a regular day at the pool turns into a scandalous sexual encounter

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as i exited the metro station i felt the winter wind like a knife against my cheek. i could see my breath in the cold morning air. it was typical winters day: the sun was a tiny blot behind an iron grey sky. it was only a few minutes to the pool and i could see it from where i stood: its geometrical, grid like arranged blocks stood in stark contrast to the buildings around it. erected in the heart of the working class district, it was designed to imbue a communal feeling of bodily appreciation for the masses.

as i approached the entrance i immediately smelt the chlorine wafting out through glass doors. it conjured up memories of the times i used to go swimming as a child. although i never excelled at swimming i always loved the excursions to the pool. now the smell triggered a different reaction in me: one of determination. i was already looking froward to the the cold water and the hard tiles under my feet.

i paid at the counter behind the oval glass window and with a grunt the cashier handed me my ticket. i walked through the hall and in front of me a man in white overalls asked for my ticket and exchanged it with a stub. i walked up the stairs and into he main hall. it was a socialist era swimming pool with an art-deco interior design, slightly reminiscent of roman bathhouses with columns and symmetrical patterns on tiles. unlike them however it was simple, functional, and sparse. the pool was in the middle of an atrium with balconies rising up around it. on each floor were rows of identical wooden changing cubicles overlooking the pool.

the cubicle was scarcely 1 metre wide. it had a wooden table that would slide perpendicular to the door once it was closed, like on an airplane seat. once i was finished changing i exited through the adjacent door overlooking the pool and glanced over the railing. there were several swimmers and the usual bunch of pensioners smack bang in the middle of the pool blocking their paths. i noticed a figure swimming gracefully across the pool with a steady pace. it was a woman in a black swimsuit. i noticed she had a lithe body but not too athletic a build. she was voluptuous with a corpulent behind and slender shoulders.

i walked down the stairs motivated to attack the pool. as soon i entered the water, i felt it cool off my drives and urges and made me focus on the workout ahead. i put on my goggles and kicked off from the pool wall. the first few metres i felt the cold water sending shivers down my spine but by the end of the lap i had warmed up. i glanced around me and noticed mainly male bodies next to me or in my path. they were thrashing about quite heavily and my eagerness to outperform them in grace and style grew so i fired up my tempo.

after fifty odd laps i took a break. i stood by the pool and looked around idly. then i noticed coming from the opposite end of the pool the same woman i saw earlier. as she approached i could see her nimble body accentuated by her swimsuit in her feline bearing. she was slim but with a shapely rear and strong but not too muscular legs. she had a thin waistline and small but well proportioned bust. as she headed toward me i observed she took a quick glance at me and her eyes looked down over my body. at that exact moment i became aware of the smell of chlorine around me and its reek became pleasurable to me. i thought of how her feet touched the cold ceramic tiles. i quickly diverted my attention and kicked off from the side again.

underwater i focused on my swimming posture and tried to strike the image of her from my mind. then as i completed a lap i saw her gaining on me from behind. i tried my best to increase the distance but i couldn't. soon she was next to me and in a matter of moments had overtaken me. this effortless overtaking incensed me and aroused me at the same time. i decided to sneak a glance at her body. i knew that it was wrong and i might be caught staring but i did it anyway, since i was feeling strong and healthy from the swim. i craned my head forward and could see her flailing legs and between them i saw her swim suit tightly wedged up her crotch.

i kept up the pace but she overtook me and soon she was a lap ahead of me. as i focused on my rhythm i wasn't paying much attention to the pool and suddenly i felt a body ram up against me. i had collided with her in the pool. as she thrashed her head out of the pool her legs were in front of her and were kicking the water in front of us. i surfaced as well and without noticing ended up barging right into her so that for a few seconds her legs were around mine. i heard her cry out "do you mind where you are going!?" and her face had an expression of anger and irritation. at the same time i couldn't help notice that as she straddled me underwater her nipples had got hard. i felt a surge of blood flow to my penis and felt it rise slightly in my shorts. i said "im really sorry. i couldn't see you with all these pensioners around" and abruptly swam to the opposite lane. i continued my laps while occasionally glancing over to see her swim. she was by far the better swimmer and i saw how she executed breast stroke, front crawl, back stroke and butterfly effortlessly. eventually i got out of the pool and headed to the showers, as i looked back i saw that she was no longer in the pool and guessed that she too was calling it a day.

i always enjoyed the scorching hot showers after a good work out. as i stood facing the wall in the shower room flashbacks passed through my brain. images of her body and pale white legs in the clear blue water with the light reflected on them by the tiles below passed through my mind. i saw her chest arching as she flicked her slender arm forwards in the front crawl. i saw her leg muscles flex and her feet flick back and forward. the rhythmical hypnotic undulations of her body awoke sensations of lust inside of me. underneath the scorching hot jet of the shower i started to get a hard-on but had t

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Notes a regular day at the pool turns into a scandalous sexual encounter
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