucking hot. You have no idea how wild it was so be sucking a guy off while I got screwed by my sweetie while he watched. Ohmygod! I actually did a threesome!”
Of course, what I had never told Melanie was that Doug had some real fantasies about doing a guy. He even bought me a strap-on and had me screw him with it. He also sucked it on his knees like it was a real cock. At first it was weird, but after a bit I really go into it. I liked acting like a guy and ordering him around. If I took Doug to this place who would end up sucking those cocks? Me or Doug? Mmmm, I thought both of us and maybe a few other naughty things might happen.
Melanie told me that afterwards, she learned a couple things about the place and the rules. She grabbed a piece of paper in a rack in the booth and when she got home

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Written by daltonwriter
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Notes A married couple tries out a glory hole room in an adult bookstore and they both get more than they bargained for.
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