My Mother's Best Friend

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My dick throbs with my heartbeat as I watch her thick saliva stretch from my penishead to her tongue. She starts sucking me again and I bite my lip.
"No cum for me today?" My mom's best friend asks after she stops sucking me again. My chest heaves up and down violently. I was definitely about to cum.
"Mrs. Harris, why'd you stop? It was feeling so good." She smiles devilishly at my question before kissing the tip of my dick with her wet lips. She stands up in front of me, revealing her fit body in her tight, red dress. She definitely doesn't look like she's 58 years old.
"I was just joking. I don't want you to cum yet anyway. I want to feel your young dick inside of me." My eyes get big after her statement. Up until this moment, the only type of sex we've ever had is oral. I'm an 18 year old virgin, and Mrs. Harris said she'd always respect that. I guess she just changed her mind.
"Don't look at me like that. You don't have to worry about a thing. I'll do all of the work. Just relax." She slides her dress off of her shoulders and shimmies it sexily down her light brown body. It hits the floor and I swallow hard. Her lacy, black undergarments hug her slender body tightly. She climbs on top of me without taking her panties off.
"Suck my nipples," she demands, removing her dark brown areolas from her big bra. She rubs them across my lips and I open my mouth.
"Mmhmm...that's it," she says encouragingly. She slides her panties to the side and hovers above my dick.
"Feel the warmth." She keeps talking seductively. She lowers herself on top of my shaft and I forget how to breathe.
"Mmm...look at how hard you're getting. You like this cougar pussy, don't you?" She bounces slowly on top of me. I want to grab her hips but I can't move. Her juices gush all over my abdomen. I still can't breathe.
"It's OK, let it out. Let me know how it feels." She tries to coach me through my first piece of pussy but I can barely hear her. She's riding me like a professional. I'm no match for her skills. Her vaginal walls are gripping me so tightly. Her pussy feels even better than her head.
"I think I'm about to cum!" I'm finally able to speak. She rides me faster and my eyes roll backwards.
"Good, I want you to cum. Cum deep inside of me." That sounds like a terrible idea, but I don't want her to stop. She slams her pussy down on my lap repeatedly. I shiver as my body nears an orgasm.
"FUCK!" I shout out louder than I anticipate once I paint her insides with my thick nut. She slows her grinding as the thick white fluid shows noticeably on my shaft and her underwear.
"How was that?" she asks, climbing off of me like what we just did was nothing to her. I try to catch my breath before looking into her eyes.
"That was amazing. I can't wait to do it again."

Written by rubywright
Hochgeladen October 2, 2020
Notes A mature woman loves young men, especially her best friend's son. She can teach him so much about his body...
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