One rainy night!!

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It was a hot Saturday night in July and it was humid because of the storm. The worst part of the storm was over and it was still raining pretty hard and humid. I was home alone, as usual, drinking and watching TV. It wasn't anything good on so I decided to sit on the porch. The rain finally eased the in the street started to come alive. I lived in the hood where you see just about anything and everything. Dope deals prostitutes police you name it! I live across the street from a trap and always saw a females in and out doing their thing. I flirt with the cute ones as they copy and leave. I regularly see the sexy short white girl who didn't look like the typical Hood home. She dressed nice and was pretty. CCAP and leave walking past the crib and I always speak to her mostly flirting and she laughs and keep it moving. I told her that if she ever need somewhere to chill for a few without no drama and the one bothering her while she did her thing that she was welcome anytime. To my surprise on this rainy night she was out walking in the rain soaked as hell and all alone. She went to the spot came out and I saw her walking to my door! She not. I answered surprised and she asked if she could come in and chill for a little bit put on some dry clothes and hang out until it stopped raining. Of course I said! I had already been sipping and feeling pretty good. I showed her to the bathroom and went back and sat on the couch. She came out after she showered and changed. She had no dry clothes and only a bra and panties she kept in her purse. I was laying on the couch and she sat next to me and we talked for a while about this and that for about an hour or so. It began to rain harder I told her she was welcome to chill for however long she need it. I was Tipsy and eventually started dozing off and she asked me if she could lay down somewhere. I told her I sleep on the couch. My bed was wet from the leak in the roof but you're welcome to lay here with me! Smiling and winking as I looked at her. She smiled! I laid on my side and made room for her to lay in front of me. We both barely fit on the couch so I put my arm over her holding her waist so she wouldn't fall off the edge. My dick was hard as I was only wearing boxers and she felt it poking her in her back but didn't move away instead she pressed herself against me! I said be careful you're about to start something! She smiled and said you ain't scared are you? I told her I was never scared of some p****! We laid there grinding and rubbing each other bodies moving to make contact simulating sex with our clothes on! Her panties were wet! I have slid down behind her where my dick could touch your p**** from the back. I lifted her ass cheeks open using my fingers to slide your panties to the side enough for the tip of my dick which was now through the hole in my boxers. She arched her back I lifted her leg and slid it in from behind and felt my head hit her wet hole and began to slide in. I slowly went deeper and she began to moan and thrust her ass backwards and I began to increase my stroke until I was banging her hard from behind. I played in the tight wet p**** fast then slow pulling out then slowly long stroking it as I rub her clit and play with her perky small titties loving every minute of it! Teasing her! She loved it! Ass wiggling back arching telling me to put it back in! That went on for a while till I found that spot that made her say oh s*** right there and that's when I started hitting it harder and faster until she came all over my dick! I kept stroking playing in that p**** till I nutted and we lay there and fell asleep dick still inside her! I Love a Rainy Night!

Written by pnoble469
Hochgeladen September 21, 2020
Notes Giving a stranger shelter from the rain!
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