The Boob Job

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Everybody has that one thing that turns them on.  Maybe it’s as simple as having your neck kissed. Perhaps, it’s the bank executive sitting across from you helping you fill out a mortgage application that loves to suck cock or the guy making your morning coffee that likes to be pegged by his girlfriend.  For me, it’s being cum on.  I love it when that hot white cum spurts all over my tits and face.  It ignites something in me that makes me want to do anything for the guy I’m with.  My new boyfriend James found that out one evening after he’d been away on a business trip.  Even better, during our nightly phone calls, he had told me he was waiting until he got home and wasn’t going to masturbate.  The thought of two weeks of cum shooting on me had me hornier than I’d ever been.  So much so, that while James was abstaining, I was masturbating with my vibrator every night after our calls.

When James finally made it to my place, I was ready to vault myself on his cock.  He can be a little quick on the trigger after a long dry spell, so I knew I had better clean his pipes before he stuck his cock in me and it was over before I got to cum.  Besides, he learned quite a bit about me that night.

When he arrived at my apartment, I was more than ready for him as I met him at the door.  I took him straight to the bedroom.  Kissing him and stripping off our clothes felt so good after not seeing him for two weeks. Naked, we took a minute to appraise each other’s bodies.  It had long been our joke that my tits were as big as his cock, so we were a perfect match.  I proudly sport my firm thirty-eight HH cup tits while his eight and a half in cock made me drool every time, I saw it.  That night was no different as I stopped him from pushing me to the bed.

“Wait.  I have a special plan for you,” I told him as I stopped him with a hand on his chest.


Handing him a bottle of lube, “A very special surprise.”

“Holy shit.  Anal?” James exclaimed.  We had discussed anal in the past, but I had reservations given the size of his cock.

“Well, I ‘m still not sure on that.  No.  I want you to fuck my tits.”

James took a long look at my breasts that stuck out firm and proud.  He reached out and brushed his thumbs over my hard, purplish nipples and grinned. “Your tits huh? A boob-job?”

“I kinda have a thing where I like to have a guy between them and well fuck them.”

“I’m not the first?”

“Have you seen my tits?” I cupped them together and rubbed my nipples. “ You think no one else has wanted to fucked them?”

“Good point.  Let’s go.”  James was pushing me toward the bed again and this time I let him.

Settling back on the bed, my tits pointed up at he ceiling.  Being blessed with large firm tits has been both a blessing and a curse.  Tonight, it was to be a blessing.  Laying back, I took the bottle of lube from James as he straddled me.  His long thick cock was already hard and swaying in front of him. Drizzling the lube between my tits, I rubbed it between them to coat the valley thoroughly as I got wet with anticipation.  James already had a stream of pre-cum running from his huge cock.  Tossing the bottle aside, I welcomed him nestle his cock between my tits as he moved forward over me.

His weight pressed me into the bed as he settled his cock between my tits, and I squeezed them together around his cock.  His hands joined mine as he began thrusting.  Thankful, that James had a big cock and I could watch his head sliding in and out of my massive tits, I stuck out my tongue and licked his tip with every thrust.  His salty pre-cum mingled with the sweet taste of the lube as he thrust.  His pre-cum coated me between my tits with the lube making him slide even more deliciously between them.  It wasn’t going to take James long.

I looked up to watch his face and saw his determined expression.  His eyes were locked on his cock sliding in and out of my tits.

“God that feels so good,” he told me as he thrust.

“I’m getting so turned on by this,” I confessed as I watched him.

James thrust faster.

I alternated between watching his big cock slide between my tits and looking up at the man I was beginning to think I was falling in love with. His pace increased and so did the pre-cum that was running from the tip of his cock like a dripping faucet.

“Fuck that feels good,” James groaned.

My fingers found my hard nipples under his palms and played with them.  His cock sliding in my tits was feeling incredible to me too.

“Cum,” I told him. “Cum all over me.”

“Oh God, yes,” he moaned, and he knees clamped around my ribcage.

James let go of my tits and it was just my hands pressing them around his thrusting cock.  He grabbed the top of the headboard in a death grip as he began thrusting violently on my chest driving me into the mattress.  My own wetness flowed from me like a river coating the bed under my ass.  Above me James groaned loudly.

I tore my eyes away from his handsome face to look at his cock thrusting between my tits.  As I did, a jet of cum erupted from his cock like a firehose.  It landed in a thick stream across my face and I was thankful that I had closed that eye at the last second as the hot cum trailed across my eye lid and forehead.  His second jet landed on my lips and chin and I was again thankful that I didn’t get it up my nose.  That’s a sting that lasts for hours when it happens.  Flicking my tongue into the salty cum on my lips, James pumped his cock harder as the rest of his load landed under my chin and coated me between my tits.  I was giggling by the time he finished, and I wanted him more than I ever had in my life.

He’d shot his huge load onto me and I wanted to fuck him like a whore. The telltale wet spot on the bed between my legs told me that I was more turned on than I had been in a very long time.  As James panted over me and his cock softened in the sticky mess he had left on me, I wanted to cum in the worst way.


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Notes Everyone has that one thing that turns them on. For this one, the title is obvious what that is.
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