To open a flower

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It was the 9th of september when i had my first sexual intercourse with a virgin. I was turning nineteen and the guy was a year older than me. We first met in music club and in our senior years we were both classmates. Our relationship grew and developed as months went by. We used to talk a lot and that whatever comes in mind, we settle with coffee. Those were the days he saved me when i was struggling with my parents. They always set conditions just to accept me for who I am. I play clarinet.I also write and I wanted to teach English.

I never really thought of relationships or even having sex with someone I know. But I instantly said yes when he proposed to me as her boyfriend. Three months in, pretty casual relationship things. We go on dates during our mothsary but we remained focus on our studies, and kept our interest in music. One day after rehearsals, we head out for a cup of coffee. A strange topic, no an unfamiliar one caught the air. He asked me if i ever thought about having sex. I mean we are pretty open but this is the first time that he told me about this. I said, " I don't know,I mean I like what we're having and I don't know really. You?" "I haven't tried it either but i don't know, I don't know really." Yet a subtle and uncomfortable silence surrounded the conversation. We burst out laughing and what did just happen. We went home after a good meal and he texted me as soon as I get home. "I don't know Regine, but something's bothering me lately, love you :)" Shit he's thinking about it what am I gonna do. I thought about it for the whole night and decided to go for it. I texted back and said, "Hey! I wanna try it out.....when should we do it? I havent tried it sojcifkdor?" I recieved a rssponse in just 30 seconds "Really?? Tomorrow after rehearsals are you really sure?? I cant.. really?? LOVE YOU!!!!!!" That fool's been waiting whole night.

My heart has been pounding relentlessly, one two, one two, i cant think of anything else but fear and excitement. One two, one two i tried to calm myself slowly and we both kissed starting with our lips then used our tongue. We rolled our tongue like butterfly wings and he slowly unbuttoned my uniform. He licked my nipples grabbing me by the waist and sat down to him. "Why are you so good at this?" I asked him. Without flinch he responded, "Porn" we continued to kiss as he reaches his hand under my skirt and start carressing my pussy. I took my skirt down facing backwards and bending to show my sexy arch. "This is my first time sucking so... I dont care.. I love you." I started sucking the top first then slowly running down my tongue, and deepthroated him. I gagged the instant i tried it and gently carress his dick while sucking. "I cant wait anymore" He carried me all the way to bed while playing with my breast. He kissed me from a flower gently opening, all the way from the top and started fingering my pussy. The rain was quite hard. I was twitching and squeeling from the sensations... it was heavenly. We kissed once more and he started rubbing his dick and finally puts it inside me. It was not easy going but I gripped the pilow and held my mouth as it entered me. He went slow " i love you".... one two, one two my heart is still pounding, he puts his right hand inside my mouth... "fuck, ahhhh" one, two, one two the rain is finally stopping "im about to cum" "ah... I love you... i love you.. i love you... he quickly take out his dick and cum at my body...(from a flower) We kissed and decide for another round...for now he wants to try it behind my back... one, two my heart opens up-- a matured flower blooms....

Written by fedora12
Hochgeladen September 16, 2020
Notes It was the 9th of september when i had my first sexual intercourse with a virgin. I was turning nineteen and the guy was a year older than me.
To open a flower in rain.
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