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Our anniversary was coming soon, and once again we followed the tradition we had started 7 years ago. We each wrote down our favorite fantasy and handed it to each other. It had all started rather innocently when on our first anniversary my wife had written me a note which said she wanted to have me lick her someday on the beach. A few weeks later we went to Malibu and as we were walking along the beach at night I pulled the note out of my pocket and handed it to her.

Hand in hand we walked to a little cove and I knelt on the sand. Not even caring that the knees of my slacks were getting dirty, I lifted up her skirt and pulled her panties to the side. Then hands squeezing her bottom I ate her through 2 orgasms as she looked out over the moonlight on the ocean.

That started the tradition 6 years ago, and it was now more refined. We would each take the note, then when we were ready to fulfill it we would hand it back. It had ranged in things from anal sex (1 of only 2 times we tried it), to being tied up (which I did not care for, but she loved it and I let her do it to me still occasionally because she did).

I read her note, and smiled. “I want you to finger me in a public place”. Hmmm, that could be interesting, and I could think of a few she would probably like. Then she read my note and gasped softly. “What's wrong baby, not something you want?”

“Ohhh, Carl, really? You want another girl?”

I had written down “Make love with another girl”. But now in hearing what she said, I understood what she was thinking. “No, oh no not that Janice. I want to see you with another girl. I may or may not do anything, but I think it would be sexy watching you make love to a woman, and to see her make love to you.”

“Carl, you know I don't do that. I tried it in High School, and did not really like it.”

“Yea, I know. You also told me you were both drunk, and after about 10 minutes she went to the bathroom to puke, then passed out. But I think if you are both sober and we make a romantic setting that will not be the case.”

We talked about it for a bit, and decided we will just see if the right person comes along. A few weeks later we had decided to go and see some RomCom she was crazy about. And thankfully the theater was mostly empty, and had those chairs where you can lift up the arm between the seats.

I had us sit in the back, and a bit after the movie started I decided it was time to fulfill her wish. I had my hand resting on her thigh, and I had moved it occasionally so she would get used to it. But now I was more purposeful and moved it both down between her thighs, and higher. I saw Janice lick her lips, and lean back a bit more. But when I pushed up her skirt as I slid over halfway up her thigh she grabbed my wrist. “Carl, not here!”

I reached into my pocket and took out the piece of paper from the month before. “Janice, this is your wish. Now relax and enjoy it my love.” She looked around nervously, but saw the theater was mostly empty. So she slipped the note into her purse and let me spread her thighs a bit more, then slip my hand up farther.

I felt her through her panties, and she was warm and damp. I caressed her labia through them, hearing her breathe a bit deeper as I did so. And several minutes later I felt the first of her wetness start to soak through the thin cotton. This is what I was waiting for, as I wanted to be sure she was really enjoying it before I went any further. I pulled the crotch of Janice's panties to the side and let my fingers now caress her flesh.

I slipped my fingers between her lovely lips to gather some of her slowly seeping wetness and spread it around and looked at my wife. Her eyes were half-closed, and her mouth half-opened. She looked especially sexy, and I could tell she was ranging between wanting me to finger her hard, and the embarrassment of my doing it in such a public place.

I then looked around, and saw the backs of the heads of everybody else nearby. Well, other than one shape at the end of the isle, who seemed to be half-turned towards us. I decided to not say anything about that though.

For about 5 minutes I continued to caress Janice, not trying to finger her yet at all, but to make her even more excited. Her wetness was now very obvious, and I was spreading it all over between her thighs. All the way up over her clit, then from her pussy to the crease of her thighs. I love doing this, and she does also as it makes for incredible sex when she is ready for me to put it in her.

She gave a soft moan when I finally eased my finger inside. Her walls quivered around my finger, almost squeezing it as I started to move it slowly in and out. I looked around again, and saw that the person at the end of the isle was actually watching us! I looked closer as the scene in the movie went to a more lit one, and saw that it was a gal.

Maybe our age, dark hair, glasses. She was wearing dark shorts and button-up blouse, which was partly open as I could see her skin where it was open. And she was not paying attention to the movie anymore, but watching my wife and I. I started easing my finger in and out, making sure our watcher knew what I was doing by how my hand and arm were moving.

Janice moaned softly as I slipped a second finger into her. I took my time, giving her long slow thrusts, until the tips had slipped out of her opening and then sliding back in all the way. I continued to do this, and saw that our observer now was indeed only watching us.

I guess I was not being careful enough, as a few minutes later our eyes met. I smiled at her, and saw her smile back. I started to move my fingers in my wife a little faster, and the gal actually leaned towards us, as if she was trying to get as close as she could. I continued fucking my wife with my fingers, until our eyes met again.

I nodded my head up, then tossed it over my shoulder. A signal that she should come closer. She shook her head no, but continued watc

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Notes For 7 years, Carl and Janice had been doing a special present for each other on their anniversary. They would write each other a note, asking for a fantasy that the other would fulfill during the next year. Then Carl wrote that he wanted to see Janice with another woman.
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