Young Innocent Girl Becomes Not-so Innocent.

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I was never the type to be flirting with boys in high school with all my other friends. I was shy and secluded. I always was horny but never knew what to do about it. It all started with one party, the party that would change me. Of course, alcohol was a factor and played a huge role in my opening up but that wasn’t all. I became increasingly horny and wanted huge cock, so badly that i decided to go and get it. There was an older boy and I decided it would be fun to go hot tubbing. In the hot tub he started to rub my pussy and I was incredibly horny and craved his cock. I scooted closer and closer to him until I was directly on his lap, kissing him slowly but passionately. Then he asked if I was a virgin, I immediately replied with, “No and I want you now.” My bikini bottoms slid off and I took off his bottoms as well. He was already so hard and just the sight of dick made my mouth water. I became completely in control. I made him stand up so I could suck his dick and right as he was about to cum... I stopped. I wanted to ride him. He sat back down and I got on top of him. I was soooo tight but it hurt soooo good. As soon as it went inside of me I couldn’t stop moaning. People even probably heard but I didn’t even care. I made him pull my hair and choke me until I could barely take it anymore. The motion of his hard cock going in and out of my pussy felt incredible. He just kept saying, “Holy shit. You’re so tight.” I could tell he was about to cum inside of me but I let him. His hot cum dripping from my little pussy felt so good.

Written by spice_gurlz
Hochgeladen September 24, 2020
Notes Hot young girl lies about not being a virgin to get huge cock inside of her.
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