I Got It From Sally

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Ah, but I got it from Sally
Or maybe it was Sue...
Or Millie or Billie or Gillie or Willie-
It doesn't matter who

It might have been at the pub
Or at the club or in the loo
And if you will be my friend, then I might...
(Mind you, I said "might"...)
Give it to you!

Tom Lehrer

Karen had been feeling the itch to go out for ages. Her boyfriend had been on the road for 2 weeks, working in the oil fields in the Dakotas, and she was almost climbing the walls. Just 24 years old and still loving to party, she had largely put all of that behind her when she agreed to move in with him.

Frank was a good boyfriend, and a great lover. And while they were not married yet, she knew that both of them had been considering taking the next step. They had been together for over 2 years now, and other than his leaving for 1 month then returning for a month things were going pretty good.

During his month home, they would spend most of the first week sequestered in the bedroom, trying to make up for lost time. Then they would return to a more normal situation, her spending the day on her growing website business, and he would alternate between sleeping, talking with her as she worked on laying out a potential site for a new customer. He even had some good ideas, looking at them as a customer to the site would see them and not as a computer or sales expert.

Then they would go out and see a movie, or go to a club and dance. Even see the local college football team get crushed or just spend a few days camping or at one of the Indian casinos. Then a week before he left again they would largely spend the evenings in bed fucking like rabbits until he had to return to work.

But on Wednesday afternoon Frank had called and given her the bad news. There had been a snafu in the shipment of pipe ordered, and instead of the next 2 shipments arriving in 2 week intervals, they had to be picked up and delivered on site the next week. And with a threatened strike they would have to pick up following shipments for the next week or so after that at least until the strike ended. That meant he had to take his “Transportation Supervisor” hat off, and return to driving trucks. 4 weeks of constant trips, only taking enough time off to avoid a DOT fine before taking up the next month long shift.

Fuck, that means 3 months gone, not just 1. Sure, the payment would be huge, enough so they could finally put down the down payment on their own place and stop living in an apartment. But that was of little use now! So that night she put in some new batteries and went to bed with her Battery Operated Boyfriend.

And Thursday night when they talked when he got off work, he said that he had 2 things he wanted to talk with her about when he got home. First, he wanted her to start looking for the kind of place they had been talking about for the last year and a half, between 2 and 4 acres, withing reasonable driving distance to town.

The second he refused to say, but hoped she would like it. That night she went to bed with her BOB, just knowing what it was he wanted to talk about. And actually looking forward to being Mrs. Frank Carlson.

But by Friday, she was starting to get a bit bored. She had finally finished the project for a local video game store, and they had even thrown in a bonus as well as $500 in store credit. So after dinner at a local Chinese place, she decided to pop in and use some of it. And an hour and a half later she left with a new console, and a selection of games that the clerk said she should like. Fallout 4, Tomb Raider, Halo, and a few she thought Frank would enjoy. As well as extra controllers, headsets, and other accessories to go along with it. Karen was not much of a gamer, never really seeing the point in console games when she had a kick-ass desktop. But hey, for free she was not one to complain.

So that weekend she spent time she was not hustling for a new project in either raiding tombs and avoiding traps, or picking up trash in a post apocalyptic wasteland. The shooter games did not interest her, but she knew Frank would probably like them. Although she did get kind of a thrill the first time she picked up a hooker in Grand Theft Auto, then after boinking her in the car killing her to get the money back.

Only in games does getting off heal your health.

Finally by Thursday she had gotten another project, 3 weeks to make a web site for the employees of a local hardware store chain to do things like set up direct deposit, get their paystubs, and the like. But before digging into that, she decided she needed some time off.

So getting into her finest club wear, she decided some dancing at Epic would be just the thing. It was a Friday night, and things were jumping. And the deep blue dress that barely covered her ass seemed perfect. She checked her purse in at the cloak room, and with her wrist band on and her credit card in hand she headed to the bar.

This was one of her favorite places in town, and Frank and her were regulars whenever he was in town. But tonight when she got there Nancy was still at the bar and looked at her funny. “Hey there Karen, what can I get ya sweetie?”

“Get me a Cosmo, and run a tab please.” Karen handed over the card, and Nancy stuck it in the box set aside for tabs.

“Sure thing, Frank's not here?”

“Nope, bastard is stuck doing driving runs. I won't see him until the end of next month.”

“Oh sweetie, that sucks! Well, you're always welcome here. Go grab a seat, and I'll bring this right out to you.”

Karen took one near the dance floor, and as promised a few minutes later Nancy brought her drink over. Thanking her, Karen took the first sip then started watching the crowd. And she knew at least half of them by sight very well. Some were friends from college, others were regulars that were there almost every night. Others she recognized, kind of the background that would come and go from

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Notes With her boyfriend a truck driver working for weeks or more out of town, Karen was getting restless. So deciding to go out and have some fun, she goes to a nightclub where she runs into an old friend. There, things go in a direction she did not intend, and she got a gift she did not expect.
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