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I was just getting ready to close up the shop for the day when this gal came in. Oh who am I kidding, this was no gal, this was a lady. She was my height as I looked straight into her eyes, but she was also wearing heels, so she was probably more like 5’5” to my 5’9”. No more than 25.

Black straight hair that flowed to the small of her back, and a gray dress that fit her slender body perfectly. As I saw her walk to my desk I could see her hips swaying and moving back and forth, and found myself wondering how that looked from the back.

I welcomed her to the shop and asked her what I could do for her. At that, she set a laptop bag on the desk and said that there was something wrong. Her computer was very slow, and it was locking up a lot. She had a presentation on Monday and simply had to have it for that.

I felt lost looking up into her dark eyes, their corners turned upwards and hinting of the mysteries of the Orient. I told her I would have a look, and set it up on the workbench and fired it up. Now one reason I have such a good reputation in town is that I try to do as much work out in the open in view of the clients as I can. If it is just simply a power supply I will test and replace it right in front of them, and let them take the old one with them when they go. 15 minutes and they are walking out the door, no 1-hour minimum bench fees at my store.

She moved behind me as I fired it up, and it was indeed booting slow. It came to the login screen and by now she was standing right behind me, close enough so that I could smell her perfume. Sandalwood, I think. “Password?” I asked, looking over my shoulder at her and seeing her eyes only inches from mine.

“Ohhhh, ahh..” then she mumbled something I could not catch. I had to prompt her 3 times until I noticed her cheeks were blushing, and she softly said “It’s ‘lickmynipples’, one word no spaces.” Then she let out the most delightful giggle as I typed that in and after 4 minutes was sitting at her desktop.

I moved around from application to application, and it was moving very slowly indeed. Checked the antivirus, it was active, but one that I had never liked because it was rather sloppy and known more for making money in sales than actually stopping anything.

I was looking through her browser and could feel her lightly brushing my shoulder as she watched. I opened a new webpage and did some speed tests. Was that actually her breast I was feeling against my shoulder? I was feeling a little uncomfortable as I realized it was, and the softness was delightful. I saw that the internet speed was down a little compared to what I expected.

“Well, Ms…” I prompted, turning my head to look into her eyes again.

“Mondragon, Amanda Mondragon. But please, Annie.”

I smiled and turned my chair around so I was facing her. “Well Annie, I think you have a virus. As you said everything is slow, and also internet speed going through your laptop is not what it should be. I suspect you may back picked up a trojan somewhere that is stealing bandwidth and speed to do something, maybe spam other people on the Internet or something like that.

“I assume you have things on this computer that need to be saved?” She admitted that she did, and I gave her my routine price for virus removal, data backup, then installing a clean version of Windows. But she looked crushed when I told her it would be ready on Monday morning.

“Oh, but I can’t wait that long!” she said, her eyes almost looking like they would tear up. “I guess I will just have to deal with it, and come back sometime next week. I have to be in Berkeley on Monday.”

I thought, and there was nothing pressing me this weekend. Yea, my wife wanted me to mow the lawn and then go out on Saturday, but I could pay the neighbor kid to do the lawn, and she would just have to understand that we would have to take a raincheck on the going out.

“OK, I think I might be able to have it done by tomorrow. I will go ahead and start on it now before I close up, and if nothing else I will give it back to you no later than tomorrow night even if it is not completely fixed. Then you can bring it back when you return for a more complete job.”

I felt her arms go around my neck as she hugged me, giving her thanks over and over again. “And for your new password, do you want it to be the same one?” I said, with a slight grin.

“Oh no! Oh I did not put that in there, my ex-boyfriend did. He knows how little I know about computers, and when I bought this that is what he decided to use. I tried to change it a few times, and could just never do it for some reason.”

I promised to put in something less embarrassing, and after getting her information I walked her to the door. I turned off the light in front, locked the door, and flipped the sign from Open to Closed. I turned off her laptop and took it into the back.

Now there are some things I simply have to do in the backroom, and this is one of them. Setting it on an old lab bench I got from the High School at a good price, I opened up the bottom and pulled out the hard drive. OK, 2.3 TB SATA, not a problem. I hooked it into my workstation and as soon as it booted up warning messages started.

ROOT KIT and TROJAN were the biggest red flags. But thankfully this was a virtual machine running Linux on yet another Linux system, so I was pretty much immune. I started the clean and then went to work trying to pull out her data.

As I was waiting for the file system to give me control of all her locked files I took a few minutes to call my wife. I told her I had a rush job I had to get done by tomorrow, Sunday at the latest. No, it was a virus and I would be likely working on it for hours. Thank you, my dinner will be in the microwave. She was not happy, but she understood these things happened sometimes.

Finally, all the administrator rights were transferred to me, and I started going through the files. Music, a few gigs of those, mostly jazz

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Notes A married computer tech finds he can not help himself when a sexy Asian lady enters his store. And after a mutual seduction he finds he can not stop thinking about her.
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