My Husband's a Sissy

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“My husband’s a sissy. I want you to fuck me in front of him.”
I’d been work friends with Mandy for years. At parties and work-related outings with spouses, I’d often sat with her and her husband Braydon. What she told me was the last thing I’d ever thought hear come out of her mouth.
She’s a BBW with wide hips, plump ass and big tits to match; her husband was the complete opposite. While having a feminine voice, he was muscular with a matte of hair on his chest and a full beard. I watched him out of the corner of my eye trying to judge his reaction to what she had just told me.
“I am,” he admitted as shrugged his shoulders.
“Come on. Let’s go up to the room.” Mandy pushed her chair back not even waiting for me to agree to what she had just told me. Dutifully, Braydon stood up, pushed his chair in and followed Mandy. She stopped at the door that led into the hotel lobby. “You coming, or what?”
Not daring to disagree, I downed the last of my Scotch and water and followed the strange couple. I was dumbfounded. Never in a million years would I have thought that when Mandy had told me she was bringing her spouse to the conference that things would turn out the way they were.
In the room, Mandy was fully in charge of both of us. She ordered Braydon to undress in front of us as she cuddled up next to me on the bed. Her big tits were pressed against me as we watched her husband strip. When he reached his underwear, I was shocked to see him wearing a pair of pink nylon women’s panties. His face turned beat red as he pulled his pants down and threw them on the chair. He stood awkwardly in front of us as Mandy started nibbling on my ear.
“She’s made me wear panties all week,” Braydon confessed as if his explanation was even needed. The entire situation had my head swimming.
“Well it wouldn’t be good if the boys saw their dad prancing around in women’s underwear would it?”
“I don’t prance,” he whined, and I almost felt sorry for him.
“Quiet Sissy.” She turned to me. “Now you. Take everything off.”
I didn’t dare say anything to the contrary as I quickly took my clothes off. As I pulled my underwear down, my cock was already half hard and I tried not to look at Braydon who stood mutely watching me undress in front of his wife.
Truth be told, I had always wanted to fuck Mandy. I just never dreamed I’d be doing it in front of her husband.
“Mmmm…,I always knew you had a big cock,” she told me then addressed her husband. “He has a big cock doesn’t he Sissy. Much bigger than yours.”
“Yes Mistress. He’s almost has big as Lester.”
“My friend I met online. He’s got a huge black cock. I don’t think you’re quite as big as him. Here.” Mandy pulled out her phone and punched up a video. Handing the phone to me, I watched in stunned silence as a black guy with a huge, thick cock pounded into Mandy. The phone moved as it walked around the bed to get all the action. Obviously, it was Braydon holding the camera.
Stunned, I looked up at Mandy as she finished taking her clothes off. Her huge tits were encased in a black bra that was bursting to free the large mounds they held in check. Never in my life would I have thought I’d see a video of my sweet co-worker getting fucked by a huge black cock. Mandy’s slightly overweight and looks like an accountant because that’s exactly what she is. She’s the quintessential nerd and I had just seen a video of her being fucked like a porn star while her husband videoed the entire thing.
As I watched her, Mandy unsnapped her bra and her tits hung lower capped with hard pink nipples. She pulled her panties down and revealed a shaved mound that was already glistening with her wetness. My jaw hung open as she pushed two fingers inside her and began fingering herself. She squeezed a big tit with her free hand then stepped around me while she masturbated to lay back on the bed.
“You. Stand there,” she ordered Braydon as she pointed to a pot on the floor by the bed then turned to me. “You. Fuck me. I’m soaked.” I climbed over top of her and she wrapped her fingers around the base of my cock that was now rock hard. “Nice. You’re big. Long and thick.”
I let her guide me into her and her hot wetness enveloped my as I sank into her. It was all happening so fast. No foreplay or oral sex. One minute I was undressing, the next I was inside her thrusting while she moaned underneath me. The entire time, her husband stood by the bed watching us. I glanced over at him and saw his erection threatening to burst the seams of his panties. Other than that, he was totally expressionless.

Written by eroticlit
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Notes Femdom at it's finest. She takes control of her lover and her sissy husband.
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