Eve Does Her Daughter’s Football Coach

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Happy to be back, coach?

Hey, Eve, how ya doin’, gal?

There was never any formality between Eve and her daughter’s football coach, Michael. She often wondered if the lack of protocol was down to the fact she was a single mum, almost thirty years Michael’s junior, and therefore young enough to be his own daughter. Whatever the reason was, she loved the banter.

Yeah, I’m happy to be back. Michael’s big grin was a welcome sign after all these weeks of lockdown. I missed this lot, he said, pointing at his young charges.

We missed you, too. Although Eve had included her daughter in that “we,” it was actually more an “I” than a first person plural. She really fancied the pants off Michael.

OK, Michael, I’ll see you in about an hour.

See you, Eve, darling. And remember that your daughter is only meant to come twice a week.

Yeah, I know, reduced sizes even for after-school clubs. Eve laughed heartily.

She walked away but she turned around once more. Downhills Park had plenty of trees and through them she saw the bald-headed, bull-built football coach, who was already busying himself with tactics and drills. She even allowed herself a “naughty” thought when she spotted Tottenham Hotspur’s famous cock logo on Michael’s tracksuit bottoms. I wonder what his real cock looks like. I wonder what it feels like.

Well, it wouldn’t be long before she found out.

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Written by blacktulip69
Hochgeladen September 17, 2020
Notes A young MILF has a wild time with a black bull
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