Honey Lust: Destiny's Double Delight

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I, Dr. Destiny A. Edwin, OB/GYN, started my busy week with my routine of exercise, breakfast, and work. I have my own successful OB/GYN practice. You could say “I’m the doctor who cares about your downstairs.”

I care very much about both the staff and my patients. I’m probably the only OB/GYN in Atlanta who buys condoms in bulk and also brings a box to the local health department. Success aside, I was about to be a single woman because I had gone through the process of divorcing my husband, Dr. Colin Post. We had met in college, married after completing our residencies, both opened up medical practices, long story short, our marriage was healthy until Colin fell off.

Our marriage problems began when Colin and I had both opened our practices; his general practice had struggled while my OB/GYN practice thrived. When it came to who caused the most problems in the marriage, Colin did the most with his cheating, his emotional neediness, wanting to keep up with the Joneses, and his stress-related health issues. But the final straw that led to me divorcing Colin was his fourth mistress and the time he got busted by the police for drug possession involving the drug Molly and black-market Viagra. One of the signs that I knew my marriage was over when the police officers, the attorney-at-law, and bail bondsman all wanted me to divorce him. I remembered the constant fighting we had after I paid his bail and another fight we had while at the attorney’s office. Colin didn’t want to give up the livelihood when the attorney suggested he go to rehab, closing his struggling practice, and get a job to pay me back for bail money; he was also at risk of losing his medical license.

Colin and I officially divorced after he closed his practice, sold the building, lost his license, and went to jail; he had to do all that at the advice of his lawyer because of the arrest. I coped with the divorce by focusing on my still-thriving OB/GYN practice and kept myself busy. In addition to my practice, I had plans for the now-vacant building that once housed my ex-husband’s medical practice and plan on turning it into a day spa for women. One Friday night, I had a girls’ night out with my best friend/next-door neighbor Akeisha Peterson, my sorority sister from college Dawnyelle Silver, and three of my ex-husband’s mistresses, all of whom were my new friends post-divorce, at a Tex-Mex restaurant; there we talked about divorce party plans, revenge ventures, and male strip clubs. My Spelman sorority sister Dawnyelle has plans to open up a male strip club after getting a hefty settlement from her divorce (her financial advisor ex-husband had not only had an affair with his boss’s wife, but he also tried to kill him and took life insurance policies out on him.), that and her full-time job working at her ex’s financial firm.

“We should either write books about our divorces and write them as scripts for Lifetime movies or pitch a new show for the network and call it ‘My Divorce Story’ or something like that.” I said to Dawnyelle.

“That would be a good idea, plus we should start a financial firm to help divorced and widowed women create business start-ups, that way they don’t have to resort to matrimonial homicide to get the life insurance benefits.” Dawnyelle said to us.

“I like that idea! When you mentioned opening up a male strip club in Atlanta, I thought ‘Is the former Gold Club building still standing?’ Tell us about the plans for the club.” I said to Dawnyelle as we switched subjects.

Dawnyelle then gave details about her male strip club-in-the-making, such as a VIP room, a shower room, an adult shop, an erotic romance bookstore, and also vending machines in the women’s restrooms (one filled with toiletries, one filled with chocolate, and one filled with lube and condoms); her club would also welcome visiting male revues. Both Dawnyelle and I had never lost our ambitious sides, she also had an idea for a nationwide divorce support group for all sororities and call it SASH (Sisters Against Sorry Husbands). All this talk of strip clubs and divorce parties got me on a mission: to reawaken my inner sex kitten. The next day, Dawnyelle and I went over to Lion’s Den and bought myself a stripper pole for my bedroom, it was the first on my post-divorce to-do list under trying new things. I wanted to celebrate my divorce the same way Paris Hilton celebrated her 21st birthday with parties all over the world; I like to take my friends, rent out a private jet, and celebrate in places such as New York, L.A., Miami, Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo, and back home to Atlanta; I’m saving that for next year for my divorce anniversary.

I wonder if there’s such a thing as divorce registries, that should be a real thing. I thought to myself.

While I had a busy work week at my practice, I managed to set up my stripper pole in my bedroom as I looked up venues for my pending divorce party. I did a lot of multitasking without missing a beat; one day after a workout session, I had Akeisha come over to my house and looked at divorce party cake designs on my computer. The design I had was the one with a bride with a house, cars, and money and the groom with his packed suitcase, though on my cake the groom would be in an orange jumpsuit because I had divorced Colin before he went to jail.

“You’re doing a lot with everything, especially after your divorce from Colin. But I’m worried about you, I mean when was the last time you had fun?” Akeisha asked me with genuine concern.

“Other than a spa day with my work friends and of course mall day at Lenox Square, not much.” I responded.

“Those are always fun, but what about sex?” Akeisha asked.

“My sex life with Colin, if you can call it that, was no picnic at the park. I’m usually the one initiating sex, but he rather be going out with the guys on weekends or just be too tired from work. He would get stressed more often, be gone for hours, and all that. Colin had exh

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Notes A successful yet recently divorced black female OB/GYN goes out on the town and brings home two Korean male strippers
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