A Picnic in the Park

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I finally got a call from a young lady I met weeks ago. We decided to see each other again. I suggested a picnic in a park I was familiar with. She was all in. I packed a basket and picked her up. She was wearing the most amazing sheer, fitted sundress. Nipples were so perky. Every possible curve captured. Beautiful round ass. I opened her door as she smiled and kissed me on the cheek. As we drove I kept glancing over to look at her phenomenal body. She knew I was looking and gave me a slight show as she. She played with nipples and rubbed what I can tell her throbbing pussy. My eyes barely held the road. We arrived at the park. A small lake with a gushing waterfall was in sight. She seemed utterly surprised at the view, but I can tell she was excited. As we spreaded a blanket on the ground, she picked right up from where she left off from in the car. She lied down and slide her dress up and began fingering her pussy. She so enjoyed it as the sun gleamed on that pretty pink hole. She licked her fingers to taste how wet she was. Then as I continued to watch she gestured for me to join her, how could I resist. Slowly as she unzipped my pants, she pulled out my hard dick and began to deeply suck it. Each suck, the hearing of her gasp turned me more on. I then knelt down to climb on top of her as we kissed so deep and long. I could no longer hold back in wanting to put my dick into her. Ohhh, she was tight but oh so wet. I thrusted into her as deep as I could. She looked to grasp whatever she could grab, but nothing was there as she clinched her fists. My strokes became deeper and fast as she began to wiggle her wet pussy on my dick. The water from the waterfall seemed to gush harder with every pump. She begged me not to stop, harder harder, she yelled. I flipped her over and her amazing ass stared right back at me. As I grabbed her hips, I saw she was already playing in her pussy, but she looked back and said, fuck my ass. I obliged by sliding in gently and slowly. The feeling of her tight hole was incredible. She seemed to clinch to make it even tighter as I pulled in and out. My dick was so hard, her pussy was dripping to the ground. Her titties slapping as i grabbed her hair. We were both in another world. The sun, the water, and the public display made us feel total ecstasy. I could bare hold the cum load I had for her. But she let me know, cum for me, please cum for me. With one huge thrust, I felt myself about to burst. She immediately jumped off my dick and put it in her mouth. She swallowed every drop and grabbed me to kiss her. We both lay there basking in the sun, but noticed we had an small audience that had watched us and seemed to be turned on. Cause now we watched them and smiled for we knew we inspired them.

Written by samrothstien45
Hochgeladen October 8, 2020
Notes A nice day for a picnic in the park
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