Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun

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I can feel him distinctly. He's so deep. The sounds of my juices playing on his shaft excites me. He plunges in my pool and my liquids splash everywhere.
"Put this in your mouth." I look up at his brother. His tall, sexy, older brother. He gets on his knees next to my head, hard dick in hand, guiding it towards my salivating mouth. I part my lips when his penis head rubs across them. I can taste the sweet pre-cum on his tip. He slides his member in my mouth slowly. The side of my cheek protrudes when he tries to fit the whole thing in my mouth. I turn my neck slightly to take it in properly. His head moves towards the back of my throat instead.
"That's it, baby. Handle both of these dicks," little brother says, stroking me with more force. I sing out melodic moans on older bother's dick before sucking on it like a lollipop.
"Mmm..." we all enjoy the moment. I allow both of my wet openings to please two of the finest men I've ever known. They each grab at my huge breasts and play with my nipples. I slide my hand down my body in search of my clit.
"Don't worry about that, baby. I got it." Older brother knocks my hand away. He parts my pussy lips with one hand and slowly massages my pearl with the other. My sucking becomes broken. The sensation of pleasure just went up a few notches.
"Bro, I think she wants to cum." They look at each other with the same eyes. I remove my mouth from around his shaft and bite my lip. I throw my legs back further.
"Go deeper, daddy," I demand and little brother doesn't hesitate. He plunges further inside of me, causing my legs to tremble immediately.
"Stay on her." Little brother coaches his big brother. He flicks at my small clit faster.
"Shit!" I swear with bliss. Little brother starts clapping our bodies together, filling the room with the sounds of our love making. "I'm going to cum!" I announce. Both men concentrate harder on their jobs until I shake violently with an orgasm.
"That's it baby, let it go." I jerk continuously until older brother has mercy on my throbbing pleasure button. He lifts his fingers to his mouth to suck them.
"Mmm... you taste like heaven." Little brother stops pumping when he hears his brother's words. He eases his huge dick from in between my warm walls and places his head between my legs.
"Oh fuck!" I swear again. Little brother sucks on my clit and my body vibrates again. He locks onto my spot with his lips. I cum again instantly.
"You were right bro, she does taste like heaven." Little brother wipes his mouth with the back of his hand on his way up. He collapses next to me, revealing his beautiful dick pointing straight up towards the room ceiling. I stare at it for a second and then at his handsome face. I roll over to climb on top of him. My pussy forms around his dick perfectly as if it were meant to be there. I slide up and down his shaft slowly. It throbs inside of me and I close my eyes. Nothing can feel better than this... or could it? I bounce a little longer before looking over at his older brother. His lustful eyes catch mine and we gaze at each other for a while. I glance back at my ass. His eyes follow. He smirks as if he knows what I'm getting at.
"I think she wants DP," little brother blurts out between his soft moaning. Big brother gets up and bends down behind me. I stop riding once I feel his thick dick on my ass. He slides it down my crack and towards my asshole.
"Is this what you want, baby?" he asks, teasing me with the head of his penis.
"Yes, daddy," I answer sexily. He pulls his dick away.
"Good." He kisses my butt cheeks before sliding his tongue across my ass opening. I moan out when he licks it a few more times and tries to stick his tongue inside of it. "Arch it." I lay my chest on top of his brother as I feel his dick against my ass again. He slides his head in first. I hiss from the painful pleasure.
"Kiss me." I look in his little brother's eyes. I make out with him as his big brother eases his dick the rest of the way inside of me. They both grab my hips and move me up and down their shafts. It's hard for me to kiss him anymore. The feeling of pleasure is too much.
"Yes daddies, just like that." My holes get wetter. My pelvis is handling both of these monsters with ease. I can't believe I've never done this before.
"Want me to fuck you harder?" Little brother whispers in my ear. I nod my head yes in between noises of satisfaction. Little brother speeds up, causing big brother to do the same. My holes squirt out with their approval. My juices splash everywhere.
"Can we cum in you?" I can't answer. I'm cumming so hard that I can barely make a sound.
"Fuck it!" little brother grunts out, cumming first inside of my vagina. His body tenses up so hard from his huge orgasm.
"Shit! Shit! Shit!" Big brother cums next inside of my ass. His dick throbs uncontrollably, pumping shot after shot of sperm between my colon walls.
"Wow, I never thought I'd be double creampied," I say, causing both men to laugh.
"That's your fault, baby. That's what you get for being so sweet."

Written by rubywright
Hochgeladen September 24, 2020
Notes It's a family affair. Why choose one brother when you can have two?...
At the same time that is.
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