Waking up Jenna for good sex

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We had a rough week. I'm exhausted. I think I have been exhausted since the baby was born. That's life though and I wouldn't trade it for nothing. Let me just fill up my coffee cup and sneak out of here. I called in a favor and got a buddy to come up and cover the back half of my 24 hour shift. No fair because if there's gonna be a fire, he's gonna get it now. But in this city there's no shortage. So I'll grab the next one. I wanted to page out my shift and stay home but my wife told me no. Actually she told me "Hell no.". She's real great at accepting help. The kids were sick last week and she worked some make up time this week. I could tell she was exhausted but she refused admit it, so I packed my work bag and kissed her goodbye. It was pretty icey and she hasn't really texted me all day. I know my son is running her ragged today. It's what he does. I love that boy but if he doesn't give his mama a break she may kill us both. I'm hoping she likes being surprised. I just want to crawl in bed with her and hold her. My wife struggles with an autoimmune disease and it kills me that I can't help. All I can do is be there. When she lets me anyways.
Shit. It's already snowing. Roads better be plowed.


This child didn't take a nap. He better sleep all night or I may get in the car and drive till I run out of gas. My son is going to be the death of me. The house is wrecked and I have been mean all day. I give up cleaning when they're home. We played outside all day. I just try to keep them busy while Brian is on a 24. I got some cute pictures of them playing in the pool fighting over the garden hose. I am just happy that my daughter still plays in the little pool with her brother. They were sweet together today. It was nice. Almost makes me feel guilty about giving Brian the stink eye for leaving for work. Almost. I really wanted him to stay but we should save his vacation time for when the kids are sick. Kids eat vacation time. Last week they were sick and puked all over the few vacation hours I had saved. Brian told me to go to work and he had it covered but I just couldn't leave him. Now the kids are back to 100% and I am tired as all hell. It takes me longer to bounce back when I lose sleep. But that's a story, I won't bore you with.
I did successfully get the cold kids from the pool to the warm bath tub and into their jammies. They may have eaten mac n cheese and fruit roll ups for dinner. And my son may be sleeping on the floor in my daughter's room in his sleeping bag. But alll of this is a win in my book. I got a hot bath and the on demand channel had my show ready so all in all it was not a bad day! When I checked my phone I had 7 texts from my husband trying to make small talk. So I gave him some "yes", "no" and "K" and then told him "Nite.". Not nice I know. Truthfully I am cranky because we haven't had any adult time this week. My son has radar, I swear, and camps out on our bedroom floor usually. Maybe when Brian gets home tomorrow I will make him some breakfast.
I checked on the kids after I got out of the bath and they are passed out cold! Now that I cooked myself in the hot bathtub you will have to excuse me while I lay here naked trying to cool off. It was just so peaceful in there alone. I filled up the tub twice and just kept scrolling on my phone! I hate climbing into bed alone. This fire fighter wife thing has it's cons for sure. I leave the tv on at night to keep me company.

Brian pulled into the garage at home around 12:50 a.m. It's a forty five minute drive from work to home usually and thankfully the roads were clear. He slipped off his boots in the garage before coming in the house and dropping his work bag at the back door. Nothing like the death threats you get for wearing dirty work boots on the clean kitchen floor. He was trying to be quiet enough to not wake the kids but not to scare the hell out of his wife when he walked into the bedroom. The dog was too lazy to get up from his favorite spot in front of the couch as Brian walked through the house, untucking his shirt and removing his belt. He peeked at the kids and closed their bedroom door. The light from the tv in the master bedroom was shining in the hallway.
Slowly pushing the door open he could see that Jenna was watching reruns and had passed out across the bed barely under a throw blanket with wet hair. He knew exactly what she had done and chuckled to himself. She stirred a little and he stopped cold til she stopped stretching. The throw blanket slide down a little and exposed her left breast. Laying eyes on her breast he pulled his shirt over his head and began undoing his pants. Just looking at her made him start to grow hard. He moved slowly and quietly, throwing his clothes on the floor in a pile. Before touching the bed he remembered to close the bedroom door. Jenna stirred a little more as he walked towards the bed. The throw blanket had slide down and exposed both of her breasts. She still had trace tan lines from her halter top swim suit. One leg was out of the throw blanket as well and he could see the bottom of her ass cheek.
Brian grinned as he put a knee on the bed and reached out to touch his wife. She smiled when she felt him. A sleepy smirk with only one eye open she said: "What are you doing home? What time is it?". Brian replied: "K" and he ran his hand over her left nipple. Jenna gave a soft giggle and replied "mmmmhhh". He settled on the bed behind her and curved his body around hers. She pulled the blanket back up over her chest but only after wrapping his arms around her. Brian ran his hand over her nipples on both breast, back and forth. "I'm cold" Jenna said as she pressed her body against her husband's warmth. She felt that he was naked and growing hard. Brian pulled the throw blanket up in and attempt to co

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