I'm Not Gay, I Just Love My Best Friend

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Her nipples feel like raisins between my fingertips. I pinch them repeatedly and she winces in pain.
"Ouch! Come on, Sara! We shouldn't even be doing this," she whispers, looking around the backyard to see if anyone is watching us. I rub my hand up her thigh, sliding it underneath her short, blue dress. She closes her eyes once I brush my hand against her wet underwear.
"I promise, I won't take too long. I told you, I just enjoy pleasing you. No one will see us- no one ever does." She looks around again before staring at me in my brown eyes. I lick my lips, causing her to give me a half smile.
"Just because you're my best friend doesn't mean that I'm going to let you take advantage of my body whenever you feel like being a lezbo." I ignore her words while I get down on my knees in front of her. I reach underneath her dress again to slide her underwear off.
"Don't act like you don't like it. You cum in my mouth every time." She steps out of her black panties and I hand them to her. She balls them up in her fist before leaning her body against the back of the house.
"Look... you shaved," I tease, slowly stroking her smooth kitty with my hand. She giggles and spreads her legs. "I love how hard your clit gets when I touch you." I rub across her cute pearl, causing her to moan softly. My fingers become covered with her tasty juices.
"Stop teasing me and kiss her," she demands. I look up at her with a smirk.
"I thought you didn't want-" She grabs the back of my head and forces my face in her pussy. I smile to myself before tongue kissing her clit passionately.
"Mmm..." She bites her lip. She stares down at me, gazing into my eyes lustfully. "Yes Sara...yes," she nods her head with approval. She throws her head back and closes her eyes.
The tip of my tongue flicks at her clit skillfully. Her stomach starts to move with the same rhythm, making her breathing sound broken. She tightens her grip on my curls, smothering my face with her slippery pussy lips. I come up for air shortly after.
"Damn Gina, kill me why don't you?" She smiles at my shiny face and I smile back. I rub my middle and index fingers past her clit again before easing them gently inside of her opening. I finger her with a steady motion, causing her body to bounce up and down at the same pace. She moves on my fingers like they're a dick.
"You like that?" I ask her, watching her sexy body grinding in amazement. She bites her bottom lip while nodding her head yes.
"Suck my clit," she moans out dominantly, making eye contact with me again. I continue my fingering while locking my lips around her clit.
"Uhh!" She lets out a loud sound of ecstasy and covers her mouth quickly. I suck her clit harder and she trembles. "Yes! Don't stop! I'm going to cum!" She whispers her commands. She's trying her best not to wake her boyfriend sleeping on the other side of the window. I honestly don't care if he wakes up or not.
I move my hand and my tongue faster. She vibrates again. She stops breathing once her eyes start to roll in the back of her head. She opens her mouth wide and sticks her forearm over it.
"MMM!" She cums hard all over my fingers. She holds my head in place while she grinds through the remainder of her orgasm. I let her finish before removing my fingers from between her pulsating walls. I slide my tongue up and down the inside of her lips. I want to taste her cum.
"Sss...Sara, that's enough!" She shoves my head away with her words. I lick my lips as I stand to my feet. She breathes hard, stumbling a little when she tries to stand upright. I giggle at her poor attempt to balance.
"Look at you, you can't even walk now. What are you going to tell your boyfriend?" She grins at my question while struggling to put her underwear back on.
"If he asks, I'll just tell him I'm drunk."

Written by rubywright
Hochgeladen October 6, 2020
Notes Best friends are known to do everything together. You can count on them to help you with almost everything, including reaching an orgasm or two.
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