Morning Sex with Jenna

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It's winter in Cleveland. If you know then you know. But for you luckies that don't let me tell you: It's fucking cold. The wind off the lake is so cold it hurts, takes your breath away as soon as you step out into it. If you're not thinking of ways to quit your job and move while you're brushing the snow off your car and scraping ice then there's something wrong with you. Or you're just a lifer waiting for the Brown's illusive next year.
That's me. The lifer. CLE til I die. My wife: not so much. I am having trouble holding my ground in the battle of "Why do we live here?!". Especially when I lost my gloves and cannot feel my fingers for 20 minutes after scraping the windows of my car. To top it off I am on night shift. This puts me on the top of Jenna's shit list. So while it's cold outside....things are also a little icey in the house.
I finally got some feeling back in my hands which means I am only a few minutes from home. It's early. Before 8 am but Cleveland radio has been going since 5 am discussing every possible draft option. "Please don't Browns it up this year!" I think, as I turn my car off and put the garage door down. My dog, Pheobe, meets me at the door. Happy to see me but happier to be let out. I take her in the backyard for a quick walk so she can do her business. When I finally make it into the house I realize Pheobe was the only one up. The house is quiet. Not even the coffee machine on yet. This. Never. Happens. This opportunity must not be wasted. I must not Browns this up!!
Step1: Quietly slip the dog some food in her dish. Step 2: Get out of my work clothes and freshen up in the side bathroom far away from the sleeping children. Step 3: Tiptoe down the hall like the Grinch stealing the Christmas tree.
I creep into the master bedroom holding my breath. The TV is on but Jenna is still asleep burrowed under the covers. I recall the last text she sent me at 10:37 pm: Night. One word. No I love you. Just: Night. I know it's one word but if you are married you can read between the lines. Roughly translated it means: I hate you. Kiss my ass (and not in a sexy way) Goodnight, Asshole. I am standing at the foot of the bed contemplating which side to try to slip in. She is kind of in the middle. Night shift spouse level PRO. I roll the dice and make a move for her side. This could go 2 ways: her rolling away annoyed that I am disturbing her cocoon or what I am hoping for, some morning love to help me get to sleep.
I carefully slip under the covers. The bed is warm from her electric blanket. It's like slipping into a warm bath. Feels so much better than running in the cold from work to the parking garage. I gently position myself next to her and my leg brushes hers. She stirs....rolls on her side and cracks an eye open but not for long. She reaches for me and I sigh in relief. She laughs a little under her breath into my chest as we entwine ourselves under the covers. Her body is warm and soft and she smells like her coconuts shampoo. Just holding her makes me relax.
She is wearing one of my t-shirts. I run my hands down her back and over her ass to see which panties she is wearing though. Boy shorts. Not a thong but not the don't touch me panties either. I take this as a good sign. I run my hands back up intending to rub her back a little but her ass feels so good I can't get my hands passed it. I adjust how I am holding her so I can cup a handful of her ass with one hand and then rub her back with my other hand. She still isn't talking to me though. She gently runs her nails over my chest with her only free hand. I kiss the top of her head and open my mouth to talk. But she digs her nails into my ribs abruptly! I hiss as quietly as possible: "Ouch lady!". She laughs quietly again without opening her eyes. She kisses my chest and that's all it takes for me to start growing hard. I roll on top of her...separate her thighs with my leg and nestle in between them. I kiss her lips gently and she opens her eyes. "You're a mean person, you know!" I tell her sleepy face. "That's not news" she says gazing at me from under long lashes. When she turns her face from me adjusting her head on the pillow I take advantage and kiss the base of her neck. She lets out a little "mmmhhh". She likes it but isn't ready to give in. My cock throbs. She smells so good. Her body is so warm. But this t-shirt she is wearing is stupid and most be removed. I slip my hand underneath and pull it up as far as I dare. We are skin to skin and I am about to get lost in her. She turns back to me and reaches her chin up for a kiss, pulls the covers up over us and cocoons us together. That's it. I am lost. I can't hear anything or look away from her. Her kisses take my breath away. So does her thrusting her hips against my hard cock. I moan into her mouth and she smiles cockily. I adjust and pull the stupid t-shirt up further and expose her gorgeous breasts. Her nipples are hard and waiting for my mouth. Now she is moaning, her hands in my hair and then gently scratching my neck. I thrust my cock into her pussy through the cotton boy shorts. Those need to go.
I am so lost in her breasts that when she moves and turns to her side I whine "Hey....". But she is just adjusting and freeing up her hands. I stop mid whine as she reaches her hand into my boxer briefs and grips my hard cock. All I have to say now is a short "Ah!'. She strokes me and I am paralyzed. She kisses me deeply and my head is swimming. She is pulling my boxers down with her other hand and I somehow realize and manage to be of some help. With those gone she runs her hand down to my balls and gently caresses them. I am in orbit somewhere from that when she uses the other hand to stroke me. I mutter "Oh fuck" under my breath and at this point remember I also have hands to do things. I reach for her panties and she helps me pull them off. I run my hand down her thigh t

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