Nanny to Teach Ch. 06

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Life settled back to normal in the Berry household. Russ went out of town on business. Susan had taken Gene and Karen into town with her to do some shopping. Laura was straightening some pictures on the wall of the living room when she saw Wayne walk past the plate glass window. "Wayne, can you come in and help me for a moment, please?"

"Sure, Mrs. Berry," he answered, walking into the room.

"I can't get this picture to hang straight, can you?"

"Let me take a look." He reached up and took hold of the heavy frame and straightened it nicely.

"It's nice to have such a big, strong man around the house. Can I fix you a drink?"

"That would be nice, thank you," he replied politely. He was wearing a buff-colored short-sleeved shirt and it looked as though his huge bulging biceps might split the fabric. His tight-fitting jeans accentuated his heavily muscled legs. Laura was wearing a very small string bikini swimming suit that left nothing to the imagination. He watched her lovely asscheeks as she went to the bar and fixed them a drink and returned. "I was going for a swim. Care to join me?"

"I don't have a suite handy," he answered, sipping his drink.

"So who needs a suit? Are you bashful?"

"No, ma'am," he answered, "but---"

"Oh, I know what's your problem. You're the gardener and I'm the owner's wife..." Laura set her drink down, walked seductively toward the big handsome man and threw her arms around his neck hugging him tightly. Their mouths met for a long, sensuous kiss. Laura tilted her head back and opened her mouth to admit his big powerful tongue. It swept over her teeth and wrestled fiercely with her tongue. Their hands roamed restlessly over each other's body. Wayne's hands slid down Laura' barely covered tits. A shudder of excitement passed over the woman's sexy body. She felt dizzy with passion. Her loins throbbed and ached with need for a man. Russ had been gone nearly a week.

Wayne's hands closed around Laura's tits. Her nipples were at ready hard – t didn't take much to get this wanton woman ready for love! Strong fingers closed, making large depressions in her tit-flesh. Laura felt needles pricking her flesh. She rotated her loins against her gardener's crotch, felt the bulge of his erection through his jeans. She stepped away from Wayne and stood in the middle of the room, tall and willowy.

Reaching around behind herself, she took hold of the string of her bikini bra untying it and freeing her tits. Then she untied the strings on her bikini panties feeling the air against her moist pussy lips. She ran a hand over the front of her torso, feeling the ripeness and heat of her tits causing electricity to tingled through her. She moved the hand across her tits, down to caress her smooth belly, slowly moving on down onto her swelling pubic mound. She covered her pussy coyly with her hand, closing her palm on the rise of flesh as pleasure flowed from her crotch to envelop her entire body. Swaying her hips intentionally from side-to-side with a flaunting motion, Laura stepped up to Wayne. She proceeded to undress him, quickly and efficiently, while he stood as if transfixed, staring at her nude body. She moved sensuously as she slid his pants off over his feet, urging him to step out of them. This done, she stoop up. "And now you big beautiful stud," she gasped. "I want you to fuck me with that pole you call a cock. My cunt has been on fire ever since I saw you fuck Susan!"

So saying, she pulled the bear like man to the floor. She dropped beside him, leaning over to kiss him once again on his lips. His mighty ten-inch cock jutted from his groin at a forty-five degree angle; she took hold of it and ran her fingers along its huge swollen length. Wayne mauled and ravaged her tits, squashing them and crushing them in a grip of iron while their tongues flicked in and out of each other's mouth. Laura's cunt was on fire. She couldn't screw around with a lot of preliminaries. She wanted to fuck! From the tension in Wayne's cock, it was obvious that he felt the same way. Impatiently, Laura pulled him over on top of her.

His weight was crushing and wonderful. His cock dug into her belly. "Ready to fuck the daylights out of me?" she asked. Wayne's brown eyes sparkled.

"Need you ask?" She didn't. He didn't even waste time testing her readiness with his fingers. She was more than ready! He braced himself on massive arms, knots of muscles appearing as he prodded at her pussy with his cock. She parted her legs for him, clearing the way for his outsized cock. The mushroom-shaped head of his prick, swollen and purple, pushed between her outer cuntlips, and then slid slowly and erotically inward. Laura's inner pussy lips parted with a pang of pleasure as Wayne slid in easily. He lowered his hips, letting his cock go into her further and further. Laura withered around his giant cock as if it were a bar of hot steel being driven with agonizing slowness into her pussy.

Her pussy was tight, the product of strenuous hours of sit-ups and other exercises to keep her muscles perfectly toned. Still, his cock stretched the flexible walls of her pussy to three times their normal diameter. It was like sliding into a slippery, slimy sheath of vulcanized rubber that clung to his cock as it entered. Just with the first, simple entry, Wayne and Laura had given each other more pleasure than most couples do in an evening of fucking – if then. And now they were ready to get down to business.

Wayne fucked Laura with long fuck strokes. He found an easy, natural rhythm and concentrated on driving deeper with every thrust. Laura lifted her knees to allow the man easier penetration. Expertly, she matched his every move, soaking in the last drops of sensation from each and every stroke of his massive cock. His plush ass rotated smoothly. It felt as though he was fucking clear to her brain. Laura arched her back, stiffened – and held the pose. For a long second they lingered as if f

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