Josie's California Vacation

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It had never been my intent to hurt my husband. I looked across the bar at the 4 guys sitting there, and knew before the night was over I was going to be fucked by each of them. And it had all started so innocently.

Samantha, one of my friends from college called me up one day and said she was having a get together for “the girls” at her beach house in Santa Monica and wanted me to come. It had been at least 7 years since we had spent any time together. I talked to my husband that night and he said he had to go out of town that week on business so I should go ahead and go.

So I called Sam the next day and then arranged to take a week off work. And getting a new bikini and a little black silk dress that clung to my body quite nicely I took her up on her offer. And a week and a half later I was getting on an airplane and flying to California.

Sam had done rather well for herself, becoming a talent agent representing actors and actresses in the movies. In addition, she had a nice and well-connected husband, so she seemed to be living the dream. When I arrived at the airport she was waiting for me and greeted me with a big hug. And right behind her was Kristen, another friend that I hung out with and we exchanged a hug also.

Arm in arm we left the airport and headed to Sam's BMW. As we were getting in Kris giggled and said we seemed to be the center of attention from everybody. Maybe because it was because Sam was so tall, or because Kris had such long beautiful hair. Or maybe it was because I was so short. Of course, it could also be because Sam's skin is incredibly dark and smooth, and Kris is a drop-dead gorgeous Chinese girl. While I am a rather plain white-bread WASP, with a slightly large nose, plain features, and nothing special going on in the body department other than a nice rack.

The first night we sat around watching a few movies and sipping wine as we caught up on the last few years. Kris was telling us about her last lover, who she had broken up with the month before. “Oh, she was pretty good, but so clingy I could not take her petty jealousy every time she saw me flirting with a customer. But it was not really flirting, part of the job was complimenting them on how good an outfit looked on them.” Kris worked at a high-end boutique on Rodeo Drive, and had never made it a secret that she was a lesbian.

In fact, my first experience with another girl was a drunken night with Kris. And then later there was another one with Sam, where we just held each other as we masturbated one drunken night. It was sexy, and a lot of fun. But even then I knew I would never really swing that way. I simply loved penis to much to ever give it up for pussy. But it did not stop Sam and I doing it again a few months later, and Kris and I several additional times as well.

Sam told us as she took us to our rooms that the other 2 girls will be arriving the next day, and we could sleep in as she went to pick them up. “Oh, and you can each have your own room tonight, but tomorrow you are going to double up with somebody. You can decide now or in the morning, I will leave that all up to you.”

I sat on the patio off of the room and had a last smoke before heading off to bed. The night air feeling good against my skin as I sat there in just my bra and panties, listening to the surf in the background. I wobbled a bit when I stood up, and realized that each of us had killed at least 1 bottle of wine, and part of another. And I could feel the room spinning as I laid down in the king-sized bed and drifted off to sleep.

I got up the next morning and headed down, and saw Kris in the dining room eating breakfast. “Heya there Josie! Welcome back to the land of the living. I made you some too, it's in the microwave. Just zap it a bit and it should be good.” I went in and looked, an omelet and sausage, she remembered. 30 seconds was about right, and with a cup of coffee in the other hand I sat next to her. “So, what's new Pussycat?” she said, with a grin on her face.

I groaned. “Oh please, don't start that again Kris! I keep telling you I was not named after a cartoon character, but from a character in a book.”

“I know, you were named after a vain, jealous bitch who tortured another girl out of jealousy.”

“Well, only indirectly. My mom used her name, only because she loved the book Anne of Green Gables growing up, and loved the name. I like to think I am nothing like Josie Pyle though.”

We chatted a bit more as we ate, then sat in the living room sipping coffee as the two of us caught up a bit more. “Seriously, you are trying to be a mommie?” she said, incredulously.

“Uh-huh” I said as I nodded. “Jeff and I decided that we are secure enough in our jobs that the time is right. I have this month and one more month then I am tossing out my pills. So hopefully around this time next year we should have a kid, or one about ready to pop.”

“Better you than me girl!” she said, and shuddered. “While I like kids, and may someday adopt if I meet the right gal I have absolutely no intention of putting myself through that. I guess I am just one of those gals that has absolutely no maternity instinct like so many of you breeders have.”

We both chuckled, and in the almost 10 years since we had been short-term lovers she loved to tease me like that. We both knew it was nothing personal, just her being the outrageous Kris. About that time we heard Sam pull up and we went outside to greet the new arrivals.

Lois was another friend, and probably closest of all of us to Sam. Much more of a coffee and cream complexion than Sam, she had a booty and boobs that would not quit. Melody however was a bit of a shock.

I had not seen Melody since I graduated, and had never been all that close to her even then. She was 3 years younger, a Freshman when I was a Senior. And while I was flirty and a bit of a party girl, Melody was shy and quiet. Short bangs and glasses along with almost frumpy dresses

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Notes Josie is happily married, but when a friend from college invites her and several of their old friends to California for a hen party, things take a turn she never expected. And as a result her life will never be the same afterwards.
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