Hotel Encounter - Part 1

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You’re sitting in a hotel room having a glass of wine when you hear a knock on your door. You get up from the chair and drop the blanket you had wrapped around you. Baffled because you’re not expecting anyone, you walk towards the door and look through the lookout to see who was knocking at your door at such an hour. You see me standing there with my back to the door, so you open the door. Before you could do or say anything to me, I had reached out my hands and had them firmly but gently on your cheeks and planting a deep passionate kiss on your warm sweet lips.

Shocked, you do not know what to do at first then once the moment registers you wrap your arms around me. I begin to walk into the room and once we are in the room you kick the door closed never unlocking our lips. My hands move from your face to your waist as I begin to pull your shirt up to your arms. I step back breaking our embrace to pull your shirt up over your head. I wrap my arms around your torso and begin kissing down on your neck and working my way down to your shoulders, while my hands roam up and down your sides and back, lightly scratching you.

As I am doing that you have your arms over my shoulders running your fingers through my hair on the back of my head, this sends chills down my back. I squat down slightly to grab your ass and lift you up off the floor and you wrap your legs around my waist. I begin walking towards the bed and gently lay you down onto it moving my kisses down to your luscious breasts. As I’m kissing and nibbling on one nipple I gently rub and pinch the other. You grab my shirt and begin to pull it up and over my head. I assist you in taking my shirt off and return kissing you moving further below your breasts down to your navel. I begin to undo your pants and running my hands along your waist.
I move my kisses back up to your lips, again planting a deep passionate kiss onto you as I lay on my side next to you on the bed. I wiggle my right arm around your shoulders and pulling your bare torso closer to mine. My left hand is rubbing around your waist and moving lower to your pussy, feeling the heat emanating through your pants then around to your ass sliding my hand underneath your pants and firmly grabbing a handful of an ass cheek. At this time you have your left arm underneath me and your right hand is rubbing up and down my chest and abs occasionally sliding just your finger tips underneath the waist of my jeans. I begin to work your pants off of you exposing your damp panties and I gently rub over your pussy through your panties. With each stroke of your pussy I increase the pressure, after a few strokes your panties become wet and harder for me to slide on your panties so I slip a couple of my fingers underneath your panties and begin to rub your bare womanhood. Feeling the smooth skinned pussy and the wetness makes it difficult for me to restrain myself from just flipping you over and fucking you hard, having no regard for your needs. Though I contain myself and continue to rub your pussy concentrating on your clit then moving down to the entrance just until you begin to have an orgasm.

I then flip myself over, so my head is between your legs lapping up your juices with your legs propped up on my arms. My waist is up beside your head lying on my side. I work your pants and panties off and drop them to the floor. I go to work licking your pussy, running my tongue from the top at your clit all the way down to your asshole and back up again. Eventually I concentrate my tongue on to your pussy with my lower lip pressing hard against your clit. As I’m doing that I let some of my saliva drip down to your ass and take the fingers of my right hand and begin to rub the spit around to lube your asshole gently working one finger in. My tongue is lapping up and down your pussy being sure to scour ever millimeter of it and paying special attention to your clit, dribbling more saliva to your ass I work my finger up to its first knuckle. As my finger goes deeper into you, I suck on your pussy and clit harder, until I have my whole finger in your ass. I slowly pull it back out of your ass and begin to work it in and out of you gently at first. While I’m doing that I insert a finger into your wet pussy, feeling the ripples of the inside of it. I feel you beginning to cum and so I begin to finger fuck you harder, and flicking your clit with my tongue. A couple minutes later you cum and I’m trying to lap up all of your juices flowing from you; But at this time your squeezing my head with your legs and wiggling away from my tongue, so I fall back and lay next to you waiting for you to catch your composer.

Once you collect your thoughts and calm down a bit from your orgasm, you roll over to your side and see me laying there on my back. No shirt on and my jeans still on and buttoned. You flip yourself around and plant a deep passionate kiss on me running your soft tiny hands over my chest and down to my jeans. You undo my pants and reach down under my boxer briefs and begin to stroke my throbbing cock. While doing that you move your kisses to my neck and then on down to my chest, occasionally going to my nipples and nibbling on them. You continue moving your kisses to my crotch and by this time you begin pulling my pants and underwear down to my ankles.
Once you release my cock from the restraints of my boxer briefs it springs up and touches your breast. I kick my legs around to get my jeans and underwear off, when my cock touches your breast I reached down and began massaging your breasts while placing my cock between them and I begin to slide my cock between them. Each time my cock pokes it’s head out of your breasts you would lick it and even try to suck on it a bit. A few minutes later you move yourself even further down and kiss around my cock and balls, and then you engulf my balls into your mouth and roll them around and stroking my cock.

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