I Lost My Virginity to My New Step-mom

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With the shower running and my music blaring from my phone, I never heard the bathroom door open. The only inkling that I had that I wasn’t alone was when I felt a hint of a cool breeze as the shower curtain was pulled back.
With my hair full of shampoo and my eyes closed tight to keep it out of them, I croaked out a meek, “Hello?”
With my father in China for the past three weeks for a six-week business trip, the only one’s home were me and my stepmother. Dad had married Charlotte six months before and while she was nice, we had never really bonded. With Dad gone, we had settled into a routine of me doing my own thing in my room while she did hers downstairs. We barely spoke except in passing. I think we were both uncomfortable with our new blended family relationship. And, I was a young adult, being of drinking age and practically independent, except for living at home because of the economy.
No one answered my greeting. Instead, I felt another person in the shower with me then a pair of warm wet lips enveloped my cock. Gasping, I struggled to clean the shampoo from my hair and eyes as someone started sucking my soft cock. It felt incredible. It instantly hardened despite my shock of my privacy being invaded.
Clearing my eyes, I blinked them open to see Charlotte naked and on her knees in front of me sucking my now hard cock. She glanced up at me and slicked her dark wet hair back away from her face. She never missed a beat as she sucked me. I was stunned.
Charlotte was cramming as much of my cock into her mouth as she could. I could feel her tongue swirling my head before she plunged me back between her lips. My friends had been picking on me about my hot new stepmother since she married my Dad. They all thought she was beautiful. In her mid-forties, with long brown hair, big firm tits and an ass to match; my buddies picked on me relentlessly about me fucking her. I had always brushed it off and been embarrassed. With Charlotte on her knees in the shower sucking me off, I had a lot to tell them about her now.
She never stopped working on my cock. It felt amazing and as she quickly brought me closer to my orgasm, I leaned over her to steady myself against the wall as my other hand cradled the back of her head. Charlotte never stopped. Looking down, I had a perfect view of her head moving back and forth as she thrust my cock into her mouth. Trailing my eyes down her back, I took in the sight of her hips and ass splayed out below her like a perfect apple. When she added her hands to her lips, it was too much for me. She wrapped a hand around the base of my cock then encircled my tip with her other one as she worked me between her lips.
It pushed me over the edge. Groaning, I felt my balls contract and a tight feeling in my taint. Seconds later, cum boiled up my shaft and erupted into Charlotte’s mouth. She moaned her approval and milked my cock eager to drain my balls. Stunned, I looked down at her as she swallowed every drop I gave her. Groaning, I shot thick ropes of cum into her mouth and watched her greedily swallow it all as if it were her last meal. Gasping, I leaned heavily over her against the wall as she coaxed the last of my semen into her mouth. Only then did she take my cock out of her mouth and give my tip a soft kiss. With a smile, she held up her hand. Taking it like a gentleman, I helped her off her knees and Charlotte gave me a sly smile as she pulled back the shower curtain.
As she exited, I had a view of her wet perfect ass. Like the rest of her body, it was incredible and not in a “for her age” kind of way. Charlotte had a better body than Amy, the girl that I had just broken up with. Charlotte pulled the curtain back leaving me alone in the steam of the hot shower as my cock began to soften. Looking down at it, I wondered if what had just happened had really happened. It felt surreal. Only the tingling exhausted feeling between my legs gave me any inkling that my stepmother had given me a blowjob.
This time, I saw the shower curtain rustle as Charlotte left the bathroom.
Later that night, I lay in bed staring at the ceiling still wondering if my new stepmother had really given me a blowjob in the shower earlier in the day. It didn’t seem real. We had avoided each other even more the rest of the day. As I lay in bed thinking about her lips wrapping around my cock, I started to get hard again. A soft knock on my bedroom door pulled me from my musings and I willed my cock to soften to no avail.
Pulling the covers over my erection, I called out, “Come in.”

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Notes With his Dad away on a business trip, a young man loses his virginity to his hot new step-mom.
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