Game, set and match

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As a teenager, Sarah had been a county standard tennis player but she discovered other ways of expending her energies at college, and afterwards her career and family came first and second, but not always in that order.
Now with the economy in freefall she'd been let go, downsized. Luckily she negotiated a good exit package so had money and time to burn.  Rather than get depressed Sarah decided to get fit. The local tennis club was advertising for new members - perfect!

Within days she was happily bashing balls around the courts and looking to work her way up the ladder, she was intrigued to see how high up she could get.  The first few matches were easy, despite being rusty and lacking fitness she despatched her opponents easily. 

Sarah was always a bit of risk taker so she challenged the woman at the top of that division of the ladder. She thought the woman, Andrea Thompson, had been watching her last match.  The text accepting the challenge popped up on her phone.  "Bring it on".

The match was to be held, early on the following Tuesday afternoon. 

The miserable weather off the weekend passed and the sun was set to shine for the next 3 days, isn't that always the case? So Tuesday arrived with clear blue skies and no wind at all.  Hmmm thought Sarah, not exactly what I hoped for, she wasn't convinced her fitness level would be high enough but she was going to give it her all.

In the changing rooms Andrea was very friendly, Sarah was expecting her to be a much colder fish. They wandered out to the court together and started to knock up.  Sarah put her game face and got ready to receive serve when the umpire called "Play". 

For the first few games Sarah struggled to handle Andrea's serve and her service return, in short shrift she was 3 games to love down, but only one break of serve so far. As she got ready to serve she decided to change tactics. Instead of trying to overpower Andrea she reduced the effort she put into each shot and started to use more spin, specifically backspin.  She held her serve to 15, an excellent start, but she needed to break Andrea's serve..twice if she was going to win.

Her strategy was working, Andrea started to make errors, trying to hit against sliced shots ended with her shots hitting the tape too many times. It was now 3 all. Then 4-4, 5-5.  Then Sarah broke Andrea's serve again.  A final effort and she'd done 7 games to 5! 

Back in the changing rooms Sarah was absolutely elated, Andrea was very gracious in defeat, she gave Sarah a big hug.  "Time to soak in the shower" said Andrea and unceremoniously removed her top, her sports bra, her skirt and her knickers.  Sarah was impressed by her figure, full but firm breasts, a flat tummy and a perfect golden triangle of pubic hair.  

Andrea wandered over to the showers and turned the taps on. "How hot do you want it" she said. "Ooh, not to hot please" said Sarah, "I'm already hot enough thanks". "Indeed you are" was the response.  Sarah took off her sports kit and padded ocer to the showers. She stood under the jet, enjoying the gentle pummeling it fave her shoulders. She placed her hands against the shower wall and let the water soothe her aching body.

She felt hands massaging her neck, she jumped. "Relax" said Andrea I'm a trained masseuse, "Let me help unknot those muscles".  Without waiting for an answer she started to knead Sarah's shoulders. It felt really good. Then her hands worked their way down Sarah's spine and then they started to work on her buttocks.  Sarah felt herself being pushed closer to the wall of the shower.  She was enjoying the sensation of being strong armed by another woman. 

Suddenly Andrea spun her round and pressed her body against her, Sarah could feel her heart beating faster, as Andrea started to gring her hips against Sarah. Her eyes were locked on Sarah's, she bent her head forwt and kissed Sarah, forcing her tongue into Sarah's mouth. Sarah couldn't stop herself responding, her hands found Andrea's breasts and she pinched her hardening nipples. Andrea moaned and Sarah felt fingers delving between her thighs, rubbing her pussy lips and hunting for her clitoris. She trembled, then lifted her hands to Andrea's shoulders and pushed her down.

Andrea knew what Sarah needed. She got down on her knees and buried her nose in Sarah's bush. She encouraged Sarah to part her legs and traced her tongue down to Sarah's pussy, teasing it inside, nipping her lips with her teeth, tasting Sarah's juices as they flowed copiously. Sarah realised if this continued for much longer she was going to come.  
Andrea forced the issue, her mouth found Sarah's clit and she sucked gently on it. "Oh my god, oh my god" Sarah was gasping for breath, waves of pressure were building up in her pussy and then with a loud moan, Sarah's orgasm flooded through her pelvis. She could feel her juices on her thighs, she could feel Andrea's tongue lapping it up.   She pulled Andrea to her feet and kissed her hard, her arms wrapping themselves around Andrea's waist. 

Andrea  looked in Sarah's eyes. "That's just the first set. Best of 3?". 

"Oh god yes" said Sarah, "Just let me catch my breath, I'll be with you in a while!". They both laughed a lot, and kissed a lot more too.

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Written by Wordsmith Andy
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Notes Sarah's tennis match ends in a steamy shower scene, as the woman she defeated pays her a lot more than just lip service!
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