Ordinary to extraordinary in just one night

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I couldn’t contain myself, I wanted him, I wanted him to take me to places I hadn’t been for what felt like years, I needed him to make me feel special. I put my arms around his neck and pushed my body against his. He responded by placing his arms around my waist and pulling me to him, tightly. He kept kissing me and nuzzling into my neck, nibbling my ears. I was getting too hot, too quickly. I broke his grip, stepped back and took off my long cardigan. Terry threw his jacket over the chair, I unbuttoned my blouse and let it fall from my shoulders. I could see that Terry was appreciating my breasts, he quickly took off his shirt and his singlet exposing his brown chest. Chubby, is the best word I can think to describe it, but no less sexy. He had large nipples, for a man, and a small area of wiry hair high on his chest, plus an interesting amount of hair disappearing below the belt of his trousers.

His hands went straight to my boobs, massaging them through my bra, I could feel his excitement growing as he tweaked my nipples. His fingers found the clasp and my breasts surged free and into his waiting hands. “Magnificent” he said and bent down to take a nipple in his mouth, his teeth closed on it. The surge of pain/pleasure I experienced made me grab his head to stop him moving it too much. “You liked that,didn’t you?” I heard him say. “Oh god yes” I said.

But I wanted more, much more.

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Written by Wordsmith Andy
Hochgeladen October 8, 2020
Notes To be honest life was becoming a big bore! I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t satisfied. I needed something more. I needed to feel important, valued, special.

Meeting Terry at an OU summer school changed my life and released a torrent of sexual desire.
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